5th November 2016

IWinSoccerBets Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

Hope springs eternal here at Lay Back. It has to, if I’m to keep kicking off new trials!

IWinSoccerBets is a case in point.

I really got excited about this promising new service and wrote a breathless introductory piece explaining why.

And sure enough, initial results appeared to reward my enthusiasm, with the first couple of months growing my bank balance by around 8%.

Unfortunately, month #3 was mediocre, and, after a break for a holiday, month #4 was downright poor.

The bottom line was that, after four months and 107 bets, I was 7.5 points down.

Since then however, two more months have passed and I’ve reached my 200 bet target.

So did IWinSoccerBets come good in the end?

Read on to find out…

Sadly no. It just fizzled out.

The trial wasn’t a disaster on the scale of some products I’ve tested.

But the fact is, we lost around nine points after almost six months’ testing.  Which, unfortunately, is just not good enough:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)(£ 202.60)(£ 187.94)
Profit (pts)-10.13-9.40
New Bank£ 797.40£ 812.06
%age bank Growth-20%-19%
Wins(races w/ profit)108108
Strike rate(races w/ profit)52.94%52.94%

Bizarrely, the free ‘non-VIP’ bets made a profit, whilst the paid-for VIP selections lost money.

The breakdown between VIP and non-VIP looks like this:

Whole TrialVIP Non-VIP
£ Profit(£ 317.60)£ 129.66
Profit (pts)-15.886.48
£ per Bet Profits(£ 2.46)£ 1.73

You can download the complete results log by clicking here.


IWinSoccerBets has been a complete anti-climax.

Not only did we lose money, we lost money in a way that makes no sense at all – on the paid-for selections.

I can’t really recommend the free “non-VIP” tips either as I only bet on 75 of them.

Of course, it’s possible they might come good if I persisted with them – but the mere fact that the VIP selections performed so badly has seriously dented my confidence.

In short, it’s time to call it a day. And, I’m afraid, to award a Fail rating whilst I’m at it.

If you’d like to know more, you can find IWinSoccerBets here. 

It’s a relatively new service that may come good in the end. But for me, for now, it’s not there yet.


Update: 12th September 2016

When I kicked off my trial of IWinSoccerBets, I was genuinely excited.

Here was a brand new service that really appealed.

It is undeniably good value; is available, in cut-down mode, as a free service; and, in the first two months of my trial, grew our betting bank balance by 8%.

It looked really promising.

Then, unexpectedly, the wheels came off in month #3 when we gave back all the money we’d previously made – plus a little bit more besides. I was so disappointed.

I was also ready for my two-week holiday… so I decided to take a complete break from IWinSoccerBets whilst I was abroad.

I restarted the trial in the middle of August, naturally hoping to return to winning ways.

So… has the service got back on track since then?

Read on to find out…

Unfortunately not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Since restarting the trial in mid-August, I’ve lost another seven points:

Month 4 OnlyAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)(£ 142.40)(£ 149.90)
Profit (pts)-7.12-7.50
New Bank£ 845.60£ 848.84
%age bank Growth-14%-15%
Wins(races w/ profit)1010
Strike rate(races w/ profit)40.00%40.00%

Adding these figures to the previous three months’ data produces a pretty dismal overall picture:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)(£ 154.40)(£ 151.16)
Profit (pts)-7.72-7.56
New Bank£ 845.60£ 848.84
%age bank Growth-15%-15%
Wins(races w/ profit)5555
Strike rate(races w/ profit)51.40%51.40%

Bizarrely, it is also increasingly clear that it is the paid-for VIP selections that have let us down, rather than the free non-VIP tips:

Whole TrialVIP Non-VIP
£ Profit(£ 162.71)£ 11.55
£ per Bet Profits(£ 2.67)£ 0.25

This is hardly an incentive to buy the premium service!

The complete results log for month #4 makes for a dismal read:

DateMatchBetPts.Advised priceConfidenceVIP Tip?Price takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
20-AugWest Bromwich Albion v EvertonHome Win1.003.077YES3.10LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-AugWatford v ChelseaAway Win1.001.797YES1.76WON£ 15.80£ 14.44
20-AugMillwall v Sheffield UnitedHome Win1.002.217YES2.30WON£ 24.20£ 24.70
20-AugGamba Osaka v Vissel KobeHome Win1.001.677NO1.98LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-AugNew England Revolution v Columbus CrewHome Win1.001.957NO1.95LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-AugPalmeiras v Ponte PretaHome Win1.001.588YES1.60LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-AugColorado Rapids v Orlando CityHome Win1.001.508YES1.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-AugSporting Kansas City v Vancouver WhitecapsHome Win1.002.007NO1.91WON£ 20.00£ 17.29
22-AugArsenal Tula v Gazovik OrenburgHome Win1.002.417YES2.62LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
22-AugDinamo Moskva v Spartak Moskva IIHome Win1.001.597YES1.48WON£ 11.80£ 9.12
24-AugMontreal Impact v DC UnitedHome Win1.001.797NO1.86LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
26-AugKrylia Sovetov v UfaHome Win1.002.137YES2.20LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
26-AugBetis v Deportivo La CorunaAway Win1.003.178YES3.40LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
27-AugEverton v Stoke CityHome Win1.001.747NO1.80WON£ 14.80£ 15.20
27-AugWatford v ArsenalAway Win1.001.727NO1.75WON£ 14.40£ 14.25
27-AugNice v Lille MetropoleHome Win1.002.469NO2.55LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
27-AugTwente v Sparta RotterdamHome Win1.001.857YES1.83WON£ 17.00£ 15.77
28-AugCagliari v RomaAway Win1.002.037YES2.03LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
28-AugOdd v ValerengaHome Win1.001.766YES1.90LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
06-SepAtletico Goianiense v LuverdenseHome Win1.001.866NO1.83WON£ 17.20£ 15.77
07-SepAtletico Mineiro v Vitoria BahiaHome Win1.001.516YES1.53WON£ 10.20£ 10.07
07-SepMontreal Impact v Orlando CityOver 2.5 Goals1.001.618NO1.71WON£ 12.20£ 13.49
07-SepMontreal Impact v Orlando CityHome Win1.001.737NO1.76LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
10-SepMillwall v Coventry CityHome Win1.001.708NO1.75LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
11-SepDallas v Colorado RapidsHome Win1.001.817NO1.85LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)

You can download the results log for the trial as a whole by clicking here.


I’m feeling thoroughly disillusioned with IWinSoccerBets.

We have past the halfway mark in the trial and lost around 15% of our initial bank balance.

In addition, the fact that it is the paid-for tips that have let us down has further dented my confidence.

I will persist with the trial — my target remains 200 bets in all — but I won’t now return until I’ve got to the 150 bet mark.

Hopefully by then I will have something more positive to tell you.

In the meantime, you can read more about IWinSoccerBets here.


Update: 11th August 2016

I really enjoy trialling new products… such as the intriguing IWinSoccerBets service.

There’s always the hope that you’ll unearth some exciting addition to the market before anyone else does!

This one looked particularly well thought out and good value when I first looked at it: and duly produced a good first month’s performance to get me really interested.

Month #2 was, admittedly, a bit flat by comparison. But I was still sitting on good profits overall.

Add in the fact that the so-called VIP tips were out-performing the non-VIP ones… and yes, I remained very interested.

So, would the good news continue to flow in month #3?

Read on to find out…

Sadly, no. We gave back all those lovely profits and finish in the red.

I was only able to run the trial for three weeks of the month owing to my upcoming summer holiday, but in that short spell it all went badly wrong.

The headline statistics for my truncated month #3 are a pretty grim lot:

Month 3 OnlyAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)(£ 65.20)(£ 78.17)
Profit (pts)-3.26-3.91
New Bank£ 988.00£ 998.74
%age bank Growth-6%-7%
Wins(races w/ profit)1212
Strike rate(races w/ profit)48.00%48.00%

Add those figures to the running totals brought forward from the end of month #2 and you end up with the following underwhelming overall position:

(Note – I started with 2 banks of £1,000 each).

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)(£ 12.00)(£ 1.26)
Profit (pts)-0.60-0.06
New Bank£ 988.00£ 998.74
%age bank Growth-1%0%
Wins(races w/ profit)4545
Strike rate(races w/ profit)54.88%54.88%

Oddly, the lead that the VIP bets had over the non-VIP tips was completely wiped out – and indeed reversed!

Whole TrialVIP Non-VIP
£ Profit(£ 76.81)£ 75.55
£ per Bet Profits(£ 1.60)£ 2.22

It follows that, based on the evidence of the trial to date, you’d be better off ignoring the VIP selections and sticking with the free ones instead.

The results log for month #3 makes for a less than pleasing read:

DateMatchBetPts.Advised priceVIP Tip?Price takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
13-JulPalmeiras v SantosHome Win1.002.14YES2.20LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
14-JulColumbus Crew v TorontoOver 2.5 Goals1.001.81NO1.95LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
17-JulAmerica Belo Horizonte v Santa KruzHome Win1.002.00YES2.05LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
17-JulCorinthians v Sao PauloHome Win1.001.74YES1.99LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
17-JulReal Salt Lake v New England RevolutionHome Win1.001.86NO2.02LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
17-JulVancouver Whitecaps v Orlando CityHome Win1.001.86YES1.70LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-JulChonburi v Nakhon RatchasimaOver 2.5 Goals1.001.96NO1.96LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-JulChonburi v Nakhon RatchasimaHome Win1.001.50YES1.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-JulBangkok United v Chainat HornbillOver 2.5 Goals1.001.60NO1.60WON£ 12.00£ 11.40
23-JulKawasaki Frontale v FC TokyoHome Win1.001.77YES1.85WON£ 15.40£ 16.15
23-JulNew England Revolution v Chicago FireHome Win1.001.75NO1.75WON£ 15.00£ 14.25
23-JulReal Salt Lake v San Jose EarthquakesHome Win1.002.00YES2.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
24-JulPonte Preta v InternacionalHome Win1.002.35YES2.35LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
24-JulOdd v VikingHome Win1.001.65YES1.74LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
25-JulFlamengo v America Belo HorizonteHome Win1.001.57NO1.57WON£ 11.40£ 10.83
30-JulNautico Capibaribe v TupiHome Win1.001.50NO1.50WON£ 10.00£ 9.50
30-JulPaysandu Belem v FC Vila NovaOver 2.5 Goals1.002.44YES2.50WON£ 28.80£ 28.50
30-JulBragantino v BahiaOver 2.5 Goals1.002.08YES2.13LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
30-JulShonan Bellmare v Kawasaki FrontaleAway Win1.001.99NO1.66WON£ 19.80£ 12.54
30-JulNew York City v Colorado RapidsOver 2.5 Goals1.001.75NO1.77WON£ 15.00£ 14.63
31-JulSporting Kansas City v Portland TimbersHome Win1.002.13NO2.15WON£ 22.60£ 21.85
31-JulPhiladelphia Union v Real Salt LakeOver 2.5 Goals1.001.80NO1.80WON£ 16.00£ 15.20
31-JulSantos v CruzeiroHome Win1.001.79NO1.77WON£ 15.80£ 14.63
31-JulStromsgodset v StabaekHome Win1.001.53YES1.53LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
31-JulOrlando City v New England RevolutionOver 2.5 Goals1.001.65NO1.65WON£ 13.00£ 12.35

You can download the complete results log for the trial to date right here.


It’s been a frustrating third month with IWinSoccerBets.

Not only have we thrown away all our profits, the non-VIP selections have outperformed the VIP tips to such an extent that my confidence has been badly shaken.

After all, if the tipster doesn’t know which are his best tips, it suggests a lack of clarity about exactly where his ‘edge’ may lie.

Or put another way, it makes me wonder if he really knows what he’s doing.

Still, we haven’t yet reached halfway in my 200 bet trial and with a new domestic football season around the corner, there remains hope that matters may yet improve.

I’ll be back in September to let you know whether or not they have done so.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about IWinSoccerBets here.


Update: 10th July 2016

I’ve been rather enjoying life with the IWinSoccerBets service.

It’s an interesting product that is new to the market and shows signs of definite promise.

A decent first month produced an ROI of 14% at a strike rate of just over 60%.

For a service that’s still finding its feet, that’s a pretty promising start.

So was it just a flash in the pan?

Or would it keep delivering in month #2?…

We lost just under one point this time, but remain in profit overall.

It was one of those ‘one step forward, two steps back‘ months that every punter everywhere is familiar with.

We only had 23 bets as a shortage of league games restricted the number of selections we received.

The headline figures for the trial now look like this:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)£ 53.20£ 76.91
Profit (pts)2.663.85
New Bank£ 1,053.20£ 1,076.91
%age bank Growth5%8%
Wins(races w/ profit)3333
Strike rate(races w/ profit)57.89%57.89%

Interestingly, there is a marked difference in the performance of VIP (paid-for) and non-VIP tips, as follows:

 VIP vs. non-VIPVIP Non-VIP
£ Profit£ 78.54(£ 1.63)
Average Profit per Bet£ 2.18(£ 0.08)

It will be interesting to see if the VIP tips maintain their lead over the course of the trial.

The results log for month #2 is as follows.

DateMatchBetPts.Advised priceVIP Tip?Price takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
18-JunAvispa Fukuoka v Kawasaki FrontaleAway Win1.001.50NO1.53LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
19-JunGremio v CruzeiroHome Win1.001.80YES1.80WON£ 16.00£ 16.00
22-JunPonte Preta v CruzeiroHome Win1.002.15YES2.82LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
22-JunLos Angeles Galaxy vs Colorado RapidsOver 2.5 Goals1.001.88NO1.93LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
25-JunOrlando City vs TorontoOver 2.5 Goals1.002.15NO2.38WON£ 23.00£ 27.60
25-JunPhiladelphia Union vs Vancouver WhitecapsHome Win1.002.27YES2.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
26-JunPortland Timbers vs Houston DynamoHome Win1.001.71NO1.93WON£ 14.20£ 18.60
28-JunBahia v OesteHome Win1.001.69YES1.50WON£ 13.80£ 10.00
02-JulChicago Fire v San Jose EarthquakesAway Win1.002.95YES2.45LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
02-JulMontreal Impact v New England RevolutionHome Win1.002.20NO2.25WON£ 24.00£ 25.00
02-JulBEC Tero Sasana v Nakhon RatchasimaOver 2.5 Goals1.001.80NO1.80WON£ 16.00£ 15.20
02-JulBEC Tero Sasana v Nakhon RatchasimaHome Win1.001.90YES1.95WON£ 18.00£ 18.05
03-JulToronto v Seattle SoundersHome Win1.001.65YES1.75LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
03-JulNew York City v Red Bull New YorkOver 2.5 Goals1.001.80NO1.82LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
03-JulCorinthians v FlamengoHome Win1.001.87YES1.98WON£ 17.40£ 18.62
05-JulDallas v Orlando CityOver 2.5 Goals1.001.61NO1.63WON£ 12.20£ 11.97
05-JulDallas v Orlando CityHome Win1.001.59YES1.59WON£ 11.80£ 11.21
07-JulNew England Revolution v New York CityOver 2.5 Goals1.001.77NO1.80LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
09-JulCoritiba v BotafogoHome Win1.002.13YES2.20LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
09-JulYokohama F. Marinos v Avispa FukuokaHome Win1.001.70YES1.63WON£ 14.00£ 11.97
10-JulPhiladelphia Union v DC UnitedHome Win1.001.75YES1.91WON£ 15.00£ 17.29
10-JulReal Salt Lake v Montreal ImpactHome Win1.001.63YES1.67LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
10-JulLillestrom v StabaekHome Win1.002.00YES2.10LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)

You can download the complete results log by clicking here.


It hasn’t been the easiest of months but I remain both satisfied and intrigued by IWinSoccerBets.

The outperformance of the VIP selections against the free tips suggests the service may well be on to something.

And the competitive pricing – currently just £69 for 180 days – means your bets don’t have to bank a fortune for you to be profitable overall.

All I need now is for the close season to end and the tipping frequency to increase. 🙂

Still, we have a long way to go yet, with 143 bets between us and the finish of the trial.

I’ll be back in mid-August with my next update.

In the meantime, you can read more about IWinSoccerBets here.


Update: 13th June 2016

The very new IWinSoccerBets service really intrigued me when I first looked at it last month.

I explained my reasons in the trial introduction – but they boil down to a genuine sense that Marcus, the brains behind the product, is determined to create real value for his customers.

He is also refreshingly open that the service remains “in its infancy”.

It all sounds quite exciting.

Inevitably therefore, I find myself almost rooting for this new kid on the betting block.

So… did IWinSoccerBets manage to get off to a decent start in month #1 of our trial?…

Yes, I’m pleased to be able to say it did. 🙂

Admittedly, we’ve only put on 34 bets so far, but we’re almost 5 five points up, which is encouraging.

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
1 point =£ 20.00£ 20.00
Profit (£)£ 77.80£ 95.40
Profit (pts)3.894.77
New Bank£ 1,077.80£ 1,095.40
%age bank Growth8%10%
Wins(races w/ profit)2121
Strike rate(races w/ profit)61.76%61.76%

That strike rate has also kept our losing runs to a minimum, with two sequences of three losers each being as bad as it got.

The complete results log for the trial so far looks like this…

DateMatchBetPts.Advised priceConfidenceVIP Tip?Price takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
13-MayBrestois v AuxerreUnder 2.5 Goals1.001.758YES2.15WON£ 15.00£ 23.00
13-MayEvian Thonon Gaillard v Nimes OlimpiqueUnder 2.5 Goals1.001.638YES2.10LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
13-MaySochaux-Montbeliard v Clermont FootUnder 2.5 Goals1.001.918YES2.10WON£ 18.20£ 22.00
14-MayKawasaki Frontale v Vissel KobeHome Win1.001.677YES1.67WON£ 13.40£ 13.40
14-MayGodoy Cruz v BelgranoHome Win1.001.648YES1.67WON£ 12.80£ 13.40
15-MayWatford v SunderlandUnder 2.5 Goals1.002.129NO2.29LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
15-MayGenoa v AtalantaHome Win1.002.306NO1.90LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
15-MayEverton v Norwich CityHome Win1.001.917YES1.80WON£ 18.20£ 16.00
15-MaySouthampton v Crystal PalaceHome Win1.001.547YES1.36WON£ 10.80£ 7.20
15-MayAtletico Madrid v CeltaHome Win1.001.867YES1.62WON£ 17.20£ 12.40
16-MayHerfolge Boldklub Koge v HelsingorAway Win1.003.208YES3.20WON£ 44.00£ 44.00
16-MayNaestved v VejleAway Win1.001.688YES1.80WON£ 13.60£ 16.00
16-MayAmkar v UfaHome Win1.001.897YES1.91WON£ 17.80£ 18.20
16-MaySpartak Moskva v TerekHome Win1.001.667YES1.63WON£ 13.20£ 12.60
17-MayManchester United v BournemouthHome Win1.001.537YES1.83WON£ 10.60£ 16.60
21-MayAlbirex Niigata v Kawasaki FrontaleAway Win1.001.948NO1.97LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-MayAll Boys v Independiente RivadaviaHome Win1.001.827YES1.84LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-MayKrylia Sovetov v AnjiHome Win1.004.127YES4.75LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
21-MayPhiladelphia Union v DC UnitedHome Win1.002.008NO2.05WON£ 20.00£ 21.00
21-MayToronto v Columbus CrewHome Win1.001.978NO2.04LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
22-MaySantos v CoritibaHome Win1.001.606YES1.59WON£ 12.00£ 11.80
22-MayGremio v FlamengoHome Win1.001.826YES1.89WON£ 16.40£ 17.80
22-MayVitoria Bahia v CorinthiansAway Win1.001.888NO1.95LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
22-MaySport Recife v BotafogoHome Win1.001.936YES1.84LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
24-MayFerro Carril Oeste v Nueva ChicagoHome Win1.001.968YES2.30LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
26-MayInternacional v Sport RecifeHome Win1.001.567NO1.58WON£ 11.20£ 11.60
28-MayVancouver Whitecaps v Houston DynamoHome Win1.001.887YES1.88LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-MayAvispa Fukuoka v Sanfrecce HiroshimaAway Win1.002.028NO2.10WON£ 20.40£ 22.00
29-MayKashima Antlers v Ventforet KofuHome Win1.001.537YES1.55WON£ 10.60£ 11.00
29-MaySan Jose Earthquakes v DallasBoth Teams to Score1.001.507NO1.62LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-MayMontreal Impact v Los Angeles GalaxyBoth Teams to Score1.001.507NO1.66WON£ 10.00£ 13.20
02-JunCorinthians v SantosHome Win1.001.937NO1.91WON£ 18.60£ 18.20
02-JunSanta Cruz v Sport RecifeHome Win1.001.819YES2.10LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
05-JunGremio v Ponte PretaHome Win1.001.697NO1.70WON£ 13.80£ 14.00


IWinSoccerBets made a positive start – then promptly stopped providing selections following the winner on 5th June.

I wrote and asked Marcus why and he replied as follows:

“Iwinsoccerbets is a league based system and a lot of the national leagues have tournaments this summer.

“There are breaks in the fixtures for Copa America, the Euros and a couple of other tournaments. So, our models haven’t registered upcoming league matches as suitable. We need a run of games to provide selections. 

“I was going to add the Euros, as it would be a big draw, but the testing wasn’t good enough. The minimum is break-even and I couldn’t be certain of that.

“There needs to be an announcement on the site. I’ll see if we can add something for this tournament and/or other breaks in fixtures.

“Paying members have extra weeks automatically added on to membership duration if there is a 7 day break between selections”.

He then adds, with characteristic modesty, “It’s not perfect yet. It will get better and better.”

Well, so far I have found the whole thing quite disarming. I’m making money too, which is pleasant, with a sense that the service should only improve over time.

Well, let’s hope so anyway. Especially as it’s so ridiculously cheap.

I’ll be back in July with my next report.

Meanwhile, you can find out more IWinSoccerBets here.


Original Introduction: 12th May 2016

I heard about IWinSoccerBets when an email popped up this week from its creator Marcus:

“I run iwinsoccerbets”, he began, “and we’ve been running since August 2015. The site is still in its infancy, but we’re getting some good results of late.

“It would be good if you could take a look and possibly give a review if you’re interested. The site is based on bespoke algorithms, and selects suitable betting options across worldwide football leagues. We may be coming to the end of the European league season, but we will still have options for other leagues around the world”.

So I had a look.

And, I have to say, it is very interesting indeed….

There are a number of novel aspects to this service that I rather like.

1. You can get tips for free.

Well, you can get some of them at any rate.

Judging from the performance graphic on the sales page, they perform favourably when compared with the VIP service.

IWinSoccerBets - Performance

IWinSoccerBets – Performance

2. Tips are available 7 days in advance.

You simply log into the service at any time and pick up your selections for the coming week.

When you think about all the things that can go wrong with email — the most annoying of which is over-zealous spam filters confiscating your tips before you even get to see them — the idea of a user area with lots of early warning holds appeal.

3. It’s cheap.

Well, it is currently, as Marcus is keen to grow his membership.

I suspect the price may increase over time, but you can always cancel if it gets to a level you’re not happy with.

At the moment, you can sign up for just £9 per month.

And there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

4. Marcus is keen on transparent results recording.

I tend to take suppliers’ results with a shovelful of salt but I did find myself being persuaded when Marcus told me that: “We’re 100% honest, so every selection we advise will be displayed within the results page.

“We also tend to show average odds for each selection on the website, so members can usually beat the odds displayed on the website”.

It will be interesting to see what odds I am able to obtain in the market, and how they compare with those advised by the service.

5. There are a lot of different selection types provided, based on lots of different ‘models’.

Somebody has put in a lot of effort to build this product.

The models have been developed from varying selection criteria and appear to be being added to all the time.

You can always tell which model has been used to devise any given tip – and analyse the historic performance of every one, result by result, before you put on your bets.

You could therefore create a portfolio of your favourite models and just bet on the tips they produce. Or you can specify a minimum ‘confidence’ level and only use the subset that achieve a certain rating.

I will bet on all the tips I receive but separately track performance for selections equal to or greater than confidence level 8 (out of 10).

We should presumably expect the high-confidence selections to produce better long-term results.


IWinSoccerBets is a very new service with a fresh approach that I like.

The early advice of selections and emphasis on transparency are both welcome, and the flexibility in how the service can be used is also potentially useful.

I’ll aim at my usual 200 bet target and decide whether to continue further once we get there.

Hopefully the global perspective of the service will ensure we receive enough tips during the summer break.

I’ll be back in June with my first report.

In the meantime, you can read more IWinSoccerBets here.


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