26th July 2019

Exponential Bet In-Play Betting Review: In-Running Lay Bets

Exponential Bet In-Play Betting Review

My trial of In-Play Betting from Exponential Bet hasn't been going well at all.

I have lost £218.60 since my last update, so my bank is down by around 25% after two months of betting.

As I mentioned last time, the Expo Bot is set up to attempt to make a target profit of 0.2 pts each day. The problem is, given that I am now more than 25 pts in the red, it could take months to recover the loss using these settings.

I decided to ask Ryan at Exponential Bet for his advice on this and he has told me to pause the software until the next update is released. The ETA for this is late August and by then he expects to have implemented new filters based on 10 years of race data.

  • No. of bets: 403
  • Total stakes / liability: £4,030.00 / £3,446.20
  • ROI: -7.3%
  • Strike rate: 42.4%
  • Profit/Loss: -£252.15
  • Bank: £747.85

here to view my results log.


Ryan has assured me that once the new filters are in place, I should be able to steadily recoup to a profit. Let's hope so!

I'll be back with an update soon, but in the meantime click here to find out more about the Exponential Bet In Play Betting system.

Update One: 18th June 2019

It hasn't been an ideal start to my trial of the In-Play Betting system from Exponential Bet.

The Expo Bot has placed 179 lay bets in total and I have lost £33.55 to £10 lay stakes.

The settings that I have been advised to use with the bot mean that it will stop betting once a profit of 0.2 pts has been achieved, else it will keep betting throughout the day.

  • No. of bets: 179
  • Total stakes / liability: £1,790.00 / £1,522.90
  • ROI: -2.2%
  • Strike rate: 44.7%
  • Profit/Loss: -£33.55
  • Bank: £966.45

Click here to view my results log.


I'm crossing my fingers for a better set of results for my next update. It would be great to find a profitable system that is capable of being automated.

I'll be back with an update next month, but in the meantime find out more about the Exponential Bet In Play Betting system here.

Introduction: 14th May 2019

I am working my way through testing out the various systems available over at Exponential Bet.

Today, I am going to be commencing a review of the In-Play Betting system.

The strategy is still in BETA phase but the results show a profit of £922.40 to £10 stakes in the first year of testing. That's a commendable 92% increase to the £1,000 bank.

The system involves identifying lay bets in running on the Betfair Exchange that meet a certain criteria. It can be fully automated using either the Expo Bot or The Bet Engine.

The easiest way to run the system is with the Expo Bot as it is already set up for the Exponential Bet systems, with just a few tweaks to the criteria settings needed. Alternatively, the system can be ran manually as there are videos and PDFs that explain how to choose selections race by race.

Early access to the system is currently available for a one-off charge of £74.99 which is a 25% discount. This gives access to the member's area where there is everything you need to get started and there is support available if any further help is needed.

I will be running the bot over the next few months and I will come back with an update of my results each month.

My first update will be in June but, in the meantime, click here to find out more about the Exponential Bet In-Play Betting system.

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