10th September 2020

RM Greyhound Tips Review: Update Three

RM Greyhound Tips have had a fabulous month with £152.13 profit to £10 stakes at the available prices.

After last month's results I had started to feel a little disappointed in the service, but I'm pleased to see things shifting.

Results for Betfair SP are continuing to struggle, so it may be that it is only profitable to bet on the tips at the early prices before they are backed in.

RM Greyhound Tips – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 180.83£ 152.13£ 61.80
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,670.98£ 1,646.68£ 1,434.50
% Bank Growth11.40%9.78%-4.37%
Winning Bets212121
Total Bets616161
Strike Rate34.43%34.43%34.43%

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With results back on the up, I am going to keep my trial going and hope to see more of the same going forward. I will be back next month with my next set of results.

Update Two: 9th August 2020

RM Greyhound Tips finished month two of my trial with a £65.06 loss, so sadly I am back at square one.

I am left with a small £5.45 loss altogether, so it's not so bad, but I do hope results improve.

On a positive note, I was able to find the same prices quoted in the emails most of the time this month. Actually, I even managed to find better prices a few times.

RM Greyhound Tips – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 89.35)(£ 65.05)(£ 160.60)
Profit (pts)(8.9)(6.5)(16.1)
New Bank£ 1,490.15£ 1,494.55£ 1,372.70
% Bank Growth-0.66%-0.36%-8.49%
Winning Bets121212
Total Bets494949
Strike Rate24.49%24.49%24.49%

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So far RM Greyhound Tips isn't turning out to be quite the gem that I imagined, but it is still too early to tell at this point.

I will be back next month with another update.

Update One: 9th July 2020

My first month trialling RM Greyhound Tips has been positive with a profit achieved at both the available prices and at Betfair SP.

I made £59.60 to £10 stakes and this was a 9.9% return on my money. At one stage, the tipster pulled off a winning streak of 6 bets in a row, totalling £134.60 profit.

Sadly, part of this went back to the bookies in the second half of the month, but I was pleased to finish with a profit nevertheless.

RM Greyhound Tips – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 79.50£ 59.60£ 33.30
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,579.50£ 1,559.60£ 1,533.30
% Bank Growth5.30%3.97%2.22%
Winning Bets151515
Total Bets454545
Strike Rate33.33%33.33%33.33%

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One thing I have had trouble with is at times I haven't been able to find the advised prices. This is why I feel it is so important to report my results at the actual prices available, as it can make a huge difference to the profit/loss.

I am hoping for more positive results in my next update, which will be in a month's time.

Introduction: 9th June 2020

Tipster's Empire believe that they have found a real gem of a tipster with RM Greyhound Tips, who now offers both back and lay greyhound tips.

He has a skill in finding value in greyhounds and devotes a lot of time to researching form to find profitable bets.

That's how he claims to have delivered £1,974 cumulative profit to £10 stakes since he joined the team 12 months ago.

Main stats for the backing service to date:

- £1,974 profit to £10 stakes
- £147 monthly profit
- 26.1% ROI
- 39.7% strike rate

The tipster has been involved with greyhound racing since he was young, being taking to the tracks by his dad who also bred the dogs. He made it his main focus after leaving school and spent some time working with a professional greyhound trainer.

He has since worked with many trainers and knows the industry well, giving him the ability to spot trainers trends and winners on a daily basis.

Although the backing and laying service (RM Greyhound Lays) are separate, there is a great discount available for combining the two.

I'll report on the progress of my RM Greyhound Tips review in a month's time.

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