27th April 2022

The Rolling Aces Review: Update Two

Things aren't quite going to plan in my Rolling Aces trial with a second losing month to report and a total of £244.27 lost.

There are still some peculiar stakes being thrown in that I don't quite understand at the moment, other than being some sort of progressive staking after a winning bet.

The problem is, it only seems to be losing me more money right now rather than building up profit.

The Rolling Aces – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 176.04)(£ 176.61)
Profit (pts)(17.6)(17.7)
New Bank£ 1,258.84£ 1,255.73
% Bank Growth-16.08%-16.28%
Winning Bets1010
Total Bets2828
Strike Rate35.71%35.71%

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Not much else to say here but I will keep the trial running for another month to see if things get any better.

Update One: 26th February 2022

I was a bit taken aback when I received the first few tips from The Rolling Aces, as I wasn't expecting to see an unusual staking system in place.

My first two bets were staked at £55.40 and £108.70, or 5.54 pts and 10.87 pts. I still haven't quite figured out what sort of staking system it is but it doesn't seem to be loss recovery as stakes have increased after winning bets.

At the end of the first month of my trial I have lost £67.66 at the available prices at bookmakers available in the UK. Based on the European bookmakers, I lost £65.44, so the difference isn't that significant at the moment.

The Rolling Aces – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 65.12)(£ 67.66)
Profit (pts)(6.5)(6.8)
New Bank£ 1,434.88£ 1,432.34
% Bank Growth-4.34%-4.51%
Winning Bets1010
Total Bets2525
Strike Rate40.00%40.00%

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I hope to be able to report a profit in month two of my trial which will be posted in April.

Introduction: 26th February 2022

Expert tennis tipster Richie hasn't had a losing month since launching his tennis tips service, The Rolling Aces, over at Betting Gods.

It launched in August 2021 and he has since built up to a profit of £1,049.99 at £10 per pt stakes. That is an average monthly profit of £150.00 and a 70% bank growth.

Richie focuses his tennis tipster service on ATP, WTA, Challenger, ITF and other major tennis tournaments and I am told that his knowledge of tennis betting is unrivaled.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • £1,049.99 Profit (to date)
  • 63.3% Win Rate
  • 34.34% ROI
  • 70% Bank Growth
  • 1.96 Average Odds
  • 100% Profitable Months

Betting Gods say that the odds are available with major UK bookmakers and this is something that I will be monitoring. I often find that tennis tipsters use European bookmakers that I, along with other Brits, can't always use without some kind of workaround.

I will track my own results over the next few months and I will post updates here to compare results at the advised prices and the available prices at both European and UK bookmakers.

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