25th August 2021

Premier Greyhound Tips Review: Update Two

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

After such an amazing start to my trial, the second month was a bit of an anti-climax with £92.40 lost at the available prices.

I have still made £555.00 profit for the trial so far though, so I really can't moan!

My bank has grown by 55% and 41.7% at BSP and hopefully there will be more to come in the next month.

Premier Greyhound Tips – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 79.90)(£ 92.40)(£ 107.40)
Profit (pts)(8.0)(9.2)(10.7)
New Bank£ 1,592.50£ 1,555.00£ 1,416.90
% Bank Growth59.25%55.50%41.69%
Winning Bets888
Total Bets353535
Strike Rate22.86%22.86%22.86%

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A slight correction in the second month, but still plenty of profit for the trial so far. I'll be back next month with my next update.

Update One: 24th July 2021

It has been an absolutely incredible start to my trial of Premier Greyhound Tips and I have already increased my initial bank by almost 65%.

The tipster managed to achieve a 45% win rate, resulting in a total profit of £647.40 for the month based on £10 per point stakes.

I had found that odds sometimes dropped within 30-60 minutes after receiving the tips, so it's a must to get the bets on ASAP.

Even so, betting at Betfair SP still returned £524.30 profit, so that could be another option.

Premier Greyhound Tips – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 672.40£ 647.40£ 524.30
Profit (pts)67.264.752.4
New Bank£ 1,672.40£ 1,647.40£ 1,524.30
% Bank Growth67.24%64.74%52.43%
Winning Bets101010
Total Bets222222
Strike Rate45.45%45.45%45.45%

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An excellent month for the service and long may it continue!

I'll be back next month with my next report.

Introduction: 22nd June 2021

I haven't had a lot of luck with greyhound tipsters here at LB&GR so far, so I am continuing my search in hope of finding a good one.

Premier Greyhound Tips launched at Betting Gods way back in 2014, which already gives me some confidence knowing that they have been around for so long.

They must be doing something right!

Michael who runs the service says that you need to forget your pre-existing opinions of greyhound racing. It's not the most glamorous sport in the world but the point is, it hasn't stopped him from making a sizeable profit over the years.

Since he launched the service, he has generated 749.51 points, which is £18,737.87 profit using £25 stakes.

He has increased his bank by a massive 749.5%!

  • 26.78% Win Rate
  • 10.21% ROI
  • 749.52% Bank Growth
  • 5.65 Average Odds
Premier Greyhound Tips Review Graph

Each day Michael sends out a selection or two, with an average of 36 tips per month. He includes his analysis so that you know the reasoning behind the bets.

They are usually sent at 2.00pm and there will be an email to say if it is a "no bet" day.

For my trial I will be recording results at the advised prices and those that I could actually find. I will report back with my first update next month.

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