2nd July 2020

Merlin Results Radar Review

The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games.

So, out of the three results that you predict, even if you get two of them wrong you will still win.

The Merlin tool comes in the form of a spreadsheet and it is best to use it with Excel to be sure the macros will function properly.

The system is based on mathematics and this is explained in detail in the user manual that comes along with the tool. The guide has recently been updated to include examples with pictures, to make it easy to understand how to get the best out of it.

If you already have a winning football system, the tool is ideal for making money from trebles. But what if you don't?

Well, the guide explains several methods, including how to use a "banker" method or alternatively you could use stats websites or follow advice from a football tips service.

Of course, you can't expect to win every time but if you can achieve a high enough strike rate, the tool will help to maximise profits from treble betting.

My experience using the Merlin Results Radar tool

I tried Merlin out and chose my selections with the help of a football stats website, since winning football tipsters have been few and far between lately.

My three chosen matches were:

Pordenone v Virtus Entella
Getafe v Real Sociedad
Everton v Leicester

I am no expert but I felt fairly confident about these three picks. Pordenone had shown decent form playing at home and Virtus Entella had been poor away. If they could secure a win, I was guaranteed to win my treble.

Merlin calculated the bets that I needed to place, which turned out to be 9 sets of trebles.

Each of the home sides went on to win their games, so I picked up a profit of £72.40 which was an ROI of 80.5%.


The tool is simple enough to use and it takes around 10 minutes from entering the data into the spreadsheet and placing bets. More time will be needed if you are doing your own research on bets.

I am giving my approval for the Merlin Results Radar as it is a handy tool to enhance profits and comes with excellent support. But, please do bear in mind that the tool is only as good as your (or your chosen tipster's) ability to pick solid selections.

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