26th November 2019

Sports Spread Betting Review

Sports Spread Betting review

My Sports Spread Betting review has been a bit of a disaster with a run of bad results leaving me deep in the red.

I managed to control the loss with my adjusted staking plan, but still ended my trial down by £419.10.

I lowered my stakes to fit with the stop loss feature available on Sporting Index and to hopefully maximise profits and making sure losing bets would not risk the bank too much.

Had I been using level stakes I would have been in a far worse position, with a total loss of £754.00 recorded.

Adjusted StakesLevel Stakes
Sports Spread Betting – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 195.45)(£ 221.00)(£ 623.00)(£ 674.00)
Profit (pts)(19.5)(22.1)(62.3)(67.4)
New Bank£ 630.80£ 580.90£ 345.00£ 246.00
% Bank Growth-36.92%-41.91%-65.50%-75.40%
Winning Bets11111111
Total Bets24242424
Strike Rate45.83%45.83%45.83%45.83%
Adjusted StakesLevel Stakes
Sports Spread Betting – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 369.20)(£ 419.10)(£ 655.00)(£ 754.00)
Profit (pts)(36.9)(41.9)(65.5)(75.4)
New Bank£ 630.80£ 580.90£ 345.00£ 246.00
% Bank Growth-36.92%-41.91%-65.50%-75.40%
Winning Bets25252524
Total Bets72727272
Strike Rate34.72%34.72%34.72%33.33%

Click here to see my results log. Note there are two separate tabs for adjusted and level stakes.


Based on both sets of results, I clearly won't be recommending Sports Spread Betting. The markets that Max bets on seem to be far too volatile and I'm personally not comfortable with the high variance.

It's a shame as I was hoping this could be a different angle of betting to add to my portfolio, but this one isn't for me.

Update Two: 29th October 2019

It's been a poor month for Sports Spread Betting with results heading south ever since I decided to adjust my stakes.

I lost £206.20 at the available prices using my staking plan and £460.00 using level stakes.

I still think that my adjusted staking plan is the right way to go in order to protect my bank and still be able to potentially make big profits.

One of the bets hit a stop loss this month for the first time in my trial so far which meant a hefty loss of £80. It could have been worse, as without that handy feature it would have been a £117.60 loss.

Adjusted StakesLevel Stakes
Sports Spread Betting – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 186.20)(£ 206.20)(£ 410.00)(£ 460.00)
Profit (pts)(18.6)(20.6)(41.0)(46.0)
New Bank£ 826.25£ 801.90£ 968.00£ 920.00
% Bank Growth-17.38%-19.81%-3.20%-8.00%
Winning Bets6666
Total Bets22222222
Strike Rate27.27%27.27%27.27%27.27%

Click here to see my results log. Note there are two separate tabs for adjusted and level stakes.


​I am crossing my fingers for some better results next month so that I can hopefully get back into a profitable position.

I will be back next month with an update.

Update One: 24th September 2019

It's been an interesting start to my trial of the Sports Spread Betting service and I am pleased to say I have made a profit.

Using level stakes I finished the month up by £380 at the available prices, which is a 38% increase to my bank.

The issue I am having is trying to get the staking right so as not to risk too much of my bank with each bet. I have been adjusting the stakes so that if the stop loss is hit then I won't lose more than 2.5% of the bank, but there is a problem with this.

Adjusting my stakes in this way meant that I only made £8.10 profit for the month, which is obviously quite a difference and not enough to cover subscription fees.

Over the course of the month, a stop loss had only been reached once and that was on a bet that relied on a football player being carded. No card meant a full loss was taken, which is quite different to how most of the other bets work.

Aside from that, the closest to reaching a stop loss was 46% of the way and it averaged at around 14-15% of the way to reaching it.

With that in mind, I personally feel comfortable with increasing my stakes from what I was using in the first month. I still think it was a good idea to do it this way, as using level stakes would have meant potentially risking half of the bank on one bet on some occasions.

Adjusted StakesLevel Stakes
Sports Spread Betting – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 12.45£ 8.10£ 378.00£ 380.00
Profit (pts)1.20.837.838.0
New Bank£ 1,012.45£ 1,008.10£ 1,378.00£ 1,380.00
% Bank Growth1.25%0.81%37.80%38.00%
Winning Bets8887
Total Bets26262626
Strike Rate30.77%30.77%30.77%26.92%

Click here to see my results log. Note there are two separate tabs for adjusted and level stakes.


It will be interesting to see how things fair over the next month whilst I figure out the staking for this service. It seems like there is great potential here going by the level stakes results, so it is just a case of finding the right balance.

I will be back next month with an update.

Introduction: 31st August 2019

I have been wanting to try out Sports Spread Betting for a while now, so when Max agreed to me reviewing his service I was delighted.

Max sends out daily emails showing people the ways in which he profits from spread betting on sports, including football, horse racing and cricket.

Since he started running the service in 2017, he has accrued a profit of 4,816.70 pts to 1 pt level stakes. He has an impressive record of 17 winning months out of 24. The most he ever won in a single month was 1,029 pts!

Spread betting is quite different to regular fixed odd betting, as the amount that you win or lose depends on how right or wrong you were about your bet.

As an example, a fixed odds bet could be £10 on a match finishing with 3 goals or less at odds of 2.00. If the bet wins, you make £10 profit, if not then you lose your £10 stake.

As a spread bet, you would be given a spread of say 2.4 - 2.6 and if you thought it was going to be a low scoring game you could sell the goals. Using a £10 stake, if the game finished 0-0 it would mean a profit of £24 at this spread. However, if it went on to be a 8-0 goal fest, you would lose £56.

So there is the risk of losing a lot more money than your initial stake with spread betting, but there are usually stop loss options for most types of bets to make sure you don't lose more than you are comfortable with.

With the right knowledge of the markets, it has the potential to be a very lucrative form of betting.

Although there are hundreds of spread betting markets, Max focuses on a small selection of them and he has built up a huge database of statistics to help identify bets.

Each day he details the trades the trades than he is going to be entering into and he understands that this is asking for a lot of trust in his selections.

That's why he decided to create a personal guarantee that if his selections don't make a total profit of 25 points per month, a full refund will be issued.

I have set up a £1,000 bank to trial Sports Spread Betting, but as some of the markets Max bets on have stop losses up to 500 pts, I am going to adjust my stakes accordingly with the aim of losing no more than £25 on a single bet.

Max says many review sites reported their results to level 1 pt stakes in their trials, so I will do this as well. However, I do think the adjusted stakes results will give a better idea of what profits can be made without risking too much of the bank.

I will be back next month with my first update.

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