August 29, 2011

‘I like the sound of “calculator betting” – but which is the best sports arbitrage calculator?’

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Since running my Arb of the Week feature, I’ve been getting emails about the best way to do the sums.  In short, people buy the idea but just want a super-smooth sports arbitrage calculator.

Well, there are a lot of alternatives out there.  I almost hesitate to plug‘s online utility, as if I mention them one more time, someone will think I’m on the payroll!   (I’m not by the way!).    But if you are still unfamiliar with this one, go to their home page, click on the Tools dropdown in the top right hand corner, and you’ll see a variety of options under the heading “Calculators”.   I prefer the Dutching one for arbing.

However, my current favourite calculator doesn’t actually run on the web at all: instead, you install it on your PC.  It’s available from a site called Windows Arb Calculator (fair enough name I suppose), where you just click on the ‘Download’ button to get started.   It is simply the cleanest introduction to “Calculator Betting” I have ever seen.   Specifically, it has an ‘Arbitrage’ tab that could transform your arbing – making it faster, more decisive, and ultimately more profitable.

I love the four options at the top.    Once you’ve keyed in the available odds, and the Total Stake you’re prepared to work with, you can choose either

  • Equal (i.e. same winnings irrespective of outcome)
  • Favourite (i.e. bias winnings towards outcome where favourite wins)
  • Outsider  (i.e. bias winnings towards outcome where outsider wins)
  • Smooth (i.e. round off stakes to nearest pound – something I am very keen on!)
Sports Arbitrage Calculator

Sports Arbitrage Calculator


This is ultra-fast calculator betting with a difference: you are not worrying about the sums, but rather free to think about the sort of outcome you’d prefer.   A wonderful piece of software.

And did I mention that it’s free?


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