23rd November 2021

Triple Lay Cash Drop Review

Triple Lay Cash Drop review

Andrew David's Triple Lay Cash Drop system has been one of the most anticipated trials that I have carried out so far.

Readers have been checking in with me regularly to see how the trial is shaping up.

The truth is, it ended up being a system that required more time to test it than I had available, so in the end I had to find a trusty volunteer to help me out.

Eddie took over the trial in October and after finding bets and recording his results for a month, he felt ready to give his verdict on the system.

Triple Lay Cash DropResults
Profit (£)£ 105.41
Profit (pts)10.5
New Bank£ 1,605.41
% Bank Growth7.03%
Winning Bets49
Total Bets141
Strike Rate34.75%

Eddie's Trial

"I started the review on Monday 18th October and ended it on Friday 19th November.

Using a bank of £1500 and a stake of £10 per point as recommended for the staking plan, the strategy was showing a profit of £105 or 10.5pts.

The strategy is a lay strategy, but staking is safe, and the size of the bank is important as the author states so as to keep stakes sensible when you have a losing run.

The selections are very easy to find and once you have read through the staking plan a few times it’s easy enough to follow.

There is little doubt that the strategy would benefit greatly from being automated as you need to watch the betfair markets in order to trigger a bet.

I believe that this is something that the author is looking into and when it happens it would make this a nice set and forget earner.

The strategy does work, but its time consuming so automation would be a big plus.

Without automation people will not have the same results as they will take different prices, and depending on when you start to look at the market you could be on a different horse, but that doesn’t happen very often.

As I have said the strategy works, and with automation and the correct bank size it will tick along making a profit.


To sum it up, Triple Lay Cash Drop system works well as a system but it can be a little time consuming.

This is because after placing the first bet of the day, you have to wait for it to settle before you can research the following one. So, you have to be around (and remember) to check the result and put your next bet on.

Andrew David who created the system pointed out that in the manual there is an option for those that are pushed for time.

He said "They can use the first 3 qualifiers of the day 'only' so they can be wrapped up in as little as 90 minutes for the day. Also in some months that way of using it can bring in more profits! For example, in August using first 3 qualifiers and stopping for day made +17.90pts but using it all day made +13.40 so it can work out better but some punters like more action all day."

Andrew seems keen to automate the system in the future which would help a lot to increase the volume of bets and allow more profit to be made.

The system definitely deserves a pass but I look forward to being able to automate it to get the most out of it.

Introduction: 17th August 2021

I have an exciting new trial for you today of a horse racing strategy from Andrew David called the Triple Lay Cash Drop.

The sales page makes bold claims of being able to turn £1,500 into £18,680 in a year, based on proven results.

The strategy is said to have made a profit every month since the beginning of 2020, adding up to a total of 209.3 points profit.

Usually I would take this with a pinch of salt, but Andrew has come up with some fabulous systems in the past. His Little Acorns strategy actually earned TWO passes here at Lay Back and Get Rich.

It is a low-risk method based on laying horses that meet the system requirements. The triple lay concept means that if the first bet doesn't win, you get two more chances to get the money back and still have the chance to come out ahead.

There is plenty of room for error as effectively you get 24 attempts to get a winner if following the staking plan exactly.

The selections are easy enough to find and there are usually 3-6 qualifiers each day. You don't have to bet on all of them and it doesn't matter if you don't bet every day.

One of the great things about it is it works on Betfair Exchange, so it doesn't matter if you've been banned from bookmakers.

You can get started with a bank as low as £300, which means starting with £2.00 stakes, but for my trial I am going in with a £1,500 test bank and £10 stakes.

I look forward to seeing how this trial goes and I will be back as soon as possible with my first batch of results.

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