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Current Reviews

RF Racing Tips Review: Update Three

RF Racing Tips have had a fabulous month in the first part of my trial, banking £374.60 to £10 stakes.I was actually able to make more of a profit at the prices I could find versus the advised prices.Towards the end of the month the service managed to tip 8 winners in 13 bets, making £453.60 profit in just 9 days. At BSP I recorded a profit of £235.40 which still worked out [...]

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Vision Racing Review: Update Three

After a great start to my Vision Racing review, the second month turned out to be disappointing.I lost £125.30 to £10 stakes so I'm now in the red by £73.20.It's not uncommon for horse racing tipsters to face losing streaks like this as they are often betting at higher prices than football tipsters, for example. Vision Racing - Update Two Advised Prices Price taken [...]

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The Basketball Geek Review: Update One

The Basketball Geek has put out an excellent performance in the first month of my trial, achieving a 43.4% bank increase. He tipped winners on a daily basis and ended up netting (sorry!) £325.10 profit to £10 stakes. The ROI for the month was a healthy 21.1%.These are fabulous results, but I am slightly concerned that not everyone is going to be able to achieve the same profi [...]

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The Bookie Smasher Review: Update Two

The Bookie Smasher had a winning month in part two of my review, but sadly it was just a small profit of £5.80.I am still in a losing position after taking a loss in the first month. All in all, I am down by £36.70.The emphasis has turned mostly to football betting now that the leagues have started to resume, so it will be interesting to see what effect this has on results.Th [...]

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Passed Reviews

The Horse Conqueror Review

My Horse Conqueror review finished with a winning month, raising the total profit up to a remarkable £623.10 to £10 stakes.The £1,500 bank that I started with has grown by a healthy 41.5%.I haven't had any trouble getting the prices that have been advised and overall I made a little more profit at the available prices.The service is a straight-forward tipping service with a [...]

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Ron Williams Racing Review

I have completed my Ron Williams Racing review after three months and I'm pleased to say it was a success!Despite two losing months, I still made £623.45 profit to £10 stakes with an ROI of 10.4%. This was thanks to a massive profit of over £800 banked in the first month of my trial.The service also had great results at BSP with a profit of £507.65, so using Betfair looks t [...]

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Geegeez Gold Review

Geegeez Gold is a horse racing platform with a huge amount of features to aid your horse racing betting and/or trading. After being voted "Best Horse Racing Betting Product" in my 2019 Betting System Oscars, I figured a Geegeez Gold review was in order! The Gold race cards rival the main providers in the UK in many ways and contain tools and reports that you will not find all t [...]

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Neutral Reviews

Racing Odds Review

It seems that things were going a little too well in the first two months of my Racing Odds review.My bank had seen a 28% increase at the available prices, with a total of £278.20 profit to £10 stakes.Month three was a bit of a disaster and sadly, all of my profit was swiped away again by the bookmakers. I have finished my three month trial £86.80 in the red.It's not all bad [...]

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Ultimate Football Tips Review

It's difficult to find a good football tipping service that delivers consistent profits month to month.Despite some early promising signs in my Ultimate Football Tips review, the service has failed to hit the mark.I was feeling quite positive after the first couple of months with the service delivering a couple of big winners that racked up profits of more than 20 points in one [...]

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Player Profits Review

My Player Profits review has been very much up and down throughout, with profits building up each month before withering away again.After three months I have finished up with a £3.00 loss after a total of 129 bets.It has been one of the more interesting tipping services that I have tried as it focuses on markets that I haven't come across before, such as Player Passes, Player [...]

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The Betting Mastermind Review

It's been a very up and down journey in my trial of The Betting Mastermind, quite literally, as every winning month has been followed by a losing one. I did manage to finish with a small profit of 3.2 points in the end but the ROI of 0.3% left a lot to be desired. I do think Stuart might be on to something here with his place laying system, but it seems like a slow burner f [...]

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Failed Reviews

Overpriced Horse Tips Review

It's been a pretty horrendous time for Overpriced Horse Tips with only 3 winning tips in the past two months.During my trial I experienced a streak of 39 consecutive losing bets spanning over a six week period. That has to be the worst performance that I have seen from a tipster so far!In total I lost £380.00 to £10 stakes, which is just over half of my bank. Overprice [...]

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Sports Spread Betting Review

My Sports Spread Betting review has been a bit of a disaster with a run of bad results leaving me deep in the red.I managed to control the loss with my adjusted staking plan, but still ended my trial down by £419.10.I lowered my stakes to fit with the stop loss feature available on Sporting Index and to hopefully maximise profits and making sure losing bets would not risk the [...]

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Tennis Genie Review

My trial of the Tennis Genie tipping service has come to a bitter end with my bank about to bust.Another heavy loss has taken my overall loss up to -£813.00 to £10 stakes. As I am very close to busting my betting bank for this review, I am hanging my racquet up and calling it a day.One of the main problems with this service was the aggressive staking plan. Stakes were advised [...]

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The BSP Tipster Review

Unsurprisingly, the plug has been pulled on this service, so.... Update Two: 7th January 2019 There's been no improvement in results for The BSP Tipster in month two of my trial and it's turning out to be a bit of a disaster.I've lost £588.60 to £10 stakes in total which is more than half of my bank.The Betting Gods results show that the service is now down to a total profi [...]

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