16th July 2020

US Racing Expert Review: Update Three

US Racing Expert review

The winning run came to an end in month three of my US Racing Expert review and my bank has taken quite a hit.

I lost £425.20 to £10 stakes, but the good news is my total profit is still at £724.80 for the whole trial so far.

A 72.5% bank growth is certainly not to be sniffed at, but I do have some concern over the variance involved with this service. Had I of started my trial this month, I would have lost almost half of my bank.

US Racing Expert – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 425.20)(£ 425.20)
Profit (pts)(42.5)(42.5)
New Bank£ 1,654.80£ 1,724.80
% Bank Growth65.48%72.48%
Winning Bets1313
Total Bets9191
Strike Rate14.29%14.29%

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I am going to carry on with my trial to get a look at the bigger picture. Check back next month for an update of my results.

Update Two: 16th June 2020

The profit just keeps on coming in my US Racing Expert review!

I am now up to a total of £1,150 profit to £10 stakes after the service produced £603.00 of profit in month two.

It's been an absolutely amazing trial so far with my bank already doubled in just two months. It makes me wonder just how long this winning streak will last.

If it carries on this way, this could be one of my most successful betting trials yet.

US Racing Expert – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 542.20£ 603.00
Profit (pts)54.260.3
New Bank£ 2,080.00£ 2,150.00
% Bank Growth108.00%115.00%
Winning Bets2121
Total Bets117117
Strike Rate17.95%17.95%

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The UK racing has resumed now, but this service has definitely sparked my interest in US racing. I can't wait to see if this tipster can pull some more big wins out of the bag.

I will be back with an update next month, but in the meantime take advantage of the 15 day trial.

Update One: 17th May 2020

A remarkable performance so far in my US Racing Expert review!

During the first month of my trial I bagged £547.00 to £10 stakes! The ROI was a fantastic 52.1%.

My bank was building up nicely with winning bets most days, then thanks to several winning tips priced at high odds of 12/1 and 20/1, the profits started to soar.

US Racing Expert – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 537.80£ 547.00
Profit (pts)53.854.7
New Bank£ 1,537.80£ 1,547.00
% Bank Growth53.78%54.70%
Winning Bets2121
Total Bets9393
Strike Rate22.58%22.58%

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It's been an absolute joy to follow US Racing Expert so far. I am new to US Racing personally, but it certainly looks like there's some juicy value to be had in this sport.

I'll be back next month with another update.

Introduction: 14th April 2020

After many requests from his readers, Betting God's US Racing blogger has launched his tips service and the results are looking good!

US Racing Expert includes a handful of selections sent out each day, using James's vast knowledge of the sport.

Even having already built up a loyal following, Betting Gods made sure the service was proofed for 28 weeks before it was launched.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 18.3% Win Rate
  • 9.2% ROI
  • 87.5% Bank Growth
  • 9.01 Average Odds
  • 55% Profitable Months

This will be the first time that I've trialled a US horse racing tips service, so I'm intrigued to see how it goes.

I have set up a £1,000 bank and will begin noting results at the advised and available prices. 

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