25th April 2017

Flat Racing Master Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

I’ve long been a fan of simple betting.

As I explained during my intro to Hat Trick Hero, I like tipsters who provide straightforward solutions.

And certainly, one way of simplifying life is to avoid betting on races with hurdles in them – as anyone who has ever watched the Grand National will tell you. Obstacles introduce a big element of randomness, which is the punter’s greatest enemy.

All of which explains why, before Christmas, I kicked off a trial of Betting Gods’ Flat Racing Master.

The claimed results were wonderful so I sat back, waiting for a mini-flood of profit.

Following a promising first month however, things hadn’t quite worked out the way I’d hoped. Three months in and I’d lost over £600.

Still, there remained over a quarter of my trial still to go: meaning, there was plenty of time for a recovery.

So.. did I reach my 200 bet finishing line in the black?

Sadly no. We lost more money to finish badly overdrawn.

I used three betting banks of £2,000 each and tracked performance by the following measures:

  • prices advised by the tipster
  • odds obtained by me in the market
  • Betfair SP (after allowing for 5% winner’s commission).

I set a single point to £20.

You can download the complete results log here.

But, before you do, please have a look at the overall performance figures… they make for a tough read:

Flat Racing Master – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 454.45)(£ 1,118.90)(£ 1,774.64)
Profit (pts)(22.7)(55.9)(88.7)
Balance£ 1,545.55£ 881.10£ 225.37
%age bank Growth-22.72%-55.95%-88.73%
Wins(races w/ profit)454545
Strike rate(races w/ profit)22.39%22.39%22.39%


The final outcome is such a shame as the first 8 bets of the trial produced a profit of over £500. All of which seems a long time ago now.

The last bet similarly produced a big profit — at Betfair SP — of £316.54. So you can see, it wouldn’t take too many winners to get back on track.

But, in spite of the fact that, intuitively, Flat Racing Master seems to make sense, and might come right in the end, the ride has been too volatile for me.

I want boring and profitable. But, based on my trial, I have to conclude that Flat Racing Master is anything but.

It, therefore, has to get a Failed rating from me.  It’s a particular shame as I seem to be constantly failing things these days. 🙁

If, however, you’ve got an iron constitution and would like to find out more about Flat Racing Master, you can do so here.


Intro: 14th December 2014

Hurdles can be a pain.

Horse racing enthusiasts like me are forever banging on about taking an investment-oriented approach to sports betting.

So you could quite reasonably argue that placing bets on races that present obstacles to the horses makes no sense at all.

Hurdles, and their even bigger cousins fences, add a random element to the task of picking winners.

Horses can not only fall, but bunching, tripping and general confusion can arise the moment your mount, along with several others, is faced with something to jump over.

Surely then, there is a strong case for concentrating solely on races that take place on flat tracks.

Logically, such events should be more straightforward to predict and therefore, potentially, more consistently profitable.

All of which explains my interest in Betting God’s Flat Racing Master….

On the face of it, this service would appear to offer punters some mouthwatering possibilities:

For instance, it claims to have delivered an ROI of almost 30% over the last twelve months, which, if maintained, would place it amongst the very highest performers in the industry.

Another appealing feature is that selections are mailed out the evening before racing, so that members who work 9 to 5 can get their bets on without worrying about their working day being interrupted by tips messages.

And finally, the claimed results graph on the FRM sales page (which I am unable to substantiate) depicts extremely steady profit growth: which is exactly what most of my readers appear to be looking for:

Flat Racing Master - Claimed Performance

Flat Racing Master – Claimed Performance

Add to that lot the usual benefits associated with any Betting Gods service (namely, initial membership for £1 and the availability of a 60-day no-quibble refund warranty), and you have a potentially compelling package.

Frankly, I can’t wait to get started.


I intend to aim at a minimum 200 bet trial to start with and, if necessary, extend to 300 later on.

The service apparently supplies an average of 70 to 80 selections every month though now we are into the winter, we should expect there to be fewer races to bet on and thus fewer tips.

In any event, I’ll be back in January in my first report on this intriguing product.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Flat Racing Master by clicking here.


Update: 20th January 2017

There is a strong case to be made for not betting on horse races over the jumps at all.

As I discussed last month, they introduce a random element into the already difficult task of picking winners. And not just because your selection can fall.

Horses often bunch up or trip slightly as they approach hurdles and even sustain minor injuries as a result that inhibit their progress – without punters ever being aware anything went wrong.

All of which does make you wonder: why not just bet on the far more straightforward proposition of a dash across a flat track?

This, at least, is the not unreasonable logic that underpins the Flat Racing Master service: a tipster who avoids horse racing over hurdles and fences entirely.

So… one month into my trial, is this risk-averse method proving to be profitable?

Well, we’ve certainly made a nice steady start.

The Return On Investment (ROI) is currently below 10% but still, my bank balance is up by 7.8% so I’m happy enough at the moment.

I’m actually tracking performance with three banks of £2,000 and have set the value of a single point at £20:

  • Bank 1 records profits at the prices proposed by the tipster
  • The Bank 2 balance tracks performance at the prices I am able to secure in the market
  • Bank 3 measures outcomes at Betfair SP.

I’m deducting 5% winner’s commission from all positive returns at the exchange.

As you can see, we’re in decent nick after the first month of testing:

Flat Racing Master – Month 1Bank 1 – Advised PricesBank 2 – Price TakenBank 3 – Betfair SP
Profit£ 211.00£ 156.00£ 31.02
New Bank£ 2,211.00£ 2,156.00£ 2,031.02
%age bank Growth10.55%7.8%1.55%
Wins(races w/ profit)111111
Strike rate(races w/ profit)25.00%25.00%25.00%

The complete results log to date is as follows:

DateTimeRacecourseSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenEach-Way?BF Win SPResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price takenProfit @ Betfair SP
16-Dec12.25NewcastleBizzarria3.004.003.75NO3.51WON£ 180.00£ 165.00£ 143.07
16-Dec13.00NewcastleBruny Island2.002.502.50NO3.75LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
16-Dec15.45WolverhamptonDeliberator2.005.005.00NO8.19LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
17-Dec15.10LingfieldPicansort1.0010.0010.00NO19.18WON£ 180.00£ 180.00£ 345.42
18-Dec14.35LingfieldArtful Rouge2.004.334.00NO5.63LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
20-Dec14.30SouthwellMithqaal1.006.506.50NO4.50WON£ 110.00£ 110.00£ 66.50
21-Dec16.30NewcastleSign Of The Kodiac1.0013.0012.00YES17.59LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
22-Dec12.50ChelmsfordNaseem2.006.006.00NO6.77WON£ 200.00£ 200.00£ 219.26
22-Dec12.50ChelmsfordShamrokh2.0013.0012.00NO22.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
22-Dec13.20ChelmsfordCurzon Line2.003.753.50NO2.60LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
27-Dec14.50WolverhamptonCarolinae2.002.752.62NO2.37LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
29-Dec11.45SouthwellFern Owl2.005.004.00NO3.40WON£ 160.00£ 120.00£ 91.20
30-Dec13.50NewcastleMasterpaver2.005.505.50NO5.60LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
31-Dec14.40LingfieldNatural Scenery2.003.253.25NO2.30LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
01-Jan13.45SouthwellBring on a Spinner2.004.504.00YES3.62LOST(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)
01-Jan14.20SouthwellHoliday Magic2.003.753.75NO3.86WON£ 110.00£ 110.00£ 108.68
01-Jan14.20SouthwellAl Khan2.009.009.00NO11.50LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
02-Jan13.10SouthwellSpeightowns Kid1.0017.0017.00YES32.06LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
02-Jan13.40SouthwellLady Nayef1.009.009.00YES12.00WON-EW£ 200.00£ 200.00£ 190.00
03-Jan16.10NewcastleMonticello2.003.753.75NO5.36LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
04-Jan13.10LingfieldRevel3.0019.0017.00NO3.10LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
04-Jan13.35NewcastleOxford Thinking3.004.504.50NO3.38LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
04-Jan15.15LingfieldDaisy Boy3.0013.0011.00NO20.64LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
05-Jan13.05SouthwellPlayful Dude3.002.352.35NO2.34WON£ 81.00£ 81.00£ 76.38
05-Jan17.45ChelmsfordIce Royal2.009.008.00NO11.50LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
05-Jan20.15ChelmsfordStrong Challenge3.005.505.50NO4.65LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
06-Jan14.30KemptonBeauchamp Opal1.009.009.00YES9.16LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
06-Jan20.15WolverhamptonThe Last Debutante2.004.004.00NO6.63LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
07-Jan16.15WolverhamptonBan Shoof1.009.008.00YES5.16LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
09-Jan15.00WolverhamptonSeven Clans3.006.506.50NO4.68WON£ 330.00£ 330.00£ 209.76
10-Jan14.20SouthwellMithqaal3.002.502.50NO1.75WON£ 90.00£ 90.00£ 42.75
10-Jan16.40WolverhamptonRevolutionary War2.001.801.80NO1.32LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-Jan14.30NewcastleMesophere2.002.752.75NO4.06LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-Jan14.30NewcastleVantage Point2.004.504.50NO5.58LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-Jan17.45KemptonThahab Ifraj2.006.005.00NO3.56LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
12-Jan15.30NewcastleNatural Scenery2.002.752.75NO2.00WON£ 70.00£ 70.00£ 38.00
14-Jan14.35LingfieldEttu3.003.252.75NO3.03LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
14-Jan18.15WolverhamptonMagic City2.003.753.50NO5.78LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
14-Jan20.45WolverhamptonSentinel2.006.004.00NO2.61LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
16-Jan16.00WolverhamptonFamous Kid4.002.502.50NO2.30LOST(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)
18-Jan12.50LingfieldStrong Challenge2.004.003.50NO3.22LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
18-Jan15.05LingfieldChupalla2.007.507.00NO10.93LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
18-Jan18.50KemptonThahab Ifraj2.005.005.00NO3.40LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
19-Jan19.30ChelmsfordIberica Road2.0017.0015.00NO5.80LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)


The published ROI of this service is over 28%, so, by comparison, my trial is not performing very well.

But I like the idea of a tipster who has a mediocre month and yet still makes you money. It’s undoubtedly a promising sign.

That said, we are only 44 selections into my 200 bet trial so it’s far too early to be getting carried away. But it’s nice to begin a trial without, for once, having to contend with the New Triallist’s Curse. 🙂

Here’s hoping for more of the same in month #2.

I’ll be back in February with my next report.

Meanwhile, you can read more about Flat Racing Master here.


Update: 20th February 2017

I really like the idea of tipster services that avoid races with hurdles.

There are simply too many things that can go wrong whenever you introduce a horse to a fence.

Of course, I recognise it’s more exciting to watch a bunched-up group tearing towards an enormous hurdle.

But the point is, we’re trying to make money here.

And I, for one, can live without the ‘excitement’ of watching my selection crash at the last when clear of the field.

So, unsurprisingly, I find myself instinctively attracted to the Flat Racing Master service.

And it got off to a decent start in the first month of my trial.

So could it keep it up in month #2?

Sadly not. We’ve had a pretty tough time of it, in fact.

I’m using three banks of £2,000 each and betting at £20 a point.

And we have lost an awful lot of money, as you can see from the performance summary:

Flat Racing Master – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit(£ 485.90)(£ 573.30)(£ 655.96)
New Bank£ 1,514.10£ 1,426.70£ 1,344.04
%age bank Growth-24.30%-28.67%-32.80%
Wins(races w/ profit)202020
Strike rate(races w/ profit)24.10%24.10%24.10%

Really, there’s nothing positive to say about a set of figures like that. 🙁

The complete results log for month #2 makes for a dismal read:

DateRacecourseSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenBF Win SPBF Place SPResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price takenProfit @ Betfair SP
16-DecNewcastleBizzarria3.004.003.753.51WON£ 180.00£ 165.00£ 143.07
16-DecNewcastleBruny Island2.002.502.503.75LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
16-DecWolverhamptonDeliberator2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
17-DecLingfieldPicansort1.0010.0010.0019.18WON£ 180.00£ 180.00£ 345.42
20-JanLingfieldBruny Island2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
20-JanLingfieldBosham2.0010.0013.0023.25LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
20-JanWolverhamptonFast Landing4.002.382.102.08LOST(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)
21-JanLingfieldPinzolo2.002.752.753.66WON£ 70.00£ 70.00£ 101.08
21-JanLingfieldErhaaf2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
23-JanWolverhamptonBan Shoof2.0010.009.004.28LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
24-JanSouthwellLady Nayef1.0013.0013.0014.07LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
25-JanNewcastleCavalieri2.003.503.504.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
25-JanNewcastleShamrokh2.001.801.801.67WON£ 32.00£ 32.00£ 25.46
26-JanSouthwellZoravan3.002.502.502.63LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
27-JanLingfieldBessemer Lady1.0051.0051.0054.92LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
27-JanNewcastleVan Velde2.005.505.502.27LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
28-JanLingfieldDesert Strike1.009.009.0018.29LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
30-JanSouthwellVantage Point2.002.882.752.99WON£ 75.20£ 70.00£ 75.62
31-JanWolverhamptonFast Landing2.002.382.102.12WON£ 55.20£ 44.00£ 42.56
02-FebSouthwellFaithful Creek2.002.752.752.64WON£ 70.00£ 70.00£ 62.32
02-FebSouthwellSerenity Now2.003.002.753.30LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
03-FebLingfieldBlaze of Glory2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
04-FebLingfieldAmazour1.0015.0013.0010.24LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
04-FebLingfieldArab Spring3.£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
06-FebWolverhamptonGroundskeeperwilly1.0041.0041.0023.89LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
08-FebChelmsfordOriental Relation1.504.504.503.56LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
09-FebChelmsfordZac Brown2.0013.0011.005.99LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
10-FebSouthwellLady Nayef1.509.£ 18.00£ 12.00£ 23.58
10-FebSouthwellFern Owl2.002.632.381.88WON£ 65.20£ 55.20£ 33.44
10-FebSouthwellKatie Gale2.0011.0010.0019.86LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-FebLingfieldIntransingent2.005.005.507.40LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-FebLingfieldRoyalistic2.001.731.732.41LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
13-FebWolverhamptonShees Lucky2.0010.009.009.80LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
13-FebWolverhamptonVettori Rules1.0019.0017.0023.61LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
15-FebWolverhamptonMalaysian Boleh1.003.002.883.32LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
15-FebKemptonPeaceful Passage1.003.503.502.44WON£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 27.36
15-FebKemptonOn Fire1.£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
16-FebLingfieldBazwind1.004.334.003.55LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
16-FebLingfieldRock Steady1.005.504.503.82LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
18-FebLingfieldQaffaal2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
18-FebLingfieldPoyle Vinnie2.006.506.0013.42LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
20-FebWolverhamptonHannington0.5017.0017.0020.56LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
20-FebWolverhamptonRoyal Birth1.£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)

The complete results log for the trial is available for download here.


I expected a fair bit of volatility when I started testing this service.

And of course, any product that announces on its sales page, as this one does, that it requires a 100 point bank is clearly not going to be that easy to live with.

But all that said: this has still been a sobering trial so far. Because simply concentrating on the flat hasn’t delivered the kind of predictability I’d hoped for.

The only positive thing I can think of to say is that we have over 100 bets to go until the finishing line of our trial so it’s too early to panic.

Here’s hoping that the arrival of March – and better weather! – brings with it some better results.

I’ll be back in a month or so’s time to let you know whether that was indeed the case.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Flat Racing Master over here.


Update: 24th March 2017

I keep saying how much I like the idea of betting on flat racing.

It just seems so logical. Take away the fences and you take away an awful lot of risk.

Unfortunately, this theory hadn’t managed to make Betting Gods’ Flat Racing Master a winner in the first two months of my trial.

Quite the opposite in fact: I’d lost 28 points and was close to throwing the towel in altogether.

But then again.. a promise is a promise, and I’d said I’d aim at 200 bets. So on I went.

But the inevitable question was… could Flat Racing Master turn the corner in month #3?

Not really, no. It’s not been as bad but I still lost money.

Month #3 was just plain old mediocre, as you can tell from the performance figures for the period:

Flat Racing Master – Month 3Bank 1 – Advised PricesBank 2 – Price TakenBank 3 – Betfair SP
Profit£ 89.45(£ 36.90)(£ 790.94)
New Bank£ 1,603.55£ 1,389.80£ 553.11
%age bank Growth5.91%-2.59%-58.85%
Wins(races w/ profit)141414
Strike rate(races w/ profit)24.14%24.14%24.14%

Adding these numbers to the brought forward figures for months #1 and #2 produces the following uninspiring totals for the trial as a whole:

Flat Racing Master – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit(£ 396.45)(£ 610.20)(£ 1,446.90)
New Bank£ 1,603.55£ 1,389.80£ 553.11
%age bank Growth-19.82%-30.51%-72.34%
Wins(races w/ profit)343434
Strike rate(races w/ profit)24.11%24.11%24.11%

It’s very hard to say anything nice about a table containing that much red ink, so I think I’ll just move on.

The complete results log for month #3 doesn’t make for a fun read either, unfortunately..

DateRacecourseSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenBF Win SPBF Place SPResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price takenProfit @ Betfair SP
21-FebSouthwellDiamond Princess1.0023.0023.0040.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
21-FebSouthwellEscalating2.004.504.503.34WON£ 140.00£ 140.00£ 88.92
21-FebSouthwellLady Nayef1.£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 8.41)
22-FebKemptonSun or Shade2.005.505.5011.26LOST(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)
23-FebWolverhamptonChippenham2.002.882.884.51LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
24-FebLingfieldBeauchamp Oval1.509.008.506.91LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
24-FebLingfieldTwin Point1.507.509.008.25LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
25-FebLingfieldSign of the Kodiac1.0051.0051.00134.43LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
25-FebLingfieldChester Street1.505.005.008.41LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
25-FebLingfieldHaaf a Sixpence1.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
25-FebLingfieldPinzolo1.0015.0015.0011.263.30PLACED£ 36.00£ 36.00£ 23.70
25-FebLingfieldAlfonso Manana2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
25-FebWolverhamptonMajor Jumbo3.£ 135.00£ 135.00£ 86.64
27-FebWolverhamptonSpes Nostra1.004.503.753.65LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
28-FebLingfieldAnnie Salts1.008.007.508.10LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
28-FebLingfieldDutch Uncle2.003.503.503.78LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
28-FebLingfieldBamako Du Chatelet2.003.503.253.07LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
01-MarNewcastleFoie Gras2.009.008.508.96LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
01-MarNewcastleArzzak2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
02-MarNewcastleDark Side Dream2.005.005.503.96LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
02-MarChelmsfordSayedaati Saadaiti1.0015.0011.0023.65LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
03-MarLingfieldSuqoor2.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
03-MarLingfieldUlysses2.003.753.508.60LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
04-MarLingfieldSea of Flames2.0010.0010.006.73LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
04-MarLingfieldDr Julius No1.0015.0015.0012.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
06-MarWolverhamptonDerek Duval1.0017.0015.004.24WON-EW£ 384.00£ 336.00£ 42.56
06-MarWolverhamptonLacan4.002.752.502.45WON£ 140.00£ 120.00£ 110.20
06-MarWolverhamptonSimply Me3.002.382.202.02LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
07-MarSouthwellNoguchi2.005.007.506.52LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
07-MarSouthwellAqua Ardens1.0013.008.0012.06LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
09-MarSouthwellPadleyourowncanoe1.008.508.005.652.42WON-EW£ 180.00£ 168.00£ 115.33
09-MarSouthwellHarwoods Star1.0011.0010.0034.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
09-MarSouthwellLady Nayef1.£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
09-MarSouthwellSaved my Bacon1.0010.009.0022.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-MarWolverhamptonAmazour1.0019.0019.0022.22LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
11-MarChelmsfordFujin2.009.509.507.80WON£ 340.00£ 340.00£ 258.40
13-MarChelmsfordQaffal1.£ 40.00£ 40.00£ 62.51
13-MarChelmsfordLanceur0.5010.0010.0026.00LOST(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)(£ 20.00)
14-MarSouthwellMuqarred1.£ 192.00£ 168.00£ 72.96
14-MarSouthwellHammer Gun2.£ 80.00£ 80.00£ 66.12
15-MarNewcastleMutamid2.003.503.253.80LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
15-MarNewcastleGrecian King2.008.507.5014.10LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
17-MarLingfieldHere and Now4.£ 80.00£ 80.00£ 72.20
17-MarWolverhamptonCharismatic Man2.£ 45.60£ 42.00£ 30.02
18-MarWolverhamptonWhat Usain3.006.005.506.25LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
18-MarWolverhamptonAndastra3.005.505.5011.50LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
18-MarWolverhamptonMagic Pass2.009.009.0015.75LOST(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)(£ 80.00)
20-MarKemptonMuatadel1.507.007.005.02LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
21-MarSouthwellBusy Street3.002.632.502.08LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
21-MarSouthwellMuqarred1.004.504.503.45LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
21-MarSouthwellErissimus Maximus1.506.506.003.741.67WON-EW£ 206.25£ 187.50£ 97.19
22-MarNewcastleAlemaratalyoum3.001.911.911.89WON£ 54.60£ 54.60£ 50.73
23-MarWolverhamptonBessemer Lady2.004.334.334.23LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
23-MarWolverhamptonArzaak1.505.507.005.80LOST(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
23-MarWolverhamptonBounty Pursuit3.£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)(£ 60.00)
23-MarChelmsfordTaper Tantrum2.003.503.502.99LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
24-MarLingfieldSennockian Star2.009.008.0012.12LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)
24-MarLingfieldUlysses2.002.251.912.00LOST(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)(£ 40.00)

The complete results log for the trial is available for review over here.


I’m really disappointed with this trial.

I have a high regard for Betting Gods, as a rule, but Flat Racing Master really hasn’t measured up to their usual standard.

Now, of course, I could just have been unlucky. In which case I would like to think I am (massively) overdue an upturn in fortune over the remainder of the trial.

But it’s going to have to be one astonishing turnaround.

I’ll be back when I get to 200 bets. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed for a miracle here!

In the meantime, you can read more about Flat Racing Master over here.

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