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27th April 2021

JPW Racing Tipster Review: Update Three

JPW Racing Tipster Review

Wow, what a comeback! JPW Racing Tipster has had an amazing month, delivering £287.75 profit at available prices and £524.00 profit at BSP. This means that not only have they recovered the loss from last month, they added a profit to the pot as well.The service did full coverage of the Aintee Grand National festival this […]

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10th April 2021

Betmarkets Review: Update Two

Betmarkets Review

It’s been slow going for my Betmarkets review and I am down by €16.19 since I started the trial two months ago.Out of the ten chosen tipsters in my portfolio, seven are losing, one is just about break even and two have made a profit. I also swapped one tipster out due to poor performance […]

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5th April 2021

MJ Racing Review: Introduction

MJ Racing Review

MJ Racing is a racing tips service run by dynamic duo, Mark and Jay, whose ideas and betting styles have been said to compliment each other well.They first teamed up in 2019 and they found that they were a great fit. Mark has a natural preference for betting on the jumps and Jay prefers the […]

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28th February 2021

RebelBetting Value Betting Review

RebelBetting Value Betting review

I have reached the 2,000 bet target I set for my RebelBetting Value Betting review and it’s time for the final verdict.It’s good news! I have made £4,515 profit with an 8.47% ROI, so that means I’m 90.3% of the way to doubling my bank.The RebelBetting team say that on average, their members double their […]

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20th February 2021

The Bookies Enemy Review

The Bookies Enemy review

I finished my three month trial of The Bookies Enemy with £170.70 profit and an ROI of 7% over a duration of three months.I have been pleased with the service on the whole and found it easy to follow. The tips have been received around about the same time each evening, between 6-8pm, to take […]

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10th February 2021

Top Football Tipster Review

Top Football Tipster review

Things have taken a turn for the worse in my Top Football Tipster review and after a series of unappealing results, I am bringing my trial to a close.The lay bets had given some hope after performing well in the second month, but they have gone the other way in my final month, losing £71.55.Altogether […]

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6th November 2020

RF Racing Tips Review

RF Racing Tips Review

My trial of RF Racing Tips has been epic, taking just under a year to complete, but it has definitely been worth it!The total profit was £990.05 to £10 stakes with a 19.3% return on investment. The first two months had gone swimmingly with £464.20 profit made, but then came the break in UK and […]

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5th October 2020

The Master Plan Review

The Master Plan Review

After completing a two trials of The Master Plan, I am back to let you know my final verdict on the service.Sadly, this tipster failed to win me over for a second time after another bad run of results.The first trial had lost money three months in a row and I had lost 40.9% of […]

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24th August 2020

The Basketball Geek Review

The Basketball Geek pulled out all the stops for the return of the NBA and delivered an excellent profit.He made £151.20 profit at the available prices which meant that the total for my trial finished at £473.20 profit to £10 stakes.This was total bank growth of 63.1% and a fabulous achievement in just three months.Now […]

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