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Current Reviews

PGA Profit Review: Introduction

PGA Profit holds the record for the highest ROI across the Betting Gods network at a huge 48.39%.Since Matt, who runs the service, officially became a tipster on the site in December 2020, his stats say he has made £4,221.90 profit using £10 per point staking.He seems to be on quite the winning streak with £2,574 profit in the last three months (July - November 2021).Back i [...]

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Double Betting Tips Review: Introduction

I love to try out betting services that offer something a little bit different, so when I came across Double Betting Tips, I was intrigued.Rather than just betting on horses as singles, their strategy is to combine bets into doubles for maximum value.They research two bets each day using form data on horses, trainers and jockeys and then they put them in a straight win double. [...]

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Cheek Pieces Review: Introduction

Cheek Pieces is a horse racing tips service that has produced £816.07 profit since joining Betting Gods in January 2021.This is based on realistic £10 per point stakes and does not include BOG (best odds guaranteed) prices.Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:24.1% Win Rate15.5% ROI54.4% Bank Growth8.71 Average Odds63.6% Profitable Months The tips [...]

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Exponential Bet Remote Daily Betting Review: Update One

I've been running the remote betting bot over at Exponential Bet over a month now and have some promising results to report.But first, I need to explain how the service works now that it has changed from Dutch Betting to "Remote Daily Betting".There are two strategies available within the bot and each have individual staking options. I have followed the staking advice given in [...]

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Passed Reviews

Triple Lay Cash Drop Review

Andrew David's Triple Lay Cash Drop system has been one of the most anticipated trials that I have carried out so far.Readers have been checking in with me regularly to see how the trial is shaping up.The truth is, it ended up being a system that required more time to test it than I had available, so in the end I had to find a trusty volunteer to help me out.Eddie took over the [...]

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20 Minute System Review

I managed to find some more winners using the 20 Minute System in the second month of my trial, adding another £166.70 to my total.Altogether I have made £369.70 using £10 per point, staking half a point each-way as the bank management advice suggests.Again, it was a low strike rate with just 4 bets from 52 ending up with a profit, but that's all it took to finish ahead. [...]

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Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Patience paid off in the end for my Premier Greyhound Tips review with a great set of results in the final month and a total bank growth of 73%.After tallying up the profit and loss from all four months, I finished with £729.20 profit altogether based on using £10 stakes.It was a little lower than the profit achieved at the advised prices as sometimes the odds had dropped [...]

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Blueblood Racing Review

It has been a total joy trialling the Blueblood Racing service, with a profit achieved in every month and a fantastic return on investment.After three months, my starting bank has risen by 39.2% with £587.44 profit at the available prices using £10 per point stakes.Results at Betfair SP were equally as good with £580.47 profit, so this service could potentially be used profi [...]

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Neutral Reviews

JPW Racing Tipster Review

My JPW Racing Tipster review has turned out to be one heck of a trial with twists and turns from month to month.After five months I have lost £89.58 based on £10 per point stakes at the available prices, but the Betfair SP profit stands at a much more attractive +£609.11.I was going to keep my trial going until I reached the six month mark but honestly, it could go either wa [...]

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Goal King Review

It's a new brand new month and I am kicking it off with a new trial of a promising looking football tips service, Goal King. Goal King have put out a great set of results since the tips started seven months ago with £2,197.75 profit to £10 stakes.They use a 200 point betting bank which, going by the results posted, has already doubled during this time.The service specialis [...]

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Super Sports Capper Review

Super Sports Capper is a mixed sports tips service that has reported some amazing results with 6 out of 6 profitable months.The service is run by professional sports bettor Allan and it covers NBA, NFL, UK Football, European Basketball and Tennis. It doesn't matter if you're not familiar with the sport, as you just have to place the bets as advised.The results that have been re [...]

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BTC Academy Review

The BTC Academy is a collection of sports trading courses put together by the Betfair Trading Community team.The courses cover four different sports, including football, tennis, horse racing and cricket. For complete beginners, there is also a "trading essentials" course that covers the foundation trading skills needed before progressing on to more advanced topics.The lessons a [...]

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Failed Reviews

MJ Racing Review

MJ Racing is a racing tips service run by dynamic duo, Mark and Jay, whose ideas and betting styles have been said to compliment each other well.They first teamed up in 2019 and they found that they were a great fit. Mark has a natural preference for betting on the jumps and Jay prefers the flat racing.That sounds good to me, as you get the best of both worlds and the service c [...]

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Betmarkets Review

It's been a bit up and down in the first month of my Betmarkets review, but the good news is I have made a profit, even if it's just a small one.Throughout the month, the profit graph has been all over the place and even up until a few days ago I was in the red.It just so happened to be a good week just as this update was due and the profit has built all the way up to... €8.6 [...]

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Top Football Tipster Review

Things have taken a turn for the worse in my Top Football Tipster review and after a series of unappealing results, I am bringing my trial to a close.The lay bets had given some hope after performing well in the second month, but they have gone the other way in my final month, losing £71.55.Altogether I have lost £279.15 using £10 stakes and my bank has decreased by 18. [...]

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The Master Plan Review

It's been a troubled start to my re-trial, but PuntHub predicted that The Master Plan would soon turn things around.They were right on the money and the service has achieved a great month of results!They have managed to pull things back, making £123.30 profit to £10 stakes this month. The strike rate has been the best for my review so far at 23.8% and they even managed to tip [...]

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