17th May 2020

The Bookie Smasher Review: Update One

The Bookie Smasher review

The first month of my Bookie Smasher review hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped. Despite a 60% strike rate, I ended up losing £42.50 to £10 stakes.

A lot of the tips are priced below evens, so a losing bet takes 2 or more winning bets to recover.

It's been interesting betting on some sports that I haven't dabbled in before, such as eSports. The eSports tips made up the majority of the tips sent out over the month, but they didn't perform too well with a £5.40 loss.

The Bookie Smasher  – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 41.90)(£ 42.50)
Profit (pts)(4.2)(4.3)
New Bank£ 458.10£ 457.50
% Bank Growth-8.38%-8.50%
Winning Bets2424
Total Bets4040
Strike Rate60.00%60.00%

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It certainly hasn't been a disastrous start to my trial, but I did hope for better. Let's hope that I can report some better results in my next update in a month's time.

Introduction: 14th April 2020

The Bookie Smasher's aim is to attack the bookmakers with bets across multiple sports.

With this approach, Raffaele says he has been able to take £1,053.75 from the bookies to date, just using straight £10 bets. He has managed to triple his starting bank in less than a year!

I'm glad to see there's no over-complicated staking or loss recovery with this service. Just 1 point bet on each tip.

The sports he bets on include football, tennis, eSports, hockey, badminton, formula 1, rugby, cricket and volleyball.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 59.1% Win Rate
  • 5.7% ROI
  • 210.8% Bank Growth
  • 1.81 Average Odds
  • 50% Profitable Months

As the service is provided by Betting Gods, I trust that it has gone through a strict vetting process. In fact, the tips were proofed for 29 weeks before the service went live.

I will begin my trial, noting results at the advised and available prices and I will report back regularly with an update.

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