6th December 2016

Each Way Winners Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

If there is one issue that unites all punters, it’s the thorny one of bookmakers closing their accounts.

Yes, there are sensible steps you can take to try to protect them– but even then some bookies just seem to do irrational things, including closing accounts that have only just opened.

Perhaps unsurprisingly therefore, the one thing I am constantly asked by readers is whether or not I can recommend a service that makes money at the exchange.

Even better, one that does so at Betfair Starting Prices.

Finding one would mean you could simply throw on your bets any time before the racing starts, not even check the price you’re getting, and then trust the market to come up with odds that deliver a long-term profit.

Seriously, does such a thing even exist?

Well, I’m pleased to be able to say that today, at last, I’m able to show you a set of results that suggests the answer may indeed be yes.

Welcome to my trial of Each Way Winners

This has certainly been an eventful trial.

Things got off to such a poor start that my triallist Leslie bailed out after six weeks.

I therefore decided to pick the thing up myself but must confess to doing so with reluctance.

Imagine my surprise then when I banked over sixty points in month #2.

Interestingly, by this point, it was also becoming clear that the best way to use this service was simply to back the selections at Betfair SP, as doing so had delivered a remarkable 56 points’ profit from 137 bets, even after allowing for 5% winner’s commission.

I decided though that I had to get the bottom of whether this was supposed to be a bookie-only or Betfair-based service – and finally did so in months #3 and #4 – the clue being a place dropped by the bookies, but not by the exchange, following a couple of non-runners.

Since then, I have only followed the service at Betfair SP, putting on two single-point bets for each selection: one in the win market and a second in the place. And I haven’t regretted my decision for a moment.

The top-level performance statistics show why. I have been betting at £2 a point and deducting 5% commission from all winning bets.

Each Way Winners – Whole TrialBetfair SP
Profit£ 250.01
Profit (pts)125.01
New Bank£ 450.01
%age bank Growth125.01%
Wins(races w/ profit)113
Strike rate(races w/ profit)28.18%
Minimum Bank Balance£146.53
Maximum Bank Balance£470.52

No, that isn’t a misprint.

125 points at Betfair SP from 401 bets after 5% commission.

125 points.


Frankly, I’m still not sure quite what to make of it.

It is an amazing outcome. No other trial I have ever run comes close to a result like that.

The full results log is available for download here.

It covers the period from 19 May to 5th December 2016, with short breaks in August and October for my holidays.


I simply have to award a Pass mark to this product. It has just done something I have never seen in five and a half years of testing betting systems.

So that’s it then… conclusion finished?

Well, no. Because I do have to sound a note of caution.

Just look carefully at the performance graph… remembering again, that this is performance at Betfair SP, based on £2 a point level stakes.

Each Way Winners Performance

Each Way Winners Performance

Impressive, huh?

Now I’d like you to zoom in at the left-hand end of the graph.

This bit…

Each Way Winners

Each Way Winners

Not quite so impressive, is it?

You see, this little section, which, if you are like me, you hardly noticed in the graphic above, represents a heartbreaking, peak-to-trough drawdown of 84.83 points.

Ask yourself honestly: do you really think you could cope with that?

My bank balance of 100 points lived with it.

But my triallist Leslie couldn’t.

Now, I have passed Each Way Winners. I just have to. And I intend to press on with it, betting at Betfair SP.

The reason?

Because I think it’s a hugely profitable service… provided you have an iron constitution.

But it’s clearly not for everyone. And only you can decide if it’s for you.

If you’d like to get involved, you can do so here.

Update: 15th October 2016

Every trial tells its own story.

Some are dramatic.

Some are non-events.

Quite a lot are absolutely hopeless.

And every now and again, you come across one that’s utterly wonderful. Which is, of course, what keeps me going. 🙂

All of which brings me, in a very round-about way, to today’s trial.

Because Each Way Winners has been different from almost every other product I’ve tested…. and its story has been plain confusing.

However, with 307 bets completed, I think I’ve finally got to the bottom of it, as you will see…

The big question is, when we use this product, are we supposed to be betting at a bookie or at Betfair?

Now you may think the sales page seems clear enough.

It talks about, “placing simple Each Way bets with the bookmakers“.

And anyway, an each-way bet, almost by definition, is a traditional bookie construct: a method explicitly developed by bookmakers to encourage punters to bet on long-shots occasionally.

So I assumed, to start with, that this wasn’t a product I’d want to use at the exchange.

Thing is, however, as the trial progressed, I began to get more confused.

You see, every single day, the tipster quotes the current Betfair price in his messages. He doesn’t mention bookmaker odds.

And of course, by the time I’d got to the end of the second month of the trial, it had become apparent that results at Betfair were far better than equivalent returns at the bookies.

So was Each Way Winners designed for use at the exchange after all?

The mystery was finally solved on 3rd October.

On this day, a horse with the unlikely name of Quetzaltenango finished third in a six runner race and was cheerfully pronounced to be a winning bet in the following day’s email from the tipster.

And this was because there had been two non-runners: i.e. originally, eight horses had been entered: and although Betfair drops the odds of all the remaining horses it crucially sticks with three places.

Bookies, by contrast, drop a place in this instance – so they would not have awarded each-way punters place profits on Quetzaltenango.

It follows that this bet could only have been deemed a winner if you had placed your wager at the exchange.


I conclude therefore that this service is designed primarily for use at the exchange after all!

So perhaps it’s not surprising that that is where Each Way Winners has been performing best.

Results at Betfair SP are far better than those at the ‘advised prices’ included in the morning emails.

I’ve been using a £200 bank and betting at £2 a point. So on every each-way bet, I’ve risked 2 points – or £4.

And I have made a rather wonderful 45 points at Betfair SP. 🙂

Advised PricesBetfair SP
Profit(£ 37.73)£ 91.07
Profit (pts)-18.8745.54
New Bank£ 162.27£ 291.07
%age bank Growth-18.87%45.54%
Wins(races w/ profit)8786
Strike rate(races w/ profit)28.34%28.01%

Life with the product hasn’t been always been easy however, though the inevitable ups and downs of betting have never seriously endangered my betting bank:

Each Way Winners - Performance @ BSP

Each Way Winners – Performance @ BSP

The complete results log is available for download here.


Now that I finally know what I’m doing with this product, I’d like to push on for a bit longer, at least until I reach the 400 bet mark.

I am always particularly interested in services that can make money at the exchange: especially where it can be done simply by putting bets on at Betfair SP.

Could the somewhat confusingly named Each Way Winners be a winner at the exchanges?

It would be wonderful to think so.

I’ll be back with my trial conclusion when I get to 400 bets.

Meanwhile you can find out more about Each Way Winners here.

Update: 30th July 2016

Sometimes, and not as often as I might like, you just get lucky in the betting life.

Well, somebody somewhere must be smiling down on me. Because I have quite a story to tell. 🙂

At the beginning of July, I finally published a delayed report on the first month of our Each Way Winners trial.

And my reviewer, Leslie, was pretty fed up because the opening weeks of the trial had delivered a dismal set of results.

The upshot was: Leslie dropped out and, after a two week gap, I took the decision to restart the testing.

So, with the trial now back up and running, we are now two thirds of the way to my minimum 200 bet finishing line.

And things are looking up. 🙂

But.. has Each Way Winners made enough to recover its month #1 losses and move into the black?

I’ll say!

Just look at these figures for July… and remember, I’m betting at just £2 a point.

(Note – Betfair profits allow for 5% winner’s commission).

Month 2 OnlyAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit£ 111.05£ 122.10£ 129.92
Profit (pts)55.5361.0564.96
New Bank£ 216.10£ 245.96£ 312.45
%age bank Growth55.53%61.05%64.96%
Wins(races w/ profit)192021
Strike rate(races w/ profit)34.55%36.36%38.18%

It’s been wonderful.

Add this month’s winnings to the previous period’s losses and you end up with a very handsome net profit for the trial as a whole:

Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit£ 16.10£ 45.96£ 112.45
Profit (pts)8.0522.9856.23
New Bank£ 216.10£ 245.96£ 312.45
%age bank Growth8.05%22.98%56.23%
Wins(races w/ profit)363839
Strike rate(races w/ profit)26.28%27.74%28.47%

Unsurprisingly, the complete results log for the period makes for a satisfying read…

DateTimeRacecourseSelection Advised pricePrice takenEach-Way?BF Win SPBF Place SPResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price takenProfit @ Betfair SP
01-Jul16:10DoncasterBint Dandy8.005.00YES4.501.47LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
01-Jul16:40DoncasterWalk Like A Giant34.0034.00YES65.0010.14LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
01-Jul19:15BeverleyVictoire de Lyphar8.0012.00YES11.972.35LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
02-Jul14.00SandownLog Out Island9.009.00YES10.183.8LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
02-Jul14.15HaydockLady Of Camelot9.007.00YES8.642.41LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
02-Jul18.35CarlisleRight Action7.0015.00YES18.625.80LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
03-Jul14.55AyrHenpecked5.504.50YES5.101.71LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
03-Jul16.00AyrZeshov10.0013.00YES15.164.30LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
03-Jul17.4AyrSecret Millionaire4.507.00YES8.502.36LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
04-Jul19.35WindsorBashiba8.509.00YES9.423.01WON-EW£ 18.00£ 19.20£ 19.82
04-Jul20.15RiponCorton Lad6.206.50YES7.182.14LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
05-Jul14.25WolverhamptonLangley Vale7.507.00YES6.502.72WON-EW£ 16.25£ 15.00£ 13.72
06-Jul18.15KemptonPaladin6.009.00YES7.112.33LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
06-Jul18.45KemptonZain Emperor7.005.50YES5.962.41LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
06-Jul19.15KemptonRajar13.0015.00YES28.584.52WON-EW£ 28.80£ 33.60£ 59.09
07-Jul14.50DoncasterAct of Freedom4.505.50YES5.701.49LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
07-Jul15.45NewmarketA Momentofmadness17.0017.00YES20.846.12LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
07-Jul16.30DoncasterBajan Rebel5.505.00YES5.401.63LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
08-Jul14.05NewmarketEvergate7.5010.00YES8.932.22LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
08-Jul15.10NewmarketEternally7.007.00YES5.702.39PLACED£ 1.00£ 1.00£ 0.64
08-Jul16.10AscotCalifornia11.0010.00YES10.953.40WON-EW£ 24.00£ 21.60£ 23.47
09-Jul15.15AscotRichard Pankhurst15.0017.00YES22.245.91LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
09-Jul15.40YorkMr Singh8.5011.00YES12.003.26LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
09-Jul17.20YorkFranca Florio5.507.00YES6.602.00WON-EW£ 10.80£ 14.40£ 12.54
10-Jul15.15SouthwellBe On Time15.0013.00YES23.163.15LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
10-Jul16.20SouthwellMr Mcguiness6.007.00YES6.261.90WON-EW£ 12.00£ 14.40£ 11.70
11-Jul16.45ChelmsfordChella Thriller8.0013.00YES20.314.94LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
11-Jul20.00WindsorPacolita5.006.50YES7.802.48PLACED(£ 0.40)£ 0.20£ 0.81
12-Jul14.50BeverleyMinty Jones15.0011.00YES8.202.55PLACED£ 3.60£ 2.00£ 0.94
12-Jul16.00BeverleyDaghash8.0015.00YES16.942.72LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
12-Jul16.30BeverleyRelight My Fire6.005.00YES6.421.94PLACED£ 0.00(£ 0.40)(£ 0.21)
13-Jul16.10LingfieldPotters Lady Jane11.0012.00YES15.273.80LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
13-Jul17.30CatterickChauvelin6.007.00YES8.002.78PLACED£ 0.50£ 1.00£ 1.38
14-Jul14.20LeicesterAshford Island11.0011.00YES11.502.82LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
14-Jul15.25LeicesterSubtle Knife6.0012.00YES14.002.84WON-EW£ 12.50£ 27.50£ 28.20
14-Jul15.55LeicesterFoible7.5013.00YES18.743.20LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
14-Jul18.10EpsomDuke of North8.006.00YES5.922.16LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
*17-Jul13.55RedcarAndok16.0010.00YES5.832.16WON-EW£ 36.00£ 21.60£ 11.38
17-Jul15.35RedcarKiringa15.0011.00YES11.003.03PLACED£ 3.60£ 2.00£ 1.86
17-Jul16.45RedcarDesert Ace8.0013.00YES11.073.95LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
17-Jul17.20RedcarNouvelli Dancer5.004.50YES5.451.99PLACED(£ 0.40)(£ 0.60)(£ 0.12)
18-Jul15.40AyrAffectionate Lady7.007.00YES6.602.08LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
18-Jul16.10AyrArchie’s Advice5.007.50YES5.462.00WON-EW£ 9.60£ 15.60£ 10.37
18-Jul20.40BeverleyGabrial’s Hope17.0015.00YES19.044.11WON-EW£ 40.00£ 35.00£ 40.19
19-Jul18.20ChelmsfordBismarck The Flyer13.0029.00YES29.144.91LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
19-Jul18.50ChelmsfordSteal The Scene13.0015.00YES19.004.00PLACED£ 2.80£ 3.60£ 3.70
19-Jul19.10NottinghamAce Master26.0021.00YES22.185.50PLACED£ 8.00£ 6.00£ 6.55
20-Jul13.50LingfieldNorthdown9.5011.00YES10.322.64WON-EW£ 20.40£ 24.00£ 20.82
20-Jul15.50LingfieldDalavand8.009.00YES8.202.77LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
21-Jul15.50YarmouthGinger Charlie21.0021.00YES38.006.00LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
21-Jul17.35NewburyNafaath7.507.00YES12.792.88LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
21-Jul18.35NewburyRising Eagle8.007.50YES13.503.85LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
22-Jul14.30ThirskCheerfull Character9.0017.00YES24.603.75LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
22-Jul15.05ThirskBear Essentials9.009.00YES6.602.42LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
23-Jul14.25YorkPerfect Summer9.0013.00YES14.004.01LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
23-Jul15.30NewcastleDesktop9.007.00YES6.452.46LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
23-Jul20.40LingfieldR Bar Open6.006.00YES10.612.90PLACED£ 0.00£ 0.00£ 1.61
24-Jul14.10CarlisleLocal Artist11.009.00YES11.122.15LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
24-Jul14.40CarlisleTrick of the Lyte8.0017.00YES17.504.81PLACED£ 0.80£ 4.40£ 5.24
24-Jul16.35PontefractEvangelical9.0017.00YES44.148.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
24-Jul17.00CarlisleKnight of the Air7.506.50YES8.741.89LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
25-Jul18.10WolverhamptonElegantly Bound15.0013.00YES13.052.72PLACED£ 3.60£ 2.80£ 1.27
25-Jul19.10WolverhamptonFilament of Gold7.506.00YES6.532.30LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
25-Jul20.40WolverhamptonBroughton’s Vision15.0015.00YES11.623.06PLACED£ 5.00£ 5.00£ 1.91
26-Jul14.10BeverleyPencaitland21.0012.00YES18.004.97LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
26-Jul13.50YarmouthMarsonic21.0017.00YES28.003.64PLACED£ 6.00£ 4.40£ 3.02
26-Jul15.30YarmouthDavid’s Duchess5.005.50YES4.711.82PLACED(£ 0.40)(£ 0.20)(£ 0.44)
27-Jul15.45GoodwoodBig Time Baby10.009.00YES13.003.05LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
27-Jul16.40RedcarMrs Biggs9.0015.00YES16.854.03LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
27-Jul17.15RedcarRun Rio Run7.0015.00YES27.006.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
28-Jul14.00GoodwoodYou’re Hired11.0011.00YES12.733.20WON-EW£ 25.00£ 25.00£ 26.47

(Note – no tips were received on 15/16 July following a problem with my trial subscription).

The complete results log for the trial to date can be downloaded here.


I complained last time that, “It’s hard to imagine how drawdowns feel unless you have personally experienced them”.

Well, this time we got to sample the exact opposite: the joy of profits. 🙂

Each Way Winners - Performance at Betfair SP

Each Way Winners – Performance at Betfair SP

I also complained in my last update that I’d really gone off Each Way Winners.

Well, I think you can take it that the love affair is well and truly back on now.

In particular, its performance at the exchange has been breathtaking: 64 points in a single month at Betfair SP is astonishing.

However, I do still have 63 bets to go until I reach my finishing line. So it’s a bit too early to get carried away.

I’ll be back after my 200th bet of course.

In the meantime, you can read more about Each Way Winners here.

Update: 1st July 2016

I’ve been on holiday in sunny Cyprus, away from the ups and downs of betting system trials. So it’s been six weeks, rather than my usual one month, since I last had anything to say about Each Way Winners.

A quick reminder then: EW Winners is a value-based service that has been around for several years and concentrates on horse racing only.

It aims to find attractively priced selections further down the field and deliver steady capital growth.

New triallist Leslie has put on 60-odd bets already…

So.. is Each Way Winners making us any money?

Sadly not. In fact, things have gone so badly that my triallist has resigned. 🙁

Fortunately Leslie has been betting at just £2 a point. And to say he was unimpressed is putting it mildly.

Even with a 100 point bank, we have lost almost half our initial capital at the prices advised by the tipster:

Advised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit(£ 94.95)(£ 76.14)(£ 17.47)
Profit (pts)-47.48-38.07-8.74
New Bank£ 105.05£ 123.86£ 182.53
%age bank Growth-47.48%-38.07%-8.74%
Wins(races w/ profit)141515
Strike rate(races w/ profit)21.21%22.73%22.73%

The complete results log makes for a dismal read.

DateTimeRacecourseSelection Pts.Advised pricePrice takenBF Win SPBF Place SPResultProfit @ advised priceProfit @ price takenProfit @ Betfair SP
19-May14:20GoodwoodEnlace1.007.508.2011.553.71LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
19-May15:05LingfieldAstra Hall1.006.007.409.512.93PLACED£ 0.00£ 0.43£ 1.67
19-May15:30GoodwoodSark1.0011.0014.5019.504.41LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
20-May15:50WolverhamptonHorseguardeparade1.007.007.605.992.26LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
20-May20:00HaydockNewera1.009.007.751.961.45LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
21-May15:25GoodwoodZhui Feng1.008.0010.5014.504.29LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
21-May17:15NewmarketMaster of Finance1.0017.0023.0026.546.60PLACED£ 4.40£ 6.36£ 8.64
21-May17:20HaydockCalder Prince1.0017.0020.0022.295.23WON-EW£ 38.40£ 43.32£ 48.49
21-May17:45GoodwoodManaboo1.007.009.0014.324.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
22-May14.50NottinghamHurricane Volta1.005.509.8011.503.22PLACED(£ 0.20)£ 1.34£ 2.22
22-May16.00NottinghamSacred Harp1.006.507.406.292.52PLACED£ 0.20£ 0.43£ 0.89
22-May17.35NottinghamStars N Angels1.006.508.208.002.69PLACED£ 0.75£ 1.42£ 1.21
23-May18.00LeicesterFirst Excel1.007.008.8010.502.68PLACED£ 1.00£ 1.71£ 1.19
23-May19.15WindsorNaadirr1.£ 0.80£ 1.12£ 0.55
23-May20.05CarlisleMuroor1.0010.0010.0011.522.97LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
24-May14.15WolverhamptonWhispering Wolf1.0010.0017.0014.504.43PLACED£ 1.60£ 4.08£ 4.52
24-May18.10WetherbyMiramonte Dancer1.008.007.606.102.74LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
25-May18:20KemptonSnappy Guest1.£ 0.50£ 1.33(£ 0.21)
25-May18:50KemptonBond Trader1.£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
25-May20:50KemptonRoyal Reef1.0013.0017.0025.805.95WON-EW£ 30.00£ 38.00£ 56.53
26-May15:20ChelmsfordKindly1.005.505.8013.522.43WON-EW£ 10.80£ 10.94£ 26.51
26-May20:05NewcastleEutropius1.0015.0015.5019.645.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
28-May16:10BeverlyCosmic Halo1.0010.0024.0025.005.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
28-May17:10ChesterModernism1.009.008.605.902.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
28-May17:30HaydockGolden Glimmer1.009.0011.0011.003.44LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
29-May14:00KelsoDesert Island Dusk1.008.508.007.401.82LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
29-May14:20FontwellQuilinton1.0015.0017.0031.496.91LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
30-May13:45RedcarTancred1.0013.0010.509.172.66PLACED£ 2.80£ 1.61£ 1.15
30-May14:15RedcarTawayna1.006.507.009.053.10LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
30-May15:25RedcarTawdeea1.007.508.4014.053.63LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
31-May19:20LingfieldSherdat1.0013.0012.0022.814.13LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
01-Jun16:00NottinghamCalifornia1.009.009.607.702.56LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
01-Jun19:10ChelmsfordIsland Sea1.008.505.984.801.89LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
01-Jun20:10ChelmsfordVictorious Laugh1.0034.0038.00170.9915.75LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
02-Jun18:10KemptonDostoyevsky1.0010.007.006.301.89LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
02-Jun19:40KemptonFashaak1.006.505.706.172.36LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
03-Jun20:50GoodwoodManaboo1.£ 9.60£ 6.84£ 6.92
04-Jun15:45EpsomLathom1.0034.0032.0054.9311.00LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
04-Jun16:30EpsomCloth of Stars1.009.0010.059.203.32LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
04-Jun17:40DoncaterAbsolute Zero1.0026.0013.5018.124.55LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
06-Jun20:45PontefractCaptain Scooby1.0015.0013.5033.914.60LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
07-Jun15:45SalisburyStar Jeannie1.007.408.608.832.74LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
07-Jun16:15SalisburyNatural Beauty1.009.008.8016.223.8LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
07-Jun20:50LingfieldNosey Barker1.007.005.404.981.94LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
08-Jun15:00BeverlyWindforpower1.0011.007.8010.763.45LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
08-Jun19:30KemptonHijiran1.009.0016.5029.426.00LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
09-Jun17:25YarmouthMywayistheonlyway1.009.0018.0010.273.25LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
09-Jun19:45HaydockSidewinder1.0015.0012.0019.543.81LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
10-Jun14:00YorkRubiesnpearls1.007.0015.0020.895.05LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
10-Jun15:10YorkNazik1.006.509.608.402.94LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
10-Jun15:30SandownExtremity1.0012.0013.5014.424.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
11-Jun14:50ChesterNewera1.007.006.508.62.97LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
11-Jun16:00ChesterAppleton1.007.008.0010.52.60LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
12-Jun14:00DoncaterBaddilini1.008.506.005.762.05LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
12-Jun15:00DoncaterRoseborg Rider1.007.0011.0013.653.40LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
13-Jun15:00CarlisleKeenes Point1.006.506.508.442.55LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
13-Jun20:20WindsorTam O’Shanter1.005.506.5012.153.73LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
14-Jun15:40AscotWaady1.0013.0014.0010.183.99LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
14-Jun20:40BeverlyJintshit1.£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
15-Jun15:05AscotVona1.0019.0026.004013.86LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
15-Jun15:40AscotAlways Smile1.0010.004.505.92.56PLACED£ 1.60(£ 0.67)£ 0.96
15-Jun17:00AscotDonchaa1.0012.0011.0014.223.72LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
16-Jun15:30ChelmsfordIntrude1.£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
16-Jun15:40AscotSoveriegn Plate1.008.508.008.833.15LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)
17-Jun17:35AscotTwilight Payment1.0013.0021.0042.6613.27PLACED£ 2.80£ 5.60£ 21.31
17-Jun17:55RedcarDouglass Bank1.0011.0010.0011.204.18LOST(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)(£ 4.00)


It’s hard to imagine how drawdowns feel unless you have personally experienced them.

Look at this graph and try to imagine…. you’ve banked a few points, all is going well… then bang!  A complete collapse follows…

Each Way Winners Performance

Each Way Winners Performance

I said last time that I liked the sound of Each Way Winners.

Well, I have to say, I’m less keen now.

However, I’ve decided to pick up the trial from Leslie. Because there does seems hope for the service when betting at Betfair SP (BSP) only. Remarkably, we lost just 8 points at BSP in contrast to the 47 point drawdown at advised prices.

This change means there will be a gap in the trial results between when Leslie pulled out and I picked it up.  But there’s little I can do about that – and I’m not convinced it’s significant from a testing perspective as we will still run up the same number of bets in the end.

I’ll be back with my next report in early August.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Each Way Winners here.

Introduction: 19th May 2016

Something I have long been fascinated with is the potential of each-way betting.

The original purpose of each-way bets was – and indeed is – to encourage punters to back something other than a favourite. As bookies often get burned when favourites win.

On a side-note, I’m amused by the now-established narrative that the bookmakers have lost a lot of money on Leicester City’s Premier League win. I am dubious at best and shedding few tears. They have, of course, banked a simply astronomical amount of money from punters who backed Chelsea, Arsenal and the rest…

But back to today: because the mere existence of each-way odds should make us ponder… are they perhaps the bookies’ way of incentivising us to bet on longshots?

And if so, perhaps they can, sometimes, offer great value?

Well, I know a gent called Ben who certainly thinks so.

Welcome then to my new trial of his service, Each Way Winners!

Each Way Winners is an appealingly straightforward service that aims to do just one thing well.

It issues horse racing tips for use in bookmakers’ each-way win markets.

The service emphasises three things in its sales literature:

1. It aims to be selective.

Value-oriented tips are generated each day from specialist software.  So we should expect no more than a handful of daily selections, making it quick and easy to use.

2. Investment-style approach.

This is not a service that aims to find improbable wins from huge outsiders.  Selections are more typically issued at middling prices, between odds of 5 to 20, where the place part acts as a kind of insurance.

At this price point, no single win is likely to define the trial, though a series of wins just might.

As Ben explains,When you bet like I do, it is like making an investment and watching it grow, as opposed to just blindly following the racing tips in the newspaper every day in the hope of striking it rich”.

3. Long track record.

Each Way Winners has apparently been around for quite some time.

According to the sales page, “My selection processes have been honed over 9 years and over 5,000 selections, and they have set me up with a very nice lifestyle thanks to the returns I get which are much better than a bank will give you”.

That’s a lot of bets… though of course, as ever, we will form our opinion at Lay Back based solely on our own test results.


I like the sound of Each Way Winners.

It has a clearly thought through approach that I would like to see work because it just makes sense.

Betting on favourites is very unlikely to get you far — though it’s amazing how many tipsters do it — whereas the losing runs associated with backing longshots can be heart-breaking.

Each-way bets on mid-priced horses may therefore offer the right mix of value and strike rate. Let’s hope so anyway.

New triallist Leslie will run the test for us. We’re aiming at 200 bets in all and will be back in a month’s time with the first progress update.

In the meantime, you can read more about Each Way Winners here.

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