15th April 2022

Double Betting Tips Review: Update Five

Things have changed a fair bit since the last update to my Double Betting Tips trial and there are now other bets included with the usual double bets.

The tipster stated that he was going to change things up a bit to make things a bit smoother. Most people prefer regular wins so he suggested his members back the tips as singles as well as a doubles.

It hasn't always been as straight-forward as that as some are each-way and some straight win, but it says clearly next to each selection what the bet is.

The results haven't started well with this new format and it was the first month in the trial that I have lost money, to the tune of £140.20.

Double Betting Tips – Update FiveAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 140.70)(£ 140.20)
Profit (pts)(14.1)(14.0)
New Bank£ 1,126.10£ 1,123.40
% Bank Growth12.61%12.34%
Winning Bets88
Total Bets3737
Strike Rate21.62%21.62%

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I said that I was going to run the trial for six months, so that's what I will I do. I am quite intrigued to see if the new format does improve results, but it doesn't look so promising at the moment.

I'll come back with my final set of results next month.

Update Four: 14th March 2022

There was only one winning bet for Double Betting Tips this month but it was just enough to finish with a profit.

The double was priced at odds of 19.25, so I made £192.50 profit using my £10 stakes.

It was a shame that the service couldn't find another winning double for the month, as I ended up being left with a profit of just £12.50 after the rest of the bets.

Double Betting Tips – Update FourAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 14.80£ 12.50
Profit (pts)1.51.3
New Bank£ 1,266.80£ 1,263.60
% Bank Growth26.68%26.36%
Winning Bets11
Total Bets1919
Strike Rate5.26%5.26%

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I have come this far, so I am going to keep going with my trial for six months and see where things stand then. I will be back next month with my latest results report.

Update Three: 15th February 2022

After a solid start to my trial with over £200 profit, things have slowed down a bit and the last two months have finished with a much lower profit.

The total profit for my trial is up to £251.10 based on £10 per pt stakes and that is a 25.1% increase to the bank.

Although I am pleased with those results, I feel like I need to see more to make sure it wasn't just a flukey first month with the double winning at 31.5.

The service is quite new and there aren't long-term results to fall back on, so I am going to be running this trial for longer than my usual 3 months.

Double Betting Tips – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 14.80£ 14.50
Profit (pts)1.51.5
New Bank£ 1,252.00£ 1,251.10
% Bank Growth25.20%25.11%
Winning Bets55
Total Bets2222
Strike Rate22.73%22.73%

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Let's see if this tipster can come up with some more winning doubles in this next month or so. I will be back in March with my next update.

Update Two: 15th January 2022

I added £33.00 to my Double Betting Tips bank in the second month of my trial and my total bank growth is now almost a quarter at 23.7%.

Although it was a much smaller profit than in the first month, the ROI was 15.71%, which is still a great return on my money.

As I mentioned in my first update, I have been keeping a tally of how the bets perform as singles and each-way bets too.

Betting each-way would have lost £30.70 and singles would have lost £40.00, so betting as straight doubles was definitely the better option this time.

Double Betting Tips – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 33.40£ 33.00
Profit (pts)3.33.3
New Bank£ 1,237.20£ 1,236.60
% Bank Growth23.72%23.66%
Winning Bets44
Total Bets2121
Strike Rate19.05%19.05%

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It was another positive month for Double Betting Tips and I hope to be able to report further profit in the third month of my trial.

I will be back next month with my next set of results.

Update One: 15th December 2021

Since starting my trial of Double Betting Tips last month, my starting bank has already increased by 20.4% with £203.60 profit at £10 stakes.

There were actually only 3 winning doubles for the month but 1 of them was at a big price of 30.5/1 (31.5) to give a very nice profit.

From then on there was quite a long losing period, until the service went and delivered 2 winning doubles in 1 day!

I was interested to see how the tips would perform if they were bet as each-way doubles or just as singles, so I have been tracking results for those too.

Betting each-way would have given £183.80 profit and as singles, £255.20 profit.

As it stands, betting as singles would give the most profit but that could change during a longer period of time.

Either of those options may be more suitable if you struggle with runs of losing bets.

Double Betting Tips – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 203.80£ 203.60
Profit (pts)20.420.4
New Bank£ 1,203.80£ 1,203.60
% Bank Growth20.38%20.36%
Winning Bets33
Total Bets2424
Strike Rate12.50%12.50%

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It is a great start and I am looking forward to seeing how the service gets on in the next couple of months.

Even if it turns out that betting on the selections as singles is a better option, it doesn't really matter to me so long as it churns out a profit.

Introduction: 17th November 2021

I love to try out betting services that offer something a little bit different, so I was definitely intrigued when I came across Double Betting Tips.

Rather than just betting on horses as singles, their strategy is to combine bets into doubles for maximum value.

They research two bets each day using form data on horses, trainers and jockeys and then they put them in a straight win double. This means that profits can be big but you need both horses to win so it is a bit more difficult.

Of course, you could also just bet on the selections as singles or lower the variance by placing each-way doubles instead, but they say that the best results have come from backing them as straight win doubles.

The bets are sent out by email, usually in the evening before the races but occasionally on the same day. They come with the advised price of the double and there is also staking advice.

I will be recording results from the tips for the next few months and will post an update each month.

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