17th January 2021

RebelBetting Value Betting Review: Update One

RebelBetting Value Betting review

I have recorded over 1,000 bets in my RebelBetting Value Betting review for the first month of my trial and my first profit report is ready.

Although I am running well under the EV (expected value), I have still made £957 profit using the built in staking system.

The most bets have been on basketball and soccer (or football to us Brits!). Basketball has been going well with £1,976 profit but soccer not so good with £608 lost.

The best performing markets have been the Asian handicaps and over/unders.

My £5,000 bank has grown by 19.1% which is a great start. However, the ROI for all sports for the month is a little low at 1.8%.

The software does seem to work as it should, but my first thoughts are that some of the bets are quite obscure and may mean accounts get limited quite quickly. This is always a tough one, as of course, accounts are likely to be limited eventually if you are winning in any way.

Click here for some tips for preventing your bookie accounts from getting limited.

Trial Statistics

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American Football















Asian Handicap










Three Way











It's a bit of a mixed start for the service, as although I am reporting a profit, a week prior to the update my profit had dipped back to zero. It was soon regained but I am left with a feeling of uncertainty.

On the software it says that there needs to be a minimum of 2,000 bets before the EV starts to become accurate, so I will be extending my trial and aiming for that.

Introduction: 14th December 2020

RebelBetting say that their Value Betting members double their money within three months on average.

Their software compares bets from 90 bookmakers. It scans through millions of odds for a variety of sports every minute to find the best value bets.

That doesn't mean you need to have 90 accounts though, you can start by just using a handful of bookmakers, or even just one.

RebelBetting are known for their arbitrage betting software, but this new software takes a completely different tack. Although value betting isn't risk free, it is profitable in the long-term, provided they have the right formula.

They find value bets by evaluating bookmakers that they deem to be very good at determining odds (sharp bookmakers) and then take betting bias and market efficiency into account.

Once they have calculated the true odds, the bets appear in the software ready for you to bet on.

The stakes are worked out using a percentage of your betting bank and a Kelly staking system.

The software works from anywhere using mobile, tablet or desktop PCs and there is no installation needed as it is web-based.

It comes with the Bet Tracker which keeps track of your value betting profits automatically. You can log bets with one click and it provides a complete overview of your bets, results and profits. It also works out other stats such as ROI, yield and EV.

The bet settlement tool updates your bets with the final match results so that your profit is worked out automatically.

RebelBetting offer a profit guarantee, so if you don't make a profit after the first month, you get another month for free. This repeats until you make a profit, but requires you to place at least 500 bets and they must be logged on the software.

The sales page has a tool that tells you how much you are likely to earn, based on your initial investment.

I decided to go in with £5,000 and aim to place 40 bets per day, with 20 betting days per month. This gave me an estimated hourly profit of £120 and a monthly profit of £1,200 with an ROI of 24%.

Whether this will be the case is what I aim to find out!

I will come back with my results after one month and let you know.

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