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Current Reviews

RM Greyhound Tips Review: Update Three

My first month trialling RM Greyhound Tips has been positive with a profit achieved at both the available prices and at Betfair SP.I made £59.60 to £10 stakes and this was a 9.9% return on my money. At one stage, the tipster pulled off a winning streak of 6 bets in a row, totalling £134.60 profit. Sadly, part of this went back to the bookies in the second half of the mont [...]

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RF Racing Tips Review: Update Five

The fifth month has turned out to be the first losing month at the available prices in my RF Racing Tips review.I lost £153.75 after only 8 bets returned a profit from 36, which was a low strike rate of 22.2%.The strike rate has generally been between 35-40% throughout my trial.The good news is, I am still in profit by £537.05 and that works out as an average monthly profit o [...]

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RM Greyhound Lays Review: Update Two

Month two of my RM Greyhound Lays review was disappointing with £33.20 lost after betting on 160 races.I have still made £95.80 profit altogether, so it's not all bad, but things could certainly be better.There were 130 winning lays out of 160 which is an 81.3% strike rate, but that wasn't enough to make a profit.<table width="295"><tbody><tr><td wid [...]

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Exponential Bet Remote Daily Betting Review: Update One

I've been running the remote betting bot over at Exponential Bet over a month now and have some promising results to report.But first, I need to explain how the service works now that it has changed from Dutch Betting to "Remote Daily Betting".There are two strategies available within the bot and each have individual staking options. I have followed the staking advice given in [...]

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Passed Reviews

US Racing Expert Review

The profit just keeps on coming in my US Racing Expert review!I am now up to a total of £1,150 profit to £10 stakes after the service produced £603.00 of profit in month two.It's been an absolutely amazing trial so far with my bank already doubled in just two months. It makes me wonder just how long this winning streak will last. If it carries on this way, this could be one [...]

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The Basketball Geek Review

It has been a tough month for The Basketball Geek in part two of my trial,  but luckily, I was able to just about break even at the available prices.My results ended with a small £3.10 loss, but at the advised prices I would have made £30.60 profit.  You can see where not being able to get the quoted prices is beginning to show a difference in profit/loss.The lines are quic [...]

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Vision Racing Review

After a great start to my Vision Racing review, the second month turned out to be disappointing.I lost £125.30 to £10 stakes so I'm now in the red by £73.20.It's not uncommon for horse racing tipsters to face losing streaks like this as they are often betting at higher prices than football tipsters, for example. Vision Racing - Update Two Advised Prices Price taken [...]

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Merlin Results Radar Review

The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games.So, out of the three results that you predict, even if you get two of them wrong you will still win.The Merlin tool comes in the form of a spreadsheet and it is best to use it with Excel to be sure the macros will function properl [...]

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Neutral Reviews

Racing Odds Review

It seems that things were going a little too well in the first two months of my Racing Odds review.My bank had seen a 28% increase at the available prices, with a total of £278.20 profit to £10 stakes.Month three was a bit of a disaster and sadly, all of my profit was swiped away again by the bookmakers. I have finished my three month trial £86.80 in the red.It's not all bad [...]

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RebelBetting Review

Hi everyone! Keith here with the conclusion to my review of RebelBetting. It's now been 5 weeks since the review started and due to a 1 week holiday in the middle of it it's now been 30 days of actual usage. For those who haven't read the intro RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage scanner with added functionality of a built in browser. It's claimed to be the number 1 arbitrag [...]

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Value Huntsman Review

It's been an epic trial in my review of the Value Huntsman service with more than 600 bets in three months. The question is, has the time and effort it has taken to follow this service from Tipstrr been worth it? I have managed to make a profit of 20.83pts overall and 2 of the 3 months were profitable. This sounds perfectly acceptable but digging a little deeper into the re [...]

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Delay React Trade Review

I kicked off my long-running trial of Delay - React - Trade before last Christmas. And it's been quite an experience since. I procrastinated a little at the outset as DRT is enormous - or, as I described it in my first progress report in January, "just too huge and important to ignore". But I did eventually get my head around the training videos and finally started p [...]

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Failed Reviews

The Wizard Of Big Odds Review

Tipster's Empire say that bringing The Wizard of Big Odds on board was "quite possibly the easiest decision" that they have ever made.Since he began tipping on the platform, he claims to have accumulated a profit of £4,205 to £10 stakes. Statistics to date:- £4,205 profit to £10 stakes- £180 monthly profit- 30.5% ROI- 14% strike rateThe Wizard is said to never shy away fro [...]

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Cleeve Racing Review

It's a similar story to last month for my latest Cleeve Racing review update with a small profit and another 12/1 winner.Despite the UK being battered by storms lately and races being abandoned left, right and centre, there were three times as many tips this month.I recorded a profit of £33.50 to £10 stakes at the available prices, but overall I am still in a losing position. [...]

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Overpriced Horse Tips Review

It's been a pretty horrendous time for Overpriced Horse Tips with only 3 winning tips in the past two months.During my trial I experienced a streak of 39 consecutive losing bets spanning over a six week period. That has to be the worst performance that I have seen from a tipster so far!In total I lost £380.00 to £10 stakes, which is just over half of my bank. Overprice [...]

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The Shortlist Review

I have come to the end of my three month trial of The Shortlist from Lucrative Racing.It's a service which claims to be able to produce great results even with just an exchange account, so I was excited to get a trial underway.For a horse to make it on to the daily shortlist there were three requirements: The horse had to be a strong contender in its race with the abilit [...]

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