February 2, 2017

New Trial – Oddschecker Bet Monitor!

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I recently launched a new trial of Sky Sports’ very own free tipster Alex Hammond.

Judging from my inbox, this seems to have struck a chord with quite a few people… including Maxi at Tipsters Empire who wrote to tell me about a similar “I really must trial this sometime” idea. 🙂

And, having since done a little bit of digging myself, I’m suitably intrigued. So I’m going to kick off another trial (my fourth new one in a week – help!).

But what’s it all about, you ask?

Well, it’s all to do with a deceptively simple little pie chart on the Oddschecker website.

I must have seen it hundreds of times before but never really paid it any attention.

Until now, that is.

Welcome then to my new trial of Oddschecker’s free Bet Monitor…

Oddschecker Bet Monitor

Oddschecker Bet Monitor

Oddschecker allows you to compare prices at different bookies so that you get the best possible price…

…and the various odds are displayed in a tabular format so that you can quickly find the most attractive bet.

So far, so familiar.

But if you now scroll down the page a little bit, you will notice a small pie chart that shows those horses that have attracted most bets: based, presumably, on Oddschecker’s knowledge of what punters are clicking through to.

And this is where we come to the odd part.

Because, quite often, it’s not the favourite that attracts most bets.

Take the pie chart above, for instance.

It relates to this evening’s 7pm race at Chelmsford City. And it clearly shows that Welease Bwian, the amusingly named 14-1 shot, has attracted more bets than any other contender.

Now of course, they may all be for very small stakes… but still, it makes you think for a moment.

Because anyone anywhere who has ever taken seriously the wisdom of crowds idea – namely that the ‘crowd’ as a whole knows more than any particular individual within it – must be tempted to have a quick punt on the popular outsider.


There may be nothing to Oddschecker’s odd little pie chart but I confess, it’s got me intrigued.

So what I intend to do is put on a single bet every day on a random race, with the provisos that:

  • I will only ever bet on the horse associated with the largest piece of pie in Oddschecker’s graphic
  • I will never bet on the favourite.

My aim therefore will be to attempt to find out if the ‘crowd’ is indeed clever enough to spot promising outsiders.

I’ll give it 200 bets as ever and be back in March with my first report.

Wish me luck!


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