3rd March 2020

Exponential Bet Remote Daily Betting Review: Update One

Exponential Bet Remote Daily Betting Review

I've been running the remote betting bot over at Exponential Bet over a month now and have some promising results to report.

But first, I need to explain how the service works now that it has changed from Dutch Betting to "Remote Daily Betting".

There are two strategies available within the bot and each have individual staking options. I have followed the staking advice given in the latest PDF.

Once these have been set up the bot can be left to run on auto pilot every day that UK racing is scheduled.

RDB Dutching

This system (for the time being) is a lay bet on one selection. Although it is a single lay, they still consider it a form of dutching as you're covering multiple outcomes. The system may change in the future to add multiple lay selections to increase overall profit.

The service looks for a minimum of 10% ROI on each bet.

My stake is set to £10 liability for this system.

RDB Dutching - Month One Results

  • 180 bets - 82.8% Strike Rate
  • -£68.08 Profit
  • -6.81% Decrease

RDB Straight

This system places one or more back bets in qualifying races. It has a lower strike rate than the dutching system, but has the potential to return a much higher profit.

Bets are only placed when it's possible to either break even on the favourite horse and profit on others backed, or make a profit across all backed selections ideally.

My stake is set to £10 per back bet for this system.

RDB Straight - Month One Results

  • 206 bets - 21.8% Strike Rate
  • -£10.83 Profit
  • -1.03% Decrease

Click here to view my results log.


So far, the dutching system has been disappointing and it's been hard to recover from the losing bets. The straight betting system started out really well with a win at odds of 20.45 right off the bat.

Profit kept rising up to a high of £280 but unfortunately a poor period of results set the system back.

I'm interested to see how both systems get on during the next few months. I'll be back next month with another update.

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