Make £1,000 per Month from Betting

How to Make £1,000 per Month from Betting

Why not get my free, 30 page guide that explains, in plain English, how anyone can reasonably expect to make £1,000 per month tax-free from betting, using an organised approach?

I’ve completely revised it so it draws on some of the latest trials carried out on my site.

Lots of Lay Back & Get Rich readers have found success using these methods. Do the same, and you’ll find it just ain’t that hard to make money from betting.

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The guide is organised into the following sections:

  • Having principles and sticking to a plan
  • Your betting bank and staking
  • Building your bank with the bookies’ own money
  • Keeping Records
  • Bookmakers or Betfair?
  • Arbitrage
  • Trading

The last two chapters constitute the bulk of the e-book, and contain a whole range of methods for making low-risk regular profits to deliver our £1,000 per month goal. Each of them are explained clearly so that you can get started right away.

You will frequently find ‘Profit Targets‘ too. These will give you an idea of the amount of money you can make from a particular technique.

Obviously, this varies from month to month, but it should give you an indication of what’s possible.

At the end, we’ll add up all the Profit Targets to see where we stand.

To receive a free copy, fill in your contact details at the top of the right hand column on this page, and you will receive a download of the e-book.

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This is the best version yet and the perfect way to kick-start your betting career today!

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