29th December 2019

Ron Williams Racing Review

Ron Williams Racing Review

I have completed my Ron Williams Racing review after three months and I'm pleased to say it was a success!

Despite two losing months, I still made £623.45 profit to £10 stakes with an ROI of 10.4%. This was thanks to a massive profit of over £800 banked in the first month of my trial.

The service also had great results at BSP with a profit of £507.65, so using Betfair looks to be a viable option for those with limited stakes at the bookies.

It's been an easy tipping service to follow, with several bets sent out each evening. There wasn't any explanation given with the tips as to why they had been selected, but this is the same with many tipsters.

Ron Williams Racing – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 20.05)(£ 15.55)(£ 85.98)
Profit (pts)(2.0)(1.6)(8.6)
New Bank£ 1,576.70£ 1,623.45£ 1,507.65
% Bank Growth57.67%62.35%50.77%
Winning Bets262624
Total Bets868686
Strike Rate30.23%30.23%27.91%
Ron Williams Racing – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 576.70£ 623.45£ 507.65
Profit (pts)57.762.350.8
New Bank£ 1,576.70£ 1,623.45£ 1,507.65
% Bank Growth57.67%62.35%50.77%
Winning Bets858581
Total Bets264264264
Strike Rate32.20%32.20%30.68%

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Ron Williams Racing is certainly worth a look at if you are looking for a straight-forward horse tipping service to follow.

Betting Gods have been professional as usual and the customer service is top notch.

Update Two: 23rd November 2019

After an amazing start to my Ron Williams Racing review, month two has been a little disappointing.

I finished with a £168.38 loss, but on the whole I'm still in a very good position indeed.

My total profit stands at £639.00 to £10 stakes.

Ron Williams Racing – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 182.13)(£ 168.38)(£ 126.70)
Profit (pts)(18.2)(16.8)(12.7)
New Bank£ 1,596.75£ 1,639.00£ 1,593.63
% Bank Growth59.68%63.90%59.36%
Winning Bets303029
Total Bets103103103
Strike Rate29.13%29.13%28.16%

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It was unlikely that an ROI of 28.1% was going to continue month in month out and I was expecting some sort of correction, so I've no complaints at this point.

Hopefully the service will be back to winning ways in month three. I'll be back with another update in a month's time.

Update One: 29th October 2019

It has been an awesome start to my Ron Williams Racing review with a 20/1 winner sending my profits soaring.

I finished the month with a total of £807.38 profit at the available prices and £720.33 at Betfair SP. Even without the long odds winner I would still have been in a great position for the month with more than 20 pts profit.

I even managed to make more profit than at the advised prices, which is a rarity!

Ron Williams Racing – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 778.88£ 807.38£ 720.33
Profit (pts)77.980.772.0
New Bank£ 1,778.88£ 1,807.38£ 1,720.33
% Bank Growth77.89%80.74%72.03%
Winning Bets292928
Total Bets757575
Strike Rate38.67%38.67%37.33%

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Let's hope these amazing results continue on throughout the rest of the trial and beyond.

My next update will be in a month's time.

Introduction: 18th September 2019

Ron Williams Racing claims to have a reputation as being one of the internet's best tipsters.

Having been a part of the Betting Gods network since July 2018, Ron has reported a profit of £3,694, which is an average monthly profit of £246 to £10 stakes.

Here's a roundup of the statistics to date:

  • 30.6% Win Rate
  • 10.5% ROI
  • 147.8% Bank Growth
  • 7.76 Average Odds
  • 60% Profitable Months

The tips are a mix of win and each-way bets and going by the past results, they all appear to be staked at either 2.5 pt win or 2.5 pt each-way. I am going to be using £10 stakes, so this means I have to be prepared for a maximum liability of £50 for each bet.

Given that there are generally 3-4 bets each day, this could mean £200 of the betting bank tied up each day. However, a 250pt starting bank is advised which should hopefully be enough to cope with the ups and downs.

I am going to be tracking results for the service at the advised prices, available prices and BSP and will report back with regular updates.

My first update will be in a month's time.

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