March 1, 2019

Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Review: Introduction

Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Review

Exponential Bet is a collection of betting and trading systems developed by Ryan Phillips who has several years of experience in the betting industry.

His main focus is to make steady profits whilst protecting the betting bank, so there are no outrageous "get rich quick" claims here. The idea is to achieve exponential growth by using an incremental staking plan, which means gains can be slow to start with but can rapidly increase in the long-term.

The first of his betting systems that I am going to be looking at is the "Dutch Betting" strategy.

This system operates wholly on Betfair and is currently made up of two different type of dutch bets which are sent out via email:

  1. One Dutch - This bet is placed using the BSP Multiple section of Betfair. The staking will be vary between 0.5% to 10% of balance per bet depending on the race quality, time of year, conditions etc. It's also ratcheted in line with the balance increase. These bets are sent when the racing suits.
  2. Top 2 Dutch - Dutching the top two horses in each recommended race using a fixed liability staking plan. This is 1% of accumulated balance per single Dutch bet. These can be placed using BSP Multiples or direct to the exchange. Bets are sent most days throughout the week.

The reported results are as follows:

One Dutch

  • Variable Stake Per Bet
  • 105 Bets - 95% Strike Rate
  • £447.23 Profit
  • 44.7% Increase 

Top 2 Dutch

  • 1% of Accumulated Bank
  • 49 Bets - 76% Strike Rate
  • -2.1% Decrease

The system comes with a detailed PDF guide which explains exactly what dutch betting is, the basics of the system and information on the staking plan.

It's very well put together and has plenty of screenshot examples to show exactly how everything works. There are also video examples and a handy spreadsheet to keep track of results.

There are several membership options for this system but the "Complete Dutch Betting Guide" offers the best value at £99.99. This comes with 3 months subscription to all dutch bets and all future upgrades to the system are included.

I've allocated a bank of £1,000 for each of the dutching systems as they have seperate staking plans.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this trial goes as I do love a good Betfair system. I will begin recording my results from today and will be back with my first update next month.

In the meantime, click here to find out more about Exponential Bet - Dutch Betting.

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