8th April 2021

Super Sports Capper Review

Super Sports Capper review

This is probably the shortest tipster trial in history, as I decided after a little over a week that this service wasn't going to make it.

Firstly, I was having trouble finding the bets a lot of the time as they were on obscure markets, or the lines had changed by the time I got there.

Even if I had found them, I imagine it wouldn't take long for the bookies to notice that I was frequently betting on these markets and consequently limit or shut my account down.

As there are so few places that even offer the markets (particularly being based in the UK and without access to good old Pinnies), this would make the situation even worse.

Secondly, whether it is a time difference issue or not, I had received a few bets that were fairly late at night for events taking place in the early hours of the morning.

For example, bet received 10.00pm and the event was a match at 1.00am, so if I had gone for an early night I would have missed it. Three hours doesn't give much time in any case.


I don't see any point continuing my trial of this service any further, however, I can't write the service off as it may still appeal to some people. If you have access to bookmakers that offer these markets more readily, then it could be worth a look.

For me personally, it doesn't appeal, so I will be placing it in the neutral section.

Introduction: 22nd March 2021

Super Sports Capper is a mixed sports tips service that has reported some amazing results with 6 out of 6 profitable months.

The service is run by professional sports bettor Allan and it covers NBA, NFL, UK Football, European Basketball and Tennis. It doesn't matter if you're not familiar with the sport, as you just have to place the bets as advised.

The results that have been reported look very good indeed, with £2,039.10 profit to £10 stakes and an average monthly profit of around £340.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

- 67.8% Win Rate
- 23.6% ROI
- 271.9% Bank Growth
- 1.84 Average Odds
- 100% Profitable Months

Tips are sent out at 9.00pm and there is also an email to say if there aren't any tips for the day. On average, there are around 70 tips per month that are evenly spread through the month.

Betting Gods proofed the tips for 25 weeks before going live, so it has been well tested. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will pass though!

I have set up a 75 point starting bank as advised and I will recording my trial results for the next few months. Check back in April for my first update.

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