30th March 2021

ZCode System Review: Introduction

ZCode System Review

The ZCode System has been around since 1999 and is said to be one of the most popular sports betting services in the world.

I have been meaning to take a look at it for a while now and after several nudges from LB&GR readers, I have finally got a review started!

First off, I have to say that the ZCode System is actually less of a system itself and more of a betting community, offering a large collection of betting systems and tips.

There are systems for a range of different sports and as it is a US friendly service, you will see a lot of focus on American sports such as Baseball and American Football.

There is something for everyone though, including plenty of football (soccer), horse racing and tennis betting systems too. There are even systems for eSports, which seems to be really taking off in the betting world.

My first impression was that it is a little overwhelming at first, as there is a huge amount of things to look through in the VIP area.

The Top Systems page ranks systems from #1 to #1,000 based on the last 3 months performance, so there really is a massive amount of choice. Where do you start?

Firstly, there is a webinar video that you are encouraged to watch to get started and then there are some other step-by-step videos to look at after. There are also steps to follow on the "Overview" tab where you will find a "Quick Start Guide" PDF.

During my ZCode System review, I will attempt to break down the various aspects of the service into a sections and hopefully make everything a bit clearer.

I will of course be giving my honest opinion of the service, so rest assured that you will be getting the real deal here... rose-tinted glasses not included!

Getting Started with ZCode System

Initially, the idea is to pick 2-3 systems to follow. This seems a good idea, so that it doesn't get too confusing and put you at risk over-betting.

A key point that the service covers is bank management. This is really important and can ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail at sports betting.

The team say that you should choose a bet size that is small enough to withstand a losing streak but large enough to make a sufficient return. The usual advice is to use 1% fixed on each bet but this can be adjusted to fit a conservative or aggressive approach.

There are a few areas of the site to cover, so read on to find out more about each. 

Hot Trends

Within the Hot Trends menu you will find all sorts of systems and clicking on one of them will take you to the system's page on the forum.

There you will find more information about it including a staking plan and where the picks will be posted, which will either be in the forum or on the VIP Picks wall.

Top Automated Systems

The Top Automated Systems page is a list of the best performing systems based on the "Systems Power Ranking Formula". You can filter the list by Profit, ROI, Trust or Profit Chart.

This calculates a position for the system based on the last three month's performance and helps you find what is hot right now.

ZCode System Review - Automated Systems

Clicking on a system takes you to the page where you will find signals that have been added for the system that are ready to bet on.

Please note that bets aren't placed for you with these automated systems, the picks are just posted automatically.

Here you will also find a wide range of statistics and graphs for the system so you can see how it has been performing over a longer period of time.

ZCode System Review - Automated Systems

Top 30 Hottest Experts

Within the Hot Trends area you will also find a list of "Top 30 Hottest Experts".

This is a collection of the top 30 experts on the site based on the "Experts Daily Power Ranking Formula". This calculates a position based on contributions during the last two weeks and takes into account likes and experience points.

The thing that put me off about this personally, was that pretty much anyone could become an expert. There are a fair few "experts" in the list that are tagged as "ZCode Newbies". So basically, I could become a member, post some random tips and if they win I may make it to the Expert list. Hmmm...

It say on this page that the list is free from any human bias, but really this is one of the places where I would say it needs some human input. In my opinion, experts should have to go through some sort of proofing and monitoring, not just get on the top 30 list through popularity from the past two weeks.

In any case, if you wanted to follow an expert, you simply hit the follow button next to their name and you can get a notification whenever they post something to the wall.

VIP Picks Wall

This is where you will find all the latest picks for systems from the ZCode experts. I couldn't find a way to just show the systems or experts that I am following, so it's a case of sifting through all of the posts to find what you're looking for.

I'm not a fan of this format personally and would prefer the picks to be posted on the forum post so that I can just go directly to the systems that I want.

It's not just picks that are posted to the wall, there's also bits of conversation going on, so it gets a bit chaotic trying to find the tips.

ZCode System - VIP Picks Wall

ZCode System Results

It seems to me that the best place to start is the Top Automated Systems, as you can see statistics like profit, ROI and a profit graph for each system right away.

There's no doubt that ZCode System is going to be tough to review as there is so much going on with it. No one will get the same results unless they are following the exact same systems or experts.

I am still going to give it a go though and I have picked out three automated systems to see if I can make a profit.

My method for choosing which systems to follow were firstly to look when the last bet was. If it was a week or more ago then I crossed it off the list.

Next I simply looked at the profit graph for systems that showed a steady incline, rather than any major jumps and then levelling off.

Finally, I tried to pick three different sports. There were a lot of eSports systems at the top of the list at the time I was looking, so I wanted to make sure I covered different sports.

The three systems that I have picked are:

System NameROIProfit
Rider System – Esports Reversal 28.7%£42,312.90
Darren System – NHL Trend23.9%£15,398.45
Dragons United System – Soccer Under Bets7.2%£6,972.95

As this service is priced at £144 a month, I am going to need a larger bank than usual in order to make enough profit to cover the membership fees. I have set up a £10,000 virtual bank and my unit size will be £100.

I will record results for a month initially to see how it goes and I'll be back with my first report next month.

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