3rd July 2014

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

Here we are again at the Presentation Ceremony for my 2014 Betting Oscars!

Last week I awarded the Betting System Oscar for Best Arbitrage Product to new kid on the betting block Spymare, the innovative horse racing arbitrage software that has gained an army of followers since its launch only last year.

Today’s award goes to a service that’s been around just a little longer, and that, judging by the number of votes cast in this category, is just as popular…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the 2014 Betting Oscar for the Best Football System is…

Yet another drum roll and tummy-tingling butterflies, puh-lease!…

Goal Profits, the football trading community! 🙂

Now we first looked at Goal Profits here at LB&GR almost 2 years ago.

Our trial ran from August to September 2012, but I’m afraid triallist Hans-Henrik wasn’t blown away.

He felt it didn’t warrant a Pass, so awarded it a Neutral rating.

But the thing is…. Goal Profits has moved on.

Goal Profits
The service has grown, both in terms of the sheer number of members, and the facilities available to them.

In short, it’s become a football trading community.

There’s an active online chat room, where members help and support each other, as well as receiving advice from the Goal Profits team.

Plus, members get access to Goal Profits’ unique Team Statistics software.

And now it’s been voted Best Football Betting System of 2014 by you, the readers of Lay Back & Get Rich! So it must be good! 🙂

Steve, the man behind Goal Profits, certainly thinks so:

“It is a huge honour to have won this award, especially as it’s voted for by your readers. It’s another very proud moment on this Goal Profits journey I have found myself on.

“I entered a tipping challenge back in 2011 through sheer boredom. I had a lot of spare time during the day once my trade research was done and needed something to do. I had no clue whatsoever that this simple challenge would evolve into the trading community that Goal Profits is today; I just wanted to relieve my boredom!

“A number of members have been with me from the very start and have experienced the incredible growth from basic email service to what we have now.

“I have personally written every eBook, recorded and edited every video, designed every Team Statistics page, spent countless hours in the chat room… and I love every minute of it!

“My favourite chat room post was a month or so ago. It went like this:

  • “Hi Steve, just to let you know that today I’ve just ordered, in time for the World Cup, a 65″ Curved LED 3D, 4K res tv, and all from the profits from GP since joining in Dec 2012. Keep up the good work mate. Must admit there’s been ups and downs but long term it works. There’s been several occasions when a lot of people would’ve moved onto another strat, but as the saying goes ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint'”.

“There’s no better job satisfaction in the world than that.

“Well, maybe a Betting System Oscar!

“Undoubtedly, it’s the members who drive Goal Profits forward, through their endless enthusiasm, great ideas and willingness to assist others. We have a wonderful community of traders with a common goal, and I look forward to logging in each day.

“Watching a total beginner develop his or her skills over the months and become a competent trader is something I’ll never get tired of.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for Goal Profits, you have all made my day!”

Thank you Steve. 🙂

Clearly Goal Profits has evolved a huge amount since our review, and I feel a re-trial is in order sometime soon… so watch this space!

For now though, it just remains for me to offer my own warm congratulations to Steve and all at Goal Profits for delivering a continually improving service that their members obviously love!

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