23rd May 2017

Pro Footy Tips Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

Life with Pro Footy Tips was anything but dull!

After kicking off my trial in August 2016, I experienced a really tough first month. Months 2, 3 and 4 were all extremely encouraging – though, almost inevitably, they were followed by another difficult period.

With just over two months left till the domestic leagues closed down, I found myself hoping for one last hurrah to deliver a resounding full-season profit.

If not, then it would have been a lot of fuss for not really that much profit…

…but in the end, I have banked 81 points profit and locked in a double-figure ROI.

Which is a pretty good outcome for a single football season!

Pro Footy Tips – Full Trial ResultsAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 1,010.00 £ 810.80 
Profit (pts)101.0081.08
New Bank£ 1,760.00 £ 1,560.80 
%age bank Growth134.67%108.11%
Wins (games with profit)8585
Strike rate(races w/ profit)25.91%25.91%

As I keep saying about this product, performance is volatile, so a long-term perspective is absolutely essential.

The following graph makes the point far more effectively than I could in words:

Pro Footy Tips - Performance Chart

Pro Footy Tips – Performance Chart

You can download the results log for the whole trial here.

I’ve really enjoyed this trial: well, most of it, anyway.

Of course, nobody likes the experience of losing runs but I always had a vague feeling that the thing might come right eventually.

This was largely because, for the most part, Pro Footy Tips adopts a pretty clear strategy of opposing favourites.

And contrarian betting — or going against the herd — is an approach I have a soft spot for. PFT made the right contrarian calls and banked significant profits as a result.

I’m therefore going to award PFT one of those increasingly rare things here at Lay Back – a Pass rating. If you get involved, you’ll need to take a long-term perspective but my experience of doing so is that it’s rewarding in the end.

You can find out more about Pro Footy Tips by clicking here.

Or read on for all the review updates as they were published… complete with plenty of ups and downs!

Intro: 21st August 2016

I mentioned recently that I’m getting fussier with my choice of systems to trial.

I’ve got to the stage where I’ve got to feel really excited about a system before I can really be bothered to put all the effort in. Trialling takes time and I have to be convinced it’s worth sticking at.

Well I finally came across a service that I really believe could make the grade.

It’s a football based tipster, which naturally is of interest at this time of year, and it comes with an outstanding claimed performance record over the last six months.

Welcome then to my new trial of Pro Footy Tips….

PFT claims to have produced £1,182 profit in under six months at £10 stakes.

This equates to a Return on Investment (or ROI) of around 36%: which is extremely impressive.

The longest losing run apparently lasted just six bets and the strike rate was a perfectly acceptable 33% – all of which suggests, if it can be sustained, that the service shouldn’t be too difficult to live with.

Perhaps most remarkably, these claimed results are based on straight win tips, with the occasional handicap bet thrown in for good measure. So it looks a simple enough system to follow.

The published results log reveals selections from all over the world; though there is, as you might expect, a general European bias.

As this is a Betting Gods product, the first month can be had for just a pound, so new members can try it out in paper trading mode without risking real money.

As usual, I’ll be aiming for my 200 bet target which, as the provider is promising an average of a tip a day, should take approximately seven months.

Fans of level stakes betting will note that Pro Footy staking levels do vary from 1 to 5 points.  I will follow the suggested amounts but also compare returns with level stakes betting.

Hopefully, a profitable 2016-17 season lies ahead of me with Pro Footy Tips. 🙂

I’ll be back before the end of September with my first report.

In the meantime, you can find out more Pro Footy Tips here.

Update: 20th September 2016

It’s been just four weeks and a day since I put on my first bet with Betting Gods’ Pro Footy Tips.

And it’s certainly not been dull.

I explained in my intro just how excited I was to get my hands on this product, pointing out that, “it comes with an outstanding claimed performance record over the last six months”.

And, with the new football season upon us, it seemed the perfect time to make a start.

So, 42 bets later, are the Pro Footy Tips making me any money?

No, sadly, we’ve made a disastrous start.

It seems barely credible but I’ve already lost over half my betting bank.

I began with £750 on 22nd August and am staking at £10 per point.

And somehow, our finances are now in the following parlous state:

Pro Footy TipsAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit(£ 339.00)(£ 406.00)
New Bank£ 411.00£ 344.00
%age bank Growth-45.20%-54.13%
Wins(races w/ profit)77
Strike rate(races w/ profit)16.67%16.67%

This represents a truly dreadful beginning that we may simply be unable to recover from.

The results log for the trial to date makes for grim reading..

DateMatchSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
22-AugHalmstad v VarbergsHalmstad to win4.002.601.88WON£ 64.00£ 35.20
24-AugAvispa Fukuoka vs IwataAvispa Fukuoka to win2.003.253.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
24-AugAvispa Fukuoka vs IwataAvispa Fukuoka to win (-1)£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
24-AugFigueirense vs FlamingoFigueirense to win2.003.402.30WON£ 48.00£ 26.00
25-AugMjøndalen vs Hødd and Sandefjord vs RaufossDouble – Mjøndalen & Sandefjord to win3.003.623.44LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
25-AugKeflavik vs HaukarHaukar to win (Draw No Bet)2.003.753.60LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
27-AugSeligenporten v Bayern HofSeligenporten to win2.003.002.62WON£ 40.00£ 32.40
27-AugSeligenporten v Bayern Hof and Inter Turku vs IlvesDouble – Seligenporten & Inter to win2.006.094.22LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
27-AugMjøndalen vs BryneBryne to win1.006.856.00LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
28-AugSport Recife v InternacionalSport Recife to win2.004.102.57LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-AugSirius v GaisGais to win2.007.007.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-AugSirius v GaisGais to win first half1.006.005.80LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
30-AugTupi vs PaysanduTupi to win1.007.507.60WON£ 65.00£ 66.00
30-AugØrgryte vs VarbergØrgryte to win (-1)£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
02-SepSuderelbe v Turkiye WilhelmsburgSuderelbe to win3.002.882.70LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
02-SepFlensburg v Vfr NeumunsterVfr Neumunster to win2.004.004.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
06-SepBragantino SP v Sampaio CorreaSampaio Correa to win2.004.154.10LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
08-SepIwata vs KobeIwata to win2.002.902.90LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
08-SepIwata vs KobeIwata to win 1st half2.003.503.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
08-SepUrawa vs Sagan TosuSagan Tosu to win2.006.006.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
08-SepUrawa vs Sagan TosuSagan Tosu to win 1st half1.006.155.50LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
08-SepSouthend vs ScunthorpeSouthend to win (0)£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
10-SepHalifax vs StalybridgeStalybridge to win1.009.009.50LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
10-SepFK Jerv v AsaneAsane to win2.007.407.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
11-SepGiravanz vsTokushimaGiravanz to win3.003.103.10LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
11-SepAtletico PR vs InternacionalInternacional  to win3.003.403.30LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
13-SepChorley v Salford CityChorley to wn4.002.352.40WON£ 54.00£ 56.00
13-SepStalybridge v HarrogateStalybridge to win2.004.755.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
13-SepConcord Rangers v WealdstoneConcord to win5.003.003.00LOST(£ 50.00)(£ 50.00)
15-SepFjolnir v ThrotturThrottur to win1.0010.5013.00LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
15-SepSao Paolo v CruzeiroSao Paulo to win4.002.001.96WON£ 40.00£ 38.40
16-SepMannheim v KoblenzKoblenz to win1.009.008.00WON£ 80.00£ 70.00
16-SepHuddersfield v QPRQPR to win3.004.204.20LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
16-SepHuddersfield v QPRQPR to win 1st half1.004.644.65LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
17-SepNagoya v Gamba OsakaNagoya to win3.003.603.80LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
17-SepStranraer v Albion RoversAlbion to win2.004.334.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
17-SepSt Truiden v Waasland BeverenBeveren to win2.003.753.85LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
18-SepAnyang vs HummelHummel to win2.007.007.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
18-SepBrøndby  v ViborgBrøndby to win (-2)3.003.553.50LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
19-SepHacken v IFK GothenburgGothenburg to win2.003.003.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
19-SepThrottur R v Vikingur OThrottur to win2.003.503.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
19-SepDouble on above two gamesGothenburg & Throttur to win1.009.8010.06LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)

Once again, we are suffering from the infamous New Triallist’s Curse. And this time, the early losses are as bad as I can remember.

However, rather than just putting this one down to lousy timing, I do feel it’s appropriate to point out that these kinds of run can be made far worse by variable staking.

Using level stakes may seem dull – but when it comes to long-term betting, I’m a big fan of dull.

For the record, if I’d put on just 1 point per bet, I would now be looking at an overall loss of £152.40, not £406.

Put another way, I’d have lost 20.3% of my bank balance rather than 54%.

Now of course, losing a fifth of your money in a month is hardly something to get excited about. But losing over half of it – well, in my opinion, no service should be capable of doing that.

All we can hope is that an equally dramatic recovery lies just around the corner. I’ll be back in October to let you know whether or not we get one.

Meanwhile, you can read more about Pro Footy Tips here.

Update: 19th October 2016

I don’t enjoy writing gloomy reviews one bit.

Struggling systems are painful to bet on, painful to talk about and quite probably painful to read about too.

But the most painful truth of all is that an awful lot of commercial services struggle to deliver consistent profits. And there’s simply no ignoring this brutal fact.

That said, it is still unusual for a trial to begin with a month #1 performance quite as dismal as the one Betting Gods’ Pro Footy Tips put in last time.

We all recognise that familiar sinking feeling when a new service starts to lose money, almost from day one.

But Pro Footy Tips managed to lose over half our betting bank in a single month! It was one of the worse starts to a trial I had ever seen.

So… after a painful month #1 report, what we really needed was a good news story to talk about at the end of the second period.

So did we get one?

Yes, we certainly did. It’s been a brilliant month #2.

Just look at these performance statistics for the period:

Month 2 OnlyAdvised PricesPrices Taken
Profit£ 354.30£ 341.20
Profit (pts)35.4334.12
New Bank£ 765.30£ 685.20
%age bank Growth86.20%99.19%
Wins(races w/ profit)1414
Strike rate(races w/ profit)29.79%29.79%

Adding these figures to the month #1 numbers, we remain slightly overdrawn for the trial as a whole.

Which is disappointing, I suppose, but equally would have seemed an improbably good outcome just one short month ago:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrices Taken
Profit (£)£ 15.30(£ 64.80)
Profit (pts)1.53(6.48)
New Bank£ 765.30£ 685.20
%age bank Growth2.04%-8.64%
Wins(races w/ profit)2121
Strike rate(races w/ profit)23.6%23.6%

The complete results log for the period makes for a pleasant read…

DateMatchSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenResultEffective Price obtainedPoints stakedProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
20-SepDerby v LiverpoolDerby to win1.0010.0010.00LOST10.001.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
22-SepLyngby v BrondbyLyngby to win3.004.604.60WON4.603.00£ 108.00£ 108.00
22-SepSonderjyskE v OBSonderjyskE to win5.002.302.30WON2.305.00£ 65.00£ 65.00
22-SepDouble on above two gamesLyngby & SonderjyskE to win1.0010.1210.12WON10.121.00£ 91.20£ 91.20
22-SepMalmo FF v ElfsborgElfsborg to win2.005.505.50LOST5.502.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
23-SepBohemians v LongfordLongford to win2.005.005.00LOST5.002.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
24-SepQueen of the South v HibernianQueen of the South to win3.003.133.30LOST3.303.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
25-SepRoasso Kumamoto v Montedio YamagataMontedio Yamagata to win3.002.402.35LOST2.353.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
25-SepRoasso Kumamoto v Montedio YamagataMontedio Yamagata to win 1st half1.004.003.20LOST3.201.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
25-SepRoasso Kumamoto v Montedio Yamagata & Renofa Yamaguchi v FC GifuDouble – Montedio Yamagata & FC Gifu to win1.0011.3010.68LOST10.681.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
25-SepKPV v FF JaroKPV to win4.003.603.72LOST3.724.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
27-SepIFK Varnamo v TrelleborgVarnamo to win3.002.202.20LOST2.203.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
27-SepCambridge Utd v YeovilCambridge to win3.002.252.25WON2.253.00£ 37.50£ 37.50
27-SepDouble on above two gamesDouble – Varnamo & Cambridge to win2.004.734.70LOST4.702.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-SepHelsingborg v HammarbyHelsingborg to win4.002.852.70LOST2.704.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
29-SepNurnberg v Union BerlinNurnberg to win5.002.382.38WON2.385.00£ 69.00£ 69.00
29-SepDe Graafschap v FC DordrechtDordrecht to win2.006.507.00WON7.002.00£ 110.00£ 120.00
29-SepDouble on above two gamesDouble – Nurnberg & Dordrecht to win1.0015.2715.00WON15.001.00£ 142.70£ 140.00
01-OctVfR Aalen v MunsterMunster to win2.004.264.00LOST4.002.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
01-OctWesterlo v Waasland BeverenWesterlo to win3.002.802.80WON2.803.00£ 54.00£ 54.00
01-OctBotafogo v CorinthiansBotafogo to win3.002.452.45WON2.453.00£ 43.50£ 43.50
02-OctLjungskile v IFK VarnamoLjungskile to win3.002.222.00WON2.003.00£ 36.60£ 30.00
02-OctDouble – Ljungskile v IFK Varnamo and AIK v NorrkopingLjungskile & AIK to win2.004.044.00WON4.002.00£ 60.80£ 60.00
02-OctRaufoss v KongsvingerRaufoss to win1.005.505.50LOST5.501.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
02-OctViking FK v StartStart to win1.009.009.00LOST9.001.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
04-OctCRB v Atletico GOCRB to win3.002.342.30LOST2.303.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
04-OctBusan v GoyangGoyang to win1.008.008.00LOST8.001.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
04-OctCovilha v AcademicaCovilha to win3.002.552.55LOST2.553.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
08-OctSolihull v AldershotSolihull to win2.004.754.75LOST4.752.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
08-OctGuiseley vs SouthportGuiseley to win (-0.75)4.002.552.45WON2.454.00£ 62.00£ 58.00
08-OctCeara v OesteCeara to win2.003.243.16LOST3.162.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
09-OctAB v HobroAB to win4.003.803.60LOST3.604.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-OctMetropolitan Police v WorthingMetropolitan to win3.002.502.50LOST2.503.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
12-OctTSV Lehnerz v Viktoria KelsterbachKelsterbach to win2.005.004.00LOST4.002.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
13-OctSanta Cruz v CorinthiansSanta Cruz to win2.005.005.00LOST5.002.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
15-OctBourg Peronnas v AmiensBourg Peronnas to win4.002.702.58LOST2.584.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
15-OctTSV Bogen v TSV SchwabmunchenTSV Bogen to win4.002.702.88LOST2.884.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
15-OctCharlton v CoventryCoventry (0)4.002.602.54LOST2.544.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
15-OctStenhousemuir v StranraerStenhousemuir to win3.003.603.45LOST3.453.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
15-OctWolfsberger AC v SalzburgWolfsberger (0)2.004.504.20VOID
15-OctFalkenbergs FF v GIF SundsvallSundsvall (-1)3.002.853.00LOST3.003.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
15-OctShelbourne v WaterfordWaterford to win2.005.255.25WON5.252.00£ 85.00£ 85.00
16-OctVibonese v SiracusaSiracusa to win2.003.203.20LOST3.202.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
16-OctMatera v CatanzaroCatanzaro to win1.006.506.40LOST6.401.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
16-OctDouble on above two gamesSiracusa & Catanzaro to win1.0016.6416.00LOST16.001.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
16-OctBrann v LillestromLillestrom to win3.006.306.00WON6.003.00£ 159.00£ 150.00
18-OctBradford v SouthendSouthend to win3.006.507.00LOST7.003.00(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)

I am, of course, thrilled that Pro Footy Tips has made such a dramatic comeback following its initial slump.

But I am still yet to be fully convinced by it.

Volatility always worries me and so far this service has delivered it in spades.

However, at least we are (almost) back to parity, with over half of the trial still to go.

Here’s hoping the remaining 111 bets deliver a steadier and profitable sequence of returns.

I’ll be back in November with my next report.

In the meantime, you can read more about Pro Footy Tips here.

Update: 14th November 2016

There are some trials that get me really excited.

And then there are others where I fear to put on my next bet.

And then, every now and again, I come across something utterly unpredictable. And they’re the most intriguing of the lot.

Betting Gods’ Pro Footy Tips definitely falls into this final category.

It delivered a woeful month 1 performance then followed up with an astonishing month 2.

So we entered month 3 wondering what on earth was coming next.

And could the recent dramatic turnaround be maintained?

Well… it’s been another excellent month – even though I seem to have missed out on a good chunk of the profits.

I went on holiday to France from 22nd to 30th October and decided to give betting a break.

And, judging from the Betting Gods’ results log, I appear to have missed 34 points’ profit whilst I was away. 🙁

How annoying is that!?!

Still, I’m not complaining, as PFT racked up 36 points for me in the three weeks that I did spend at home:

Month 3Advised PricesPrice taken
Profit£ 351.60£ 368.90
Profit (pts)35.1636.89
New Bank£ 1,116.90£ 1,054.10
%age bank Growth45.94%53.84%
Strike rate(races w/ profit)46.67%46.67%

By adding these numbers to the brought forward figures from month 2, it’s clear we have finally moved comfortably into the black for the trial as a whole:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 366.90£ 304.10
Profit (pts)36.6930.41
New Bank£ 1,116.90£ 1,054.10
%age bank Growth48.92%40.55%
Wins(races w/ profit)2828
Strike rate(races w/ profit)26.92%26.92%

I only placed 15 bets in this period but they were a complete delight:

DateMatchSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenResultEffective Price obtainedPoints stakedProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
21-OctKapfenberg v LieferingKapfenberg to win4.003.603.75WON3.754.00£ 104.00£ 110.00
21-OctOsasuna v BetisOsasuna to win4.002.652.78LOST2.784.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
21-OctDouble on above two gamesKapfenberg & Osasuna to win1.009.5410.43LOST10.431.00(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
23-OctLucchese v PratoPrato to win2.004.504.50LOST4.502.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
23-OctFoggia v MonopoliMonopoli to win2.005.206.50LOST6.502.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
23-OctFlamengo v CorinthiansCorinthians to win2.005.255.60LOST5.602.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
04-NovDundee v MotherwellDundee to win4.002.382.40WON2.404.00£ 55.20£ 56.00
04-NovMontrose v Edinburgh CityEdinburgh City to win3.004.104.33WON4.333.00£ 93.00£ 99.90
04-NovCeara v TupiTupi (0) to win Ceara2.004.504.50LOST4.502.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
05-NovAntalyaspor v GenclerbirligiAntalyaspor to win3.002.702.70WON2.703.00£ 51.00£ 51.00
07-NovTernana v BeneventoTernana to win4.002.552.55LOST2.554.00(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
12-NovNewport County v CarlisleNewport to win3.004.004.00WON4.003.00£ 90.00£ 90.00
12-NovEdinburgh City v AnnanEdinburgh to win4.003.303.30WON3.304.00£ 92.00£ 92.00
12-NovGimnastic v GetafeGimnastica to win3.002.883.00WON3.003.00£ 56.40£ 60.00
12-NovOldham v AFC WimbledonOldham to win2.003.002.88LOST2.882.00(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)

You can download the complete results log for the trial to date by clicking here.

We are now halfway through our trial of Pro Footy Tips and we are, I think, finally getting a real sense of what it is all about.

The strike rate is quite low — we win around one bet in four — and the whole orientation is towards value betting.

A tip that summed up the service for me occurred on Saturday, 12th November, when, amazingly, we were asked to back bottom-placed Newport County in League Two against unbeaten Carlisle United.

Even more remarkably, the tipster suggested a stake of three points!

Sure enough, Newport triumphed by two goals to nil, to add a dazzling nine points to our bank balance. It was an extraordinary selection.

Pro Footy Tips is, in short, a product for the bolder punter, who is happy to swim upstream against the tide. And this explains why it is so unpredictable.

When the tips come off, they look like the work of a genius. But when they fail, they seem the exact opposite: almost stupidly optimistic.

Still, we are now well ahead and of course, I’m hoping for more of the same in month 4.

I’ll be back in December to let you know whether or not I get it.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Pro Footy Tips here.

Update: 18th December 2016

Pro Footy Tips is certainly never dull.

My first month with the product was desperate but it was followed by a simply splendid month 2 and an even better month 3.

So, somewhat unexpectedly, we entered the latest period 30 points ahead after just 104 bets.

Could PFT maintain its impressive recent form in month 4?

Yes, amazingly, it did!

Admittedly, this time the service “only” added 27 points, compared to over 30 in each of the two previous periods.

But this still worked out at an ROI of over 30% for the month:

Month 4Advised PricesPrice taken
Profit£ 282.00£ 279.30
Profit (pts)28.2027.93
New Bank£ 1,398.90£ 1,333.40
%age bank Growth25.25%26.50%
Wins(races w/ profit)1111
Strike rate(races w/ profit)28.95%28.95%

If we add these results to the brought forward figures from the first quarter, we end up with the following very satisfactory totals for the trial as a whole:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 648.90£ 583.40
Profit (pts)64.8958.34
New Bank£ 1,398.90£ 1,333.40
%age bank Growth86.52%77.79%
Wins(races w/ profit)3939
Strike rate(races w/ profit)27.46%27.46%

Impressively, all of this was achieved in spite of a tough mid-month spell which led to the Pro Footy Tips tipster declaring one morning, “We better have a short break from all these draw plagues, so no bets for today”.

The complete results log for the month is as follows:

DateMatchSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price taken
15-NovEast Fife v AlloaEast Fife to win draw no bet2.003.503.72DRAW£ 0.00£ 0.00
18-NovCittadella v VeronaCittadella to win3.003.783.66WON£ 83.40£ 79.80
19-NovCarlisle v ExeterExeter to win3.004.504.50WON£ 105.00£ 105.00
19-NovSheffield Utd v ShrewsburyShrewsbury to win2.008.508.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
19-NovCarlisle v ExeterExeter to win 1st half1.004.604.60LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
22-NovGrimsby v CarlisleGrimsby to win3.002.802.90LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
22-NovPlymouth v BarnetBarnet to win3.005.005.50WON£ 120.00£ 135.00
22-NovForest Green v TranmereTranmere to win3.003.503.40LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
25-NovBastia v CreteilBastia to win3.002.152.18WON£ 34.50£ 35.40
26-NovChesterfield v Bristol RoversChesterfield to win4.003.803.80WON£ 112.00£ 112.00
26-NovSolihull Moors v North FerribyNorth Ferriby to win3.005.005.00LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
26-NovIngolstadt v WolfsburgIngolstadt to win3.003.153.00LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
26-NovRoss County v HamiltonRoss County to win4.002.192.17LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
26-NovDouble on above two gamesIngolstadt & Ross County to win1.006.466.30LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
27-NovReal Sociedad v BarcelonaReal Sociedad to win2.007.007.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
28-NovAPOEL Nicosia v Apollon LimassolApollon Limassol to win2.004.604.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-NovSonderjyskE v AaBAaB to win2.003.103.20LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
29-NovHull v NewcastleHull to win3.003.503.50LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
02-DecNottingham Forest v NewcastleNottingham to win3.005.004.60WON£ 120.00£ 108.00
02-DecLustenau v SV HornHorn to win1.007.007.00WON£ 60.00£ 60.00
03-DecTottenham v SwanseaSwansea to win2.0011.0010.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
04-DecGirona v LevanteGirona to win3.002.252.25WON£ 37.50£ 37.50
04-DecSt Gallen v SionSt Gallen to win2.004.334.33WON£ 66.60£ 66.60
06-DecAkragas v CosenzaAkragas to win3.002.802.80LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
09-DecMalaga v GranadaGranada to win2.006.105.90LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
10-DecHamburg v AugsburgHamburg to win3.002.502.40WON£ 45.00£ 42.00
10-DecNewcastle v BirminghamBirmingham to win1.008.008.50LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
10-DecSt Mirren v Raith RoversSt Mirren to win4.003.203.20WON£ 88.00£ 88.00
10-DecWolves v FulhamWolves to win3.002.902.90LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
10-DecSheffield Utd v SwindonSwindon to win1.008.508.50LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
10-DecSampdoria v LazioSampdoria to win2.003.403.40LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
11-DecEspanyol v GijonGijon to win1.005.805.75LOST(£ 10.00)(£ 10.00)
11-DecBenfica v Sporting LisbonSporting Lisbon to win2.003.453.48LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
13-DecFulham v RotherhamRotherham to win (+0.25)£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
15-DecCoventry v Sheffield UtdCoventry to win2.005.255.50LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
16-DecTrapani v FrosinoneTrapani to win3.002.802.60LOST(£ 30.00)(£ 30.00)
17-DecSt Pauli v BochumSt.Pauli to win4.002.572.50LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
17-DecRB Leipzig v Hertha BerlinHertha Berlin to win2.006.006.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)

You can review the complete results log for the trial over here.

I am constantly hearing from punters who have abandoned a new service one month or so after making a start with it.

I felt tempted to do the same thing after a truly wretched beginning to this trial. I lost over half my betting bank in one of the worst months ever experienced in the history of my site.

However, here we are, now approaching the three-quarter point, and an astonishing 58 points to the good.

It’s an amazing turnaround and naturally, an outcome I’m thrilled about.

However, I have to say, this won’t be a service that will suit everyone.

It’s one thing to say you are prepared to live with this kind of volatility and quite another entirely to experience it.

Hopefully, the bad times are now behind us and we can push on to my 200 bet finishing line without any further hiccough.

But frankly, I wouldn’t bet on it. 🙂

I’ll be back after my 200th bet.

In the meantime, you can read more about Pro Footy Tips here.

Update: 6th March 2016

Although my trial of Pro Footy Tips got off to a terrible start, the following months were all either good or very good, to leave me a dizzying 58 points up from 142 bets.

It was marvellous stuff.

So.. I announced I’d be back at the 200 bet mark, fully expecting to issue a resounding Pass rating.

Well, we’ve reached that point now… but…

I’ve reached the 200 bet mark in credit, as you can see from the following performance statistics.

But a final position of +21 points has to go down as a significant anti-climax:

Pro Footy Tips – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 309.10£ 210.00
Profit (pts)30.9121.00
New Bank£ 1,059.10£ 960.00
%age bank Growth41.21%28.00%
Wins(races w/ profit)5151
Strike rate(races w/ profit)24.88%24.88%

It really has been a tough final period.

As the performance graph clearly illustrates, this trial has delivered the archetypal rollercoaster ride:

Pro Footy Tips - Performance Graph

Pro Footy Tips – Performance Graph

You can review the complete results log by clicking here.

Oh no, not the dreaded Reassuring Tipster Email…

A repeated feature of struggling trials is a message from the tipster aiming to convince gloomy service followers that all will be well.

PFT followed the ominous pattern a few days ago, with an impassioned plea to members to stick with it.

It argued that, “Any fresh investor will see this is now the time to join Pro Footy Tips before admitting that, “This is the best way of putting that you owe it yourself to stick with this extremely erratic tipster of yours!”

I could understand the logic but suspected that newer members might find this line of thinking rather difficult to accept. 🙂

So, should we stick with PFT too and extend the trial?

The same email did make a good point when the tipster added, “We are now entering the best three months for my betting model. I’m so used to these terrible runs that I’m just looking forward to it as never before!”

And logically, it would seem reasonable to argue that the final part of the domestic season should be the time when performance data accumulated since the previous summer is most relevant.

A lot of football services struggle in the opening few weeks of a new term but, by this stage of the year, any decent soccer tipster should really be in his element.

So I am minded to extend the trial until the end of the season. By which time there should be little argument that we’ve given this up-and-down service a thorough going over.

It’s pretty clear by now that Pro Footy Tips isn’t a service for the fainthearted.

The tipster often selects underdogs and almost strikes me as contrarian for the sake of it.

But I remain well in profit overall as we enter the most intriguing part of the season. So I’m still reasonably positive.

I’ll be back in May with my trial conclusion once the English domestic season ends. Here’s hoping the final twist in this absorbing tale proves to be a positive one.

Meanwhile. you can find out more about Pro Footy Tips here.

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