20th November 2021

PGA Profit Review: Introduction

PGA Profit Review

PGA Profit holds the record for the highest ROI across the Betting Gods network at a huge 48.39%.

Since Matt, who runs the service, officially became a tipster on the site in December 2020, his stats say he has made £4,221.90 profit using £10 per point staking.

He seems to be on quite the winning streak with £2,574 profit in the last three months (July - November 2021).

Back in September he tipped a tournament winner at 66/1 that resulted in £1,584.00 profit. That's pretty amazing!

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 14.9% Win Rate
  • 48.4% ROI
  • 211.1% Bank Growth
  • 77.86 Average Odds
  • 58.3% Profitable Months

This all sounds very impressive but I know from previous trials that golf betting can be tricky.

There are so many "runners" in the tournament winner market, so there are going to be longer periods of losing bets. On the flip side, the prices are often high so when you do get a winner, you are rewarded with a nice lump sum.

I will be recording my own results for PGA Profit over the next few months and I will post my first report in December.

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