15th July 2019

Tennis Genie Review

Tennis Genie review

My trial of the Tennis Genie tipping service has come to a bitter end with my bank about to bust.

Another heavy loss has taken my overall loss up to -£813.00 to £10 stakes. As I am very close to busting my betting bank for this review, I am hanging my racquet up and calling it a day.

One of the main problems with this service was the aggressive staking plan. Stakes were advised between 1 and 10 pts and there were three occasions where the 10 pt bets lost.

This had a devestating effect on the bank that made it difficult to recover from.

Tennis Genie – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 222.40£ 202.40
Profit (pts)22.220.2
New Bank£ 884.30£ 841.20
% Bank Growth-11.57%-15.88%
Winning Bets66
Total Bets1313
Strike Rate46.15%46.15%
Tennis Genie – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 222.40£ 202.40
Profit (pts)22.220.2
New Bank£ 1,106.70£ 1,043.60
% Bank Growth10.67%4.36%
Winning Bets66
Total Bets1313
Strike Rate46.15%46.15%

Click here to view my results log.

Note: There is a gap in my results at the beginning of June due to the service switching from posting tips to Twitter to email. I missed the memo on this, so I extended my trial to cover the missed dates.


I won't be recommending Tennis Genie, but I won't be giving up on finding profitable tennis tipsters. Fingers crossed I have more success next time!

If you want to, click here to find out more about Tennis Genie.

Update Two: 29th May 2019

There has been a vast improvement in results in month two of my trial for Tennis Genie.

Although there were only 13 bets, I finished with a profit of £202.40 at £10 per pt.

However, there is still a way to go to make up for the heavy loss in the first month as my bank is still down by 36.1%.

At any rate, it's good to see that the service has made some headway towards a recovery as a further loss could have seen my trial coming to a swift end.

Tennis Genie – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 222.40£ 202.40
Profit (pts)22.220.2
New Bank£ 661.90£ 638.80
% Bank Growth-33.81%-36.12%
Winning Bets66
Total Bets1313
Strike Rate46.15%46.15%

Click here to view my results log.


I am hoping for another winning month that will hopefully put me into a profitable position.

I will be back next month with an update, but in the meantime click here to find out more about Tennis Genie.

Update One: 25th April 2019

Over the past month, I have been picking up where Lucy left off with her review of Tennis Genie.

A couple of things have altered since she wrote her introduction in 2017. The tips are now accessed via a private Twitter account and the membership fees are a lot more reasonable.

VIP membership now costs just £14.99 per month, rather than the £99.99 per month that it used to be! This gives you 15-20 each month, or there is an "Investor" membership which gives you 45-50 tips each month at £49.99 per month. There's also a basic membership which is free and gives you 5-10 tips each month.

I am tracking results for the VIP membership and so far there have been 21 tips. Sadly it has been a really poor month and I have lost 56.4 pts already. The tips come with an advised stake which ranges between 1 - 10 pts so losses can quickly build up.

Tennis Genie – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 560.50)(£ 563.60)
Profit (pts)(56.1)(56.4)
New Bank£ 439.50£ 436.40
% Bank Growth-56.05%-56.36%
Winning Bets77
Total Bets2222
Strike Rate31.82%31.82%

Click here to view my results log.


I couldn't find any information on what size betting bank to use for this service, so I decided 100 pts / £1,000 would be a sensible amount.

Given that I have lost more than half of my bank in one month, 100 pts obviously isn't enough.

I will carry on tracking results and hopefully there will be an improvement over the next month. I'll be back with an update in May, but in the meantime find out more about Tennis Genie here.

Introduction: 18th May 2017

It is a constant source of frustration to me that I have never found a tennis tipster service that I am happy with.

However, with spring now upon us (though you wouldn't really believe it if you could see the rain pouring down outside my window!), and Wimbledon around the corner, I couldn't help having another look for a product that specialises in the sport.

And I'm pleased to report that I've come across a very promising service..

Welcome then to my new trial of... Tennis Genie!

Tennis Genie is positioned as a serious-minded, investment-oriented service.

And it's certainly not reticent about making bold claims.

The website states, in capital letters, "THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS SERVICE IS TO DELIVER A FULL TIME INCOME".


Now, of course, this might seem like standard tipster hubris -- after all, who hasn't seen wild claims made about betting systems dozens of times? -- but it continues:

"As a direct result of [bookies closing accounts], most profitable punters head over to the exchanges where there are no such restrictions. As former employees at such a site we’ve seen how many individuals managed to consistently achieve profit each and every month. In fact two of the founding members here at TennisGenie have been generating an income through tennis betting since 2010."

OK - so now I'm interested!

And it all looks very professional...

Instead of having to wait around for a daily tips email for instance, your receive access to a members-only dashboard containing fully detailed selections in a detailed format:

Tennis Genie review

And the claimed historic results look pretty appealing too (though note that I'm unable to verify them independently):

Tennis Genie review


I only ever kick off a trial if I am genuinely excited about a product. If I wasn't, I couldn't bring myself to sustain the effort required to test it.

However, it is also undoubtedly the case that some services are more appealing than others. And Tennis Genie is one of the most exciting products I've seen this year. It just looks so slick and well put together.

I'm also impressed with the experience that the tipsters involved can point to.

So maybe... just maybe... I'm on to something with this one. And to think.. Wimbledon is just a month away!

I'll be back with my first report before matters get underway in SW19. So wish me luck!

In the meantime, click here to read more about Tennis Genie.

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