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Current Reviews

BetAlchemist Review: Introduction

BetAlchemist has been around for donkey's years, which is usually unheard of with tipping services as they often come and go.This is the 10th year since the service went live as a betting service, so I reckon they must be doing something right!Their results page has a full breakdown of profit/loss for each year and altogether it adds up to 636.86 pts profit, or £6,368.60 to £ [...]

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The Rolling Aces Review: Update Two

Things aren't quite going to plan in my Rolling Aces trial with a second losing month to report and a total of £244.27 lost.There are still some peculiar stakes being thrown in that I don't quite understand at the moment, other than being some sort of progressive staking after a winning bet.The problem is, it only seems to be losing me more money right now rather than buil [...]

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Hanbury Racing Tips Review: Introduction

Hanbury Racing Tips advertise some of the best results that I have ever seen from a horse racing tips service with a bank growth of more than 1,000%.The service dates back to June 2020 and the results spreadsheet has a total of £28,823.25 profit, working out as £1,325.00 average monthly profit from £25 stakes.The return on investment is an amazing 38.87%!So what is horse ti [...]

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Double Betting Tips Review: Update Five

Since starting my trial of Double Betting Tips last month, my starting bank has already increased by 20.4% with £203.60 profit at £10 stakes.There were actually only 3 winning doubles for the month but 1 of them was at a big price of 30.5/1 (31.5) to give a very nice profit.From then on there was quite a long losing period, until the service went and delivered 2 winning doubl [...]

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Passed Reviews

Delay React Trade Review

Delay React Trade is a football trading service from Clive Keeling that teaches you how to make money from in-play football matches.It has been around for quite a while now and was originally reviewed here at Lay, Back and Get Rich by Lucy in 2015.While the same concepts apply, the service has evolved a lot since then and they have recently opened the doors to a new programme c [...]

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Cheek Pieces Review

I finished my trial of Cheek Pieces with my bank up by 25.1%, totalling £375.80 profit. To say I'm pleased with the service is an understatement!The trial went without any dramas and it has just taken me a few minutes each morning to check odds and place my bets.It would have been nice to have all 3 months making a profit but that is not always realistic. Especially since ther [...]

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Quick Fire Betting Profits Review

Quick Fire Betting Profits is a portfolio of betting strategies that you can pick and choose from them to match your lifestyle.It comes from Andrew David, who you may recognise as the creator of the ever popular Little Acorns and the Triple Lay Cash Drop systems, both of which were given passes here at Lay, Back & Get Rich.He claims that with just three of the systems [...]

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Triple Lay Cash Drop Review

Andrew David's Triple Lay Cash Drop system has been one of the most anticipated trials that I have carried out so far.Readers have been checking in with me regularly to see how the trial is shaping up.The truth is, it ended up being a system that required more time to test it than I had available, so in the end I had to find a trusty volunteer to help me out.Eddie took over the [...]

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Neutral Reviews

The Outside Edge Review

My trial of The Outside Edge didn't go well and I finished with my starting betting bank down by 14.58%. The results on the sales page show that the service has taken a dip recently after four incredible months prior to my trial. It's the trialist's curse!There were bets sent out in both the evening and in the morning, although there were a lot more posted in the morning. I hav [...]

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Miles Ahead Racing Review

The positive spell of results in month two of my Miles Ahead Racing trial didn't last long and I lost a further £166.80 in the third month.That makes it £238.80 to £10 stakes lost for the whole trial, or a 23.9% reduction to my bank.It seems that the service has flatlined in the past 12 months as the total profit achieved is around the same as it was in May 2021.I believe th [...]

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JPW Racing Tipster Review

My JPW Racing Tipster review has turned out to be one heck of a trial with twists and turns from month to month.After five months I have lost £89.58 based on £10 per point stakes at the available prices, but the Betfair SP profit stands at a much more attractive +£609.11.I was going to keep my trial going until I reached the six month mark but honestly, it could go either wa [...]

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Goal King Review

It's a new brand new month and I am kicking it off with a new trial of a promising looking football tips service, Goal King. Goal King have put out a great set of results since the tips started seven months ago with £2,197.75 profit to £10 stakes.They use a 200 point betting bank which, going by the results posted, has already doubled during this time.The service specialis [...]

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Failed Reviews

PGA Profit Review

I have decided to bring my PGA Profit review to an end as I have now lost £957.80 in four months which is nearly half of my starting bank.The tipster did come close with some places but didn't manage to find a tournament winner throughout my trial.He clearly spends a lot of time researching bets and providing analysis with each of his tips, but just hasn't been able to tur [...]

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MJ Racing Review

MJ Racing is a racing tips service run by dynamic duo, Mark and Jay, whose ideas and betting styles have been said to compliment each other well.They first teamed up in 2019 and they found that they were a great fit. Mark has a natural preference for betting on the jumps and Jay prefers the flat racing.That sounds good to me, as you get the best of both worlds and the service c [...]

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Betmarkets Review

It's been a bit up and down in the first month of my Betmarkets review, but the good news is I have made a profit, even if it's just a small one.Throughout the month, the profit graph has been all over the place and even up until a few days ago I was in the red.It just so happened to be a good week just as this update was due and the profit has built all the way up to... €8.6 [...]

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Top Football Tipster Review

Things have taken a turn for the worse in my Top Football Tipster review and after a series of unappealing results, I am bringing my trial to a close.The lay bets had given some hope after performing well in the second month, but they have gone the other way in my final month, losing £71.55.Altogether I have lost £279.15 using £10 stakes and my bank has decreased by 18. [...]

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