24th September 2019

Racing Odds Review

Racing Odds Review

It seems that things were going a little too well in the first two months of my Racing Odds review.

My bank had seen a 28% increase at the available prices, with a total of £278.20 profit to £10 stakes.

Month three was a bit of a disaster and sadly, all of my profit was swiped away again by the bookmakers. I have finished my three month trial £86.80 in the red.

It's not all bad though as the service has been performing well at Betfair SP and I was still in profit by £128.05 overall, even after a poor month.

Racing Odds – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 356.80)(£ 365.00)(£ 355.62)
Profit (pts)(35.7)(36.5)(35.6)
New Bank£ 981.40£ 913.20£ 1,128.05
% Bank Growth-1.86%-8.68%12.81%
Winning Bets555
Total Bets383838
Strike Rate13.16%13.16%13.16%
Racing Odds – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 18.60)(£ 86.80)£ 128.05
Profit (pts)(1.9)(8.7)12.8
New Bank£ 981.40£ 913.20£ 1,128.05
% Bank Growth-1.86%-8.68%12.81%
Winning Bets262626
Total Bets106106106
Strike Rate24.53%24.53%24.53%

Click here to view my full results log.


I enjoyed the simplicity of this service with all bets being win singles and clearly laid out emails. It seems that I must have joined the service during a period of bad luck as it was only the third losing month out of the last 12.

It is funny how that seems to happen a lot during live trials though!

The service does seem slightly overpriced in comparison to other horse racing tipsters and unfortunately, there isn't currently a free trial to give it a go first either.

Given the overall results of my trial, I can't recommend subscribing at this stage but I think that a neutral rating is fair.

Update Two: 28th August 2019

I'm pleased to report another winning month in my trial of Racing Odds.

I made £81.60 profit at the available prices which makes a total of £278.20 profit to £10 stakes for my review so far.

Betfair SP results have again been fantastic, with a total profit of £483.67 made in the past two months.

Racing Odds – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 113.20£ 81.60£ 188.67
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,338.20£ 1,278.20£ 1,483.67
% Bank Growth33.82%27.82%48.37%
Winning Bets101010
Total Bets292929
Strike Rate34.48%34.48%34.48%

Click here to view my results log.


​Everything is going smoothly so far and I am hoping the service can round off my review with 3 out of 3 winning months.

I will be back next month with another update, but in the meantime click here to find out more about Racing Odds.

Update One: 26th July 2019

My Racing Odds review is off to a great start!

I made £196.60 profit to £10 stakes at the available prices and the return on investment was fantastic at 25.2%.

Even better news, at Betfair SP the service made £295.00 profit for the month, which is always good to see.

Racing Odds – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 225.00£ 196.60£ 295.00
Profit (pts)22.519.729.5
New Bank£ 1,225.00£ 1,196.60£ 1,295.00
% Bank Growth22.50%19.66%29.50%
Winning Bets111111
Total Bets393939
Strike Rate28.21%28.21%28.21%

Click here to view my results log.


I'm hoping to see this excellent run of results continue but only time will tell.

I will be back next month with another update, but in the meantime click here to find out more about Racing Odds.

Introduction: 20th June 2019

I have been asked to trial a horse tipping service called Racing Odds which claims to be a low risk and makes consistent profits between 20-30% per month.

The tipster focuses on quality over quantity, with an average of 1 tip each day. This method appears to be working as the results show that there has only been one losing month to date and that was only a small loss of 2pts.

So far there has been a profit of 177.98pts since Oct '18 at average odds of around 4/1 and a 30% strike rate. This works out at around 21pts profit each month on average.

The tips are sent out daily by email each morning at around 10.00am and they are also posted to a private member's area. Here there are details on staking plans for different risk levels - safe, medium or higher.

A 100 point bank is advised and all bets are at level stakes ranging between 2 and 3% depending on which plan you choose to use. Beginners are recommended to start with the safe plan.

I will be back next month with my first update, but in the meantime click here to find out more about Racing Odds.

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