Rollingstone Betting ‘System of Systems’

Rollingstone is part philosophy and provides a package of systems that work together to grow your overall betting bank. It thereby answers the one question I’m constantly asked, namely…

“I’m interested in making serious money via sports betting, but where on earth should I start?”

Rollingstone Betting System

There are three big ideas behind Rollingstone.

1. Rollingstone is designed on the principle that no one betting system has all the answers.

Instead, rather like a portfolio approach to share investment, Rollingstone aims to spread your risk around.

2. Most punters try to win too much.

Even modest compound growth of 6% a month would double your bank within a year. And of course quadruple it in two years. And although most bettors may nod sagely at such an observation, in practice they (perhaps unwittingly) try to achieve far greater profits than this, and often end up losing as a result.

Regular small profits are my aim, because they come with far less risk, and are easier to achieve.

3. Bad runs are inevitable, but most punters make no allowance for the emotional distress they cause.

Instead, they often conclude that a given system has ceased to work when the first bad run comes along, and make the mistake of abandoning a winning service at its lowest point!

But bad runs are inevitable with growth systems: they’re just a natural function of the underlying maths that govern statistical distributions.

Unfortunately, human beings really struggle with this. I know I do!

People are not logical; they’re psychological!

Rollingstone therefore provides recovery systems to repair both your bank and your sense of wellbeing when they are at risk of being damaged by a poor run. Knowing that you have this option will give you the confidence and patience to see out bad runs, and await the likely eventual upturn in performance.

So who is Rollingstone for?

Rollingstone is aimed at anyone who truly wants to make money from betting. It is simple enough for beginners and will be a breath of fresh air for everyone who has struggled along, trying desperately to crack this gambling game.

If you have a bank of £2,000 and an additional £500 ‘rainy day’ pot to use for recovery purposes, that’s great! If not, Rollingstone will show you how to build up a bank from virtually nothing.

The basic idea is to use ‘growth’ systems to increase your capital, and to revert to recovery mode if and when things go wrong. I categorise growth systems under the heading Ramp Up, and recovery systems by the title Duck and Cover.

Growth systems are selected from those services that I have found to be profitable either on my website or via personal use. Recovery systems are very low-risk (or even no-risk) strategies aimed at getting you back on track safely and very comfortably.

It follows that the Ramp Up systems portfolio will vary over time as new trials are successful. In contrast the Duck and Cover recovery systems are less likely to change, though of course if some exciting new approach to recovery can be identified I will of course consider its inclusion.

Duck and Cover systems ultimately play a secondary role. They are designed to provide an ultra-low risk recovery mechanism in the event of poor Ramp Up system performance. Duck and Cover typically includes techniques that exploit loopholes in bookmaker strategies, so we will tend to minimise their day-to-day use.

In contrast, Ramp Up systems can always be used exclusively at betting exchanges.

Oh… and did I mention that you get a free spreadsheet too!?

At this time, you are able to download Rollingstone for free.

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