February 26, 2019

Easy Horse Race Lays Review: Introduction

Easy Horse Race Lays Review

I am starting an exciting new trial today of one of my favourite type of betting services.

It's an automated betting bot called Easy Horse Race Lays. The service covers all UK racing and uses custom ratings and filters to find daily selections that they think are likely to lose the race.

Between January 2016 and December 2018, the service claims to have made an average profit of 9.15 points per month with a strike rate of 84%. They have recorded 335 points profit up until the end of last month in total. There are more detailed results available to download from the website.

The whole process is automated using cloud-based software developed by Nigel Dove so there is no need to keep a computer running all day. The selections are automatically loaded into the software, so after the inital setup it can be left to run without having to login to the website each day.

The selections range between odds of 3.00 and 9.99 and the longest losing run has been 3 bets with the longest winning run at 24.

The only requirements are the software must be linked to a Betfair account and there has to be enough funds available to cover the betting. Setting the software up is easy, it is just a case of choosing what you'd like to stake per bet and whether you want to use flat or liability lay stakes.

A 100 point betting bank is advised so I have loaded Betfair up with £1,000 and will be using £10 level stakes.

I can't wait to see how this bot performs over the next few months!

I will be back with my first update next month, but in the meantime click here to try Easy Horse Race Lays free for 14 days.

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