1st August 2022

Loophole Trader Review: Update One

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I am part way through my Loophole Trader review and although it has been trickier to test than I thought, one thing is clear - this system works.

My original plan for the trial was to go through the course, test the system for myself and come back to you with my results.

Unfortunately, it hasn't quite worked out the way I wanted due to the bookmakers not playing ball!

Without giving too much away, to use this system you need access to bookmakers that offer certain features such as being able to cash out bets.

Many of my accounts have been restricted and the features that I needed to test the system out weren't available to me.

However, I have been able to monitor trades that Al has been carrying out in the Telegram group and I am certain that it is a working system.

It does take time to learn what to do in various scenarios, but Al has been adding videos to the course with examples so that you know how to handle any situation.

Another thing that I realised is, you do need to have time on your hands to be able to use the system as you need to be around before each race to place bets.

In order to get some actual results for my review, I spent a whole Saturday in the Telegram chat and noted down the results for the trades.

There were 7 races that ended up meeting the criteria pre-race and I was around for 6 of them. It actually turned out to be a quieter day for a Saturday... typical, hey!?

All 6 races made a profit and had I been putting real money down, I would have made approximately £48.

There was 1 trade where riskier traders could have made an extra £13-14 too.

These results are based on £250 bets at the bookies but please note, that does not mean there was £250 at risk as it is a trade and not a straight bet.

Al has been posting the results from each trade to a spreadsheet since around about the time I started my trial and it is showing £638.29 profit currently.

Results for a more adventurous trader are showing £771.75 profit.

Out of 84 trades, there have only been 4 that lost money and it was only small amounts.

If the bookies weren't on my case, I could potentially make around an average £30 a day doing this. That's £210 tax-free profit a week!


Loophole Trader is a terrific system so long as you have working bookie accounts and it will definitely be going down as a pass.

You may be wondering why I said I am just part way through my review. The reason is, there are some bonus extras available with this system that I am really interested in.

The Betfair Only Method and The In-Play Maestro.

These two bonus strategies don't rely on having bookmaker accounts as you can use them solely on Betfair.

However, I must stress that they haven't been tested thoroughly and I would probably consider them to be in "beta". They are also quite a bit different to the main Loophole Trader system.

I am going to leave this review open for now and see how things progress with these two systems. It would be fabulous to find some working Betfair systems, so I look forward to trying them out.

Introduction: 12th July 2022

The Loophole Trader system is a low risk way to make profits from horse racing using both traditional bookmakers and Betfair.

Technically it is neither betting or trading, it is a hybrid between matched betting and trading.

There are many systems out there that are based on trading between bookmakers and Betfair, but I haven't seen anything like this one before.

The system was developed by a chap called Al Gibbs, after much head-scratching to find the right formula to make it work. He has since recorded over 300 trades resulting in more than £3,000 profit.

It doesn't have anything to do with betting each-way and it is not arbing (arbitrage betting) either. Instead it involves short priced favourites that in the right circumstance can be traded.

One point to note is that you do need access to BOG (best odds guaranteed) bookmakers to use the system.

The plus side is, I would imagine betting on horses at this price range would stay under the radar longer, especially if you spread bets around several bookmakers.

The system comes packaged as a course, as although it is a fairly simple concept, there are a few things to get your head around. For example, what to do in various scenarios and what stakes to use.

There is also Telegram group available where Al posts alerts for suitable trades.

I am going to test the system out to see how much I can make in a month. Steady profits is the aim but it's possible for outliers to bump profits up, so I will see how it goes.

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