12th August 2020

RM Greyhound Lays Review: Update Two

Month two of my RM Greyhound Lays review was disappointing with £33.20 lost after betting on 160 races.

I have still made £95.80 profit altogether, so it's not all bad, but things could certainly be better.

There were 130 winning lays out of 160 which is an 81.3% strike rate, but that wasn't enough to make a profit.

RM Greyhound Lays  – Update TwoBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 33.20)
Profit (pts)(3.3)
New Bank£ 2,095.80
% Bank Growth4.80%
Winning Bets130
Total Bets160
Strike Rate81.25%

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I need to see an improvement in results soon or it may be that I have to call it a day on this one. I will be back next month with another update.

Update One: 11th July 2020

On first glance, my trial of RM Greyhound Lays seemed to be off to a good start with £129.00 profit in the bag in month one.

However, the ROI was very low at 0.5% as I had placed 197 lays altogether. I was using a stake of £10 per lay but the actual amount at risk depending on the Betfair SP.

I am showing my results using flat stakes for simplicity, but on Betfair, what you set as your lay is actually your liability. This is much easier in reality, as you can just enter your max liability and not have to worry about outrageous starting prices putting your bank at risk.

RM Greyhound Lays  – Update OneBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 129.00
Profit (pts)12.9
New Bank£ 2,129.00
% Bank Growth6.40%
Winning Bets170
Total Bets197
Strike Rate86.29%

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I'm interested to see how this trial pans out and to see whether the ROI improves as I go on. I will be back next month with another update.

Introduction: 12th June 2020

RM Greyhounds reported great success with his backing service at Tipster's Empire and his new Laying tips look to be heading in the same direction.

RM Greyhound Lays have been proofed since November 2019 and have already reached £1,500 profit to £10 stakes during that time.

Main stats for the laying service to date:

- £1,501 profit to £10 stakes
- £208 monthly profit
- 17.6% ROI
- 85.2% strike rate

There are between 8 and 11 lays per night advised, all at a level stake one point lay. Exchange markets need to be strong, so the tips are focused on RPGTV televised evening and featured meetings.

His backing service is almost up to £2,000 profit and I feel that the two services will compliment each other well. There is also a great discount for combining the two services.

I will be back with the first update of my RM Greyhound Lays review next month.

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