1st January 2012

Total Football Trading Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

I have had so many emails asking about soccer systems that I have finally given in and decided to test one. Here, therefore, follows my trial of the Total Football Trading system.

The only reason I have not focussed on football up till now is that I’ve failed to find a soccer system that I really like….

At least, that is, up until now. As Total Football Trading looks very promising.

Total Football Trading doesn’t in fact contain one system, but ten!  It provides lots of different ways you can make money from betting on football.  All of which may sound overwhelming, but actually isn’t that bad, as most of them seem quite straightforward.


So, having unwrapped my new system, here are my first impressions:

a) it looks pretty professional.

b) it appears to be aimed at traders not gamblers, with the emphasis apparently being on playing tunes on the dynamics of markets rather than on trying to predict the performance of individual players or teams.

c) there seem, on the website, to be neither wild claims, nor photos of blondes draped over Lamborghini’s. All very refreshing – even, I’m sure, for those of my readers who have a thing for blondes and/or Lamborghini’s.

d) the TFT site is very well laid out and explained, with each of the 10 systems set into an overall framework, that explains when in your week or day you might operate a particular one.

e) there are a surprising number of systems which allow you be ‘done and dusted’ before the match even begins.  i.e. This is trading for purists.

f) the entire suite of systems appears to be focussed solely around betting exchanges.  So there is no chance of getting our bookie accounts limited here.

I have no idea how long my trial is going to take, as, with 10 systems, it clearly could be quite a while.  However I am hoping that as I test the first two or three, the general quality of the product (for good or ill) will rapidly become apparent.

My guess is that there is going to be some good stuff in here, however I do wonder a little, having read the systems through, whether some of them will require a LOT of cash to work effectively.  i.e. We may be trading very serious amounts of money to extract quite small percentage returns.

I aim to make a start with the system on Bank Holiday Monday….



Final System Update, 14/01/2012

I have tested this system over five different trading days, as explained at length in the comments section below.   Please read through those comments before considering purchasing this system.

In the end, I have decided to award TFT a “pass”, though with a few caveats.   The most serious is that it is very time-consuming, and you may find yourself putting in a lot of effort to generate worthwhile rewards.   This fact in turn may encourage you to increase your stakes earlier than you otherwise might like – but please, try to resist the temptation.   Instead, grow your bank gradually and you should be able to reach a level where you can make significant returns in the end.

Key points to note:

  • It follows from the above caveat that this is a system for real football fans.   Sitting and hoping that any of the online scoreboard websites register a vital goal is tedious, and I suspect most users would therefore prefer to watch the match on TV whilst trading.  Which is fine – provided of course you love the game! Remember that it is of course also possible to watched additional, streamed matches on Betfair and on certain bookmaker sites (e.g. Bet365).
  • The system comes with a credible warranty. This is not as common a feature of betting products as I believe it should be!
  • The system is really a family of systems, of which you are almost bound to find two or three you like.   Stick to these and persist till you have them absolutely nailed down, and you are very likely to make money in the long-term.   For anyone who knows the system, my personal favourites are the In and Out Method, and the Power Hour method, both of which are done and dusted very early on.
  • One or two of the methods aren’t strictly trading methods at all, but approaches to in-play laying (Golden Goal and Silver Goal).  I must admit to being slightly disappointed at their inclusion in a Trading Systems package.
  • One or two (especially the Bosman method) require a relatively rare series of pre-conditions to apply before you can bet, so their day-to-day usefulness is open to question.


In summary though, I did make some money (see below), but, owing to my ultra-low staking levels, I have yet to recover the full price of the system.  I will be using the In & Out and Power Hour Methods regularly, so I feel confident I have made a sensible purchase, but still wonder if I have the time to derive significant benefit long-term. As above, this really is footy fan stuff, and maybe I haven’t been bitten as deeply by the soccer bug!

I may add further comments in future, but for now at least, Total Football Trading has made it into the Passed Systems folder.


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