May 7, 2017

Oddschecker Bet Monitor – 3 Months In – Interesting!

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If you’re not getting results with your betting, it’s always tempting to try something a bit different.

And as we recently seemed to have been testing a whole series of mediocre products here at Lay Back, I decided, back in February, that it was time to test out a little idea that had been suggested to me by Maxi at Tipsters Empire.

In short, why not try “following the money” and betting on whatever it was that the mass of other punters thought looked promising?

Specifically, Maxi’s proposal was to use Oddschecker’s free Bet Monitor pie charts to make horse racing selections.

Wherever the ‘most popular’ selections were not also the favourite, she suggested putting a single point on the mount in question at Betfair SP.

Well, that was three months ago.

So… how is my trial of Oddschecker’s free Bet Monitor going?

Read on to find out….

Oddschecker Bet Monitor

Oddschecker Bet Monitor

So far, very well indeed.

I’ve put on over 500 bets and have grown my betting bank by 40% at Betfair SP.

I’m using two banks of 100 points each:

  • Bank 1 – putting one point on whatever price I can find in the open market, usually at the bookies
  • Bank 2 – betting a point on the same selection at Betfair SP, and allowing 5% for winner’s commission.

And the results, as you can see, have been very satisfactory:

Price takenBetfair SP
Profit£ 322.50 £ 403.45 
New Bank£ 1,322.50 £ 1,403.46 
%age bank Growth32.25%40.35%
Wins(races w/ profit)101101
Strike rate(races w/ profit)19.88%19.88%

Even better, the performance graph reveals a daily experience that isn’t unpleasant to live with:

Oddschecker Bet Monitor - Performance

Oddschecker Bet Monitor – Performance

Yes, the strike rate isn’t marvellous at a shade under 20%, but overall this completely free method has steadily delivered.

You can read the full results log here.


I’m excited about this. Yet I do have to sound a word of warning.

The strike rate is low and the average odds quite high at around 8. Both of these things imply serious volatility.

Also, the higher the average price, the more bets are required to establish statistical significance. 

Which translated means: we need to do more bets to be sure.

I’m going for 1000 in total. And, as I’m  winning more at Betfair SP anyway, I’m just going to bet at the exchange in future.

I’ll be back with my closing thoughts when my 1000 bets are done.


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