15th May 2016

Delay React Trade Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

I kicked off my long-running trial of Delay – React – Trade before last Christmas. And it’s been quite an experience since.

I procrastinated a little at the outset as DRT is enormous – or, as I described it in my first progress report in January, “just too huge and important to ignore”.

But I did eventually get my head around the training videos and finally started putting on a few bets. I began to make modest profits too and was finding the learning process enjoyable. After all, this was an education that was making me money.

Months #2 and #3 however soon dampened my enthusiasm, leaving me £32 in the red overall with three-quarters of the trial gone. Indeed, they were such a sobering experience that I decided to take a break from it.

Recently however, I’ve started using the product again – and, with the European football season now coming to its annual conclusion, I too have finally completed my trial.

So… did my increased experience with DRT lead to an overall profit in the end?

Delay React Trade

Delay React Trade

The high-level summary reveals that, once again, I’ve made a modest loss.

Delay React Trade Bet & Go DRT inplay trades Pre-Match Advice / In-Play Trading Bonus Strategy Totals
Month #1        
Profit £0.00 £0.00 £24.74 £0.00 £24.74
Bets 0 0 9 0 9
  Month #2        
Profit £1.63 -£55.03 £23.85 -£5.00 -£34.55
Bets 28 34 45 1 108
  Month #3        
Profit £12.80 -£6.39 -£29.46 £0.00 -£23.05
Bets 2 17 22 0 41
  Final Period – Months 4 to #6        
Profit £0.00 -£1.40 -£19.97 £0.00 -£21.38
Bets 0 28 13 0 41
  Whole Trial        
Profit £14.43 -£62.82 -£0.84 -£5.00 -£54.24
Bets 30 79 89 1 199

You can download the complete results log by clicking here.  As you’ll see, it really has been the most frustrating of trials.

Especially because there are so many things I like about DRT

The Things I Like About Delay-React-Trade…

1. It’s extremely professionally put together.

In addition to a well-written manual and a sea of beautifully presented training videos, Clive issues a detailed daily bulletin that previews the trading opportunities you can expect that afternoon and evening.

And this is no high-level summary. Every bulletin contains a thorough match-by-match analysis exploring potential trading angles and possible market entry and exit points. It’s quite extraordinary.

2. Clive is consistently available and supportive.

For instance, he regularly runs in-play trading events in a private chatroom where members can ask questions, make suggestions and share successes and failures with both him and other members.

The level of support in DRT is, without doubt, as good as I have seen anywhere. And Clive is always great fun. His chatroom humour is very much of the ‘corny Dad joke’ variety, but all the same, it lifts the general mood and keeps things rolling along nicely.

3. The service is flexible enough to accommodate members at every level, from beginner to expert

For instance, the videos are graded into three levels – beginner, intermediate and expert – which does help reduce the initial sense of overwhelm.

Clive is also always patient with basic questions asked by chatroom newbies: which is commendable in such a fast-paced environment. There is always a risk of a degree of cliquey behaviour in such groups but I found them mutually supportive and welcoming.

4. Clive’s whole approach is based on statistics and research.

Every single recommendation he makes is backed up by facts and figures. He often turns down attractive opportunities in the chatroom on the basis that he doesn’t have convincing numbers to hand, and is reluctant to take a speculative punt.

All of which makes me wonder: why didn’t I make any money?

Which brings me to….

The Things I Don’t Like About Delay-React-Trade.

1. Too much time is required to use this service – unless, maybe, you’re a huge football fan.

I appreciate that this may sound like a general criticism of trading services, but I mean it quite specifically here.

DRT just may be simply too big, too varied and too time-consuming to master. I think it would do better if it focussed on either:

  • bet-and-go selections
  • pre-match trading strategies (that you later implement in-play), or
  • live in-play trading in the chatroom.

Instead, it’s a mix of all three. And I found myself getting muddled up in-play, often trying to follow through on strategies that were advised pre-match, whilst also attempting to track new trades that Clive is constantly flagging up ‘live’.

2. I’m simply not convinced about the value of the in-play trades.

I made an overall loss simply because I entered the chatroom and traded live.

I found the pre-match advices to be more thoroughly researched, and, importantly, based on teams that Clive was obviously very familiar with.

In contrast, several of the advised in-play trades were on games where Clive openly admitted he didn’t know the participants. The bets were based solely on in-play data, the integrity of which was sometimes challenged, even by Clive himself.

I would therefore strongly advise that a new user sticks to trading the games advised in the daily bulletins. The logic behind the pre-match recommendations is always robustly argued and takes account of historic performance over both the short and longer term.

3. Is It Just ME?

Every time I skipped a weekend with the live chatroom service, it would appear, from the comments made by other members the next time I logged in, that I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Huge wins seemed to be guaranteed for other participants just by my decision not to trade. It was enormously frustrating: so maybe it was just me?

Now, I am prepared to believe that either I was just unlucky or that other, more experienced, DRT members are making significant amounts of money, having successfully navigated the initial learning curve.

But I note too both the reassuring comments made by several of my readers and the well-known tendency of all gamblers to trumpet wins and bury losses.

I haven’t seen the results logs of other traders, but, as you can see here, mine contains both triumphs and disasters.

4. I remain fundamentally unconvinced about the value of arbitrarily delaying trades until the very last moment.

A repeated mantra of the service is the ‘D’ – “delay” – of DRT: the idea being to reduce your liabilities and maximise your winnings by entering in-play trades late in the game.

There are two problems with this idea.

Firstly, it means you miss a lot of opportunities. And I can assure you, there is nothing more frustrating than listening to the whoops and hollers of other members who didn’t delay, but did profit, from the goal scored the moment before you finally decided to enter the market.

And secondly, it means you will lose a lot of trades. A bet at 1.07 is priced as such for a reason. It does not, in fairness, carry the same risk as a bet at 1.5, but neither does it present the same opportunity.

Betting on an unlikely outcome when there is very little time left in a game self-evidently reduces the frequency of wins.

Delaying does not, in itself, introduce an edge: it just lowers your strike rate and ensures you win larger amounts less often. Which in turn means you will experience a small number of wonderful moments and a whole pile of trivial failures.


It’s difficult to sum up the trial of such a big product in just a few words.

DRT sets a new standard in the professionalism of its supplier and the thoroughness of the research on which it’s based. It’s that well put together.

But ultimately it just didn’t work for me.

And, as I’ve just explained above, I remain unconvinced about the mathematical value of arbitrarily delaying trades.

Now, I am quite prepared to believe that a lot of people are making good money with DRT. My guess is that they are big footy fans who add their own analysis to Clive’s and thereby develop into expert traders. Good luck to them!

But for me, based on my results, I can only award a Neutral rating. I’d love to be proven utterly wrong though so feel free to disagree by leaving a comment below.

If however, you’d just like to find out more about DRT, you can do so here.


Update: 7th March 2016

I’ve been using Clive Keeling’s Delay – React – Trade for three months now. So the initial sense of ‘overwhelm’ has gone.

It’s a huge product, containing a remarkable array of trading techniques that are explained at length in both video and written format.

I had a positive first month, but lost a little money in month two, to leave myself around ten pounds down as I approached the third period.

So… did my greater experience with the product yield greater profits this time around?

Or did I continue to find the experience somewhat tantalising?

Delay React Trade

Delay React Trade

Once again, it’s been a slightly frustrating month – to the extent that I’ve taken a break from it for a week or two.

As you can see from the summary data, I’m £30 or so overdrawn with only around 40 bets between me and my planned 200 bet finishing line.

DRT Trial Bet & Go DRT inplay trades Pre-Match Advice / In-Play Trading Bonus Strategy Totals
  Month #1        
Profit £0.00 £0.00 £24.74 £0.00 £24.74
Bets 0 0 9 0 9
  Month #2        
Profit £1.63 -£55.03 £23.85 -£5.00 -£34.55
Bets 28 34 45 1 108
  Month #3        
Profit £12.80 -£6.39 -£29.21 £0.00 -£22.80
Bets 2 17 22 0 41
Whole Trial        
Profit £14.43 -£61.42 £19.38 -£5.00 -£32.61
Bets 30 51 76 1 158

I began the month by focussing on the pre-match advices, which is where I’d had most success in the first two periods.

But for whatever reason, the pre-match magic eluded me this time, to the point where I eventually switched back to the in-play selections that I’d struggled with in month #2.

This distinction may sound a bit confusing but is important. Both types of trade are handled once games are in progress. The difference is that:

  • Pre-match advices are based on statistical analysis that Clive issues in the morning and draw on historical information.
  • In-play trades are based solely on statistics gleaned during live games and may even relate to teams that Clive is unfamiliar with.

Overall, I have done more pre-match advice trades than anything else and they do remain marginally in profit. When you add in ‘Bet & Go’ selections — which are, in effect, a pre-match call as well — the suggestion would appear to be that the in-play data may be less reliable.

That said, during the in-play trading, there are lots of Clive’s customers in the chatroom who appear to be doing very well. Several times I missed out on winning trades by a whisker when others were cheering huge successes.

I must confess to having been left, at times, feeling: is it just me!?

Maybe it is!


The full results log for the trial is available for download here.

It is inevitable that different users will get varying results.

Timing plays a big part in any trading endeavour but is particularly important when the key instruction issued by the service is to “delay” your market entry.

Personally, I remain unconvinced about this idea.

Yes, delaying can lead to some spectacular wins.

But it also guarantees frustration as inevitably, crucial goals are scored whilst the trader is waiting to strike.

And there is nothing quite as galling as seeing a big prize slip agonisingly away whilst the rest of the chatroom appears to be whooping it up and generally engaging in mutual congratulation.

All that said, I still can’t feel negative towards DRT. It feels like a complete trading education, with the added bonus of Clive’s astonishingly energetic support.

So… I will give it one last go, and return when I’ve reached my 200 bet milestone.

In the meantime, you can find out more about DRT Club here.


Update: 6th February 2016

It’s been two months since I started paddling on the shore of the vast ocean that is Clive Keeling’s Delay – React – Trade.

However, in contrast to my first month, which was largely about just getting my feet wet, this time I really dived in. 🙂

I made a small profit last time of around £24.

My Dream Home … >> sigh <<

So.. have I now retired to my dream home in Brittany, to spend the rest of my days peering out from a misty cliff-top into the Bay of Biscay?

Or did I get out of my depth in dangerous currents and have to call the lifeguard!?

Delay React Trade

Delay React Trade

There have been good days and bad days but I haven’t drowned yet.

I’ve lost a small amount of money this month to finish just under £10 down to date: but my performance has been very lopsided, as we shall see.

Now, there are few services as enormous as DRT. So testing it is no small undertaking.

It contains three major components, plus a bonus strategy, and, perhaps somewhat unwisely, I decided this month to give them all a try.

The different categories are:

  • Bet and Go selections
  • Pre-Match Advices for In-Play Trading
  • In-Play trades
  • Bonus Strategy

We can more or less ignore the fourth, bonus, category, as I only did one of these (and lost £5).

The other three however produced wildly varying results.

1. Bet and Go

These are traditional tips that you place before kick-off then forget about until afterwards.

I did 28 “Bet and Go” selections and effectively broke even with a tiny net profit of £1.63 after 5% commission.

2. Pre-Match Advices for In-Play Trading

These are what you may call the ‘core offering’ within DRT. They are trades you perform in-play based entirely on Clive’s pre-match analysis, as laid out in his Daily Bulletin.

This was the only trade type I attempted in month #1 when I finished with a £24.74 profit from just 9 trades across 8 games.

This time, I added a further £23.85, though it took me 45 more trades to do it.

In all, I have now made £48.59 from trading against Clive’s pre-match research – though it has taken me 54 trades to do so.

I can’t help feeling that I could often have been bolder – perhaps waiting longer to cash out, for instance – but then, I’ve been feeling my way somewhat and hope yet to improve.

3. In-play Trades

Although, on the face of it, these may sound similar to category 2, they’re quite different.

They are trades that are advised in real-time, based solely on in-play statistics that Clive advises through his Twitter feed. They do not have anything to do with the research in the Daily Bulletin and have more of an “on-the-fly” feel to them.

To date, the in-play trades have been my downfall. I have carried out 34 such trades and lost £55.03 in the process. 🙁

I sense, but can’t prove, that we’ve been very unlucky at times however. Many of the in-play trades are at short prices, often late in a game, and depend upon a sudden reversal of fortunes if they are to pay off. Very rarely has such a reversal occurred yet!

For instance, late in the Sassuolo v Roma game on 2nd Feb, with both teams creating plenty of goal-scoring chances, Clive suggested a small in-play bet on a final score of 1-2.

The score at the time was 0-1 and I managed to obtain odds of 23.0 on the recommended scoreline. So I placed a quarter point bet, in line with DRT’s cautious staking plan and waited.

The game finished 0-2 – but Sassuolo missed a penalty kick at the death!

If the penalty had gone in, I would now be reporting a +£2 profit on the In-Play Trades instead of a £55 loss. 🙁

And there have been several other examples, too heart-breaking to relate.


The complete results log for every trade in the trial so far can be downloaded here.

The top-level statistics, in case you can’t bring yourself to wade through that lot, look like this:

Bet & Go DRT inplay trades Pre-Match Advice / In-Play Trading Bonus Strategy Total
Month #1 Profit £0.00 £0.00 £24.74 £0.00 £24.74
Month #1 Trades 0 0 9 0 9
Month #2 Profit £1.63 -£55.03 £23.85 -£5.00 -£34.55
Month #2 Trades 28 34 45 1 108
Whole Trial Profit £1.63 -£55.03 £48.59 -£5.00 -£9.81
Whole Trial Trades 28 34 54 1 117

There is something slightly addictive about DRT. I feel that I am within a whisker of cracking it and yet here I am, sitting on an overall loss of £10.

The pre-match bulletins appeal to me especially, as I feel I really understand why and what I’m trading, so I may concentrate on them more in future.

I won’t give up on the in-play stuff however, as it is an important part of the service and I still believe we’ve just been a bit unlucky at times – as in the case of Sassuolo above.

I’m going to pass on the Bet & Go selections, and the bonus method, for now. DRT is positioned as a trading product rather than a tipster service so Bet & Go looks a bit of a distraction.

There’s a long way to go yet — I’ve only done 117 trades — but realistically, I do think I need to be reporting a net overall profit by the end of month #3.

I’ll be back in early March to let you know whether that’s the case.

Meanwhile, you can read more about DRT Club here.


Update: 7th January 2016

I’m a big fan of trading as it seems to me the best way of reliably extracting profits from the markets.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m a control freak and like to labour under the illusion that I am applying my skill and experience in order to make money!

Either way, I suppose it was inevitable that, sooner or later, I would have to look at Clive Keeling’s Delay React Trade platform.

The reason being: it’s just too huge and important to ignore.

So, with something akin to a giant gulp when I finally opened it up and tried getting to grips with it, here I am with my first monthly progress update.

And as ever, the big question is: am I making any money yet?

Delay React Trade

Delay React Trade

Well yes, I am, though I haven’t done that much actual trading to date.

As mentioned in my introduction, there is an awful lot to get your head round when you begin using this product. And I’ve tried to resist the temptation to dive straight in and start betting on every game on Betfair!

Instead I have concentrated on learning key strategies and familiarising myself with all the different methods and services.

Trust me, this is no insignificant task as DRT is as comprehensive a product as I’ve ever seen.

It follows that almost any review of the service is likely to be somewhat ‘impressionistic’: meaning, your final view of it will depend, to a certain extent, on the bits you happen to pick and choose.

To bring a degree of structure to the trial, I’ve decided to study the Daily Bulletins and only refer back to the training information as and when required.

When in doubt, I’ve assumed the daily guidance to be the last word on the subject and followed that.

Now you might think this approach isn’t entirely sensible, but, to me, one slightly surprising aspect of DRT is the lack of explicit reference to specific strategies in the match guidance that forms the bulk of the daily bulletin.

The strategies are very much part of DRT – indeed, they are explained at great length in writing and on video — but they are used more as context for particular games rather than a simple checklist.

Think of the product as more of an education than a list of one-size-fits-all strategies.

So, instead of saying ‘for this match, please use strategies 4 and 7′, a strategy will be generally embedded in the discussion of ‘Profitable Opportunities’: but it usually won’t be explicitly referred to by name.

There is also something quite soft and imprecise about some of the advice: which, I think, will appeal to certain folks (‘Clive is treating us as adults and leaving room for discretion’) but not to others (‘It’s too vague: I prefer rigid rules!’).

A good example came with a match I didn’t trade: Livorno v Ascoli on 23rd December in Italy’s Serie B.

Clive’s daily bulletin advised: “Definitely oppose Ascoli should they magic up the first goal (albeit acknowledge no win in 8 for Livorno)”.

Yes, the sentence started with the word, “definitely” but the addition in parentheses explaining why Ascoli’s opponents are perhaps not the strongest tip Clive has ever recommended, gave pause for thought.

Ascoli did ‘magic up’ the first goal – and a second one almost immediately afterwards.

So: did the “definitely oppose” instruction now still stand?

It’s not clear.

Users, I believe, are expected to use their common sense.

I didn’t trade it.

I’ve conservatively traded the grand total of nine markets to date and banked £24.73.

I started with a bank of £200 so I’ve grown my capital by 12%. Which seems pretty good for a complete DRT beginner.

Encouragingly, I’ve come out ahead seven times so am showing a 78% strike rate. 🙂

This is how the games went:

1. Rangers v Dumbarton

This was perhaps the simplest trade of the lot.

The DRT advice was quite specific: lay the score 0-0 if the first half is goalless.

It was, so I layed for a simple profit.

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
01/12/2015 Rangers v Dumbarton Lay 0-0 at half-time 4-0  N/A N/A  N/A 5.00% 9.400 £1.19 £10.00 £1.13

2. AC Milan v Crotone

Again, the advice for this one was quite to the point:

Lay any late draw. Crotone tend to avoid those in the cup.

I’m not quite sure how late is ‘late’, but 74 minutes seemed fair enough to me.

Unfortunately, there were no more goals.

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
01/12/2015 AC Milan v Crotone Lay 1-1 at 74′ 1-1 N/A N/A N/A 5.00% 1.660 £3.79 £2.50 -£2.50

3. Villareal v Real Madrid

This was a classic swing trade. Unfortunately though, we didn’t get a swing.

Clive wrote: “Oppose Villareal if they score first”: the idea being to jump on the pre-match favourite at improved odds once the home side had taken the lead – then await the inevitable comeback.

It wasn’t inevitable however. It was also my biggest loser as the home side won 1-0.

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
13/12/2015 Villareal v Real Madrid Back Real Madrid 1-0 5.600 £10.00 -10.00 5.00% N/A N/A N/A -£10.00

 4. Leicester v Chelsea – Back Over 2.5 Goals

Clive advised: “We should expect, ideally, both teams to score and over 2.5 goals.”

That word “ideally” bothered me a bit!

I went with just one of the two recommendations and bet in the Goals market.

Of course, I wished afterwards that I’d bet on Both Teams To Score as well.

Sorry Clive!

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
14/12/2015 Leicester v Chelsea Back Over 2.5 Goals 2-1 2.320 £10.00 £13.20 5.00%  N/A N/A N/A £12.54

5. Leicester v Chelsea – Back Leicester

This is a good example of imprecision in some of the selections.

Clive never quite tipped Leicester but wrote: “I would have to favour Leicester. Likely we will see a Chelsea rear guard action”.

I took that as a hint to back Leicester but bank any profits if they got in front.

wouldn’t have performed this trade if I hadn’t been watching the game on television. And I hereby promise solemnly not to follow such inexact instructions in future!

Still, I won, so frankly, who cares!? 🙂

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
14/12/2015 Leicester v Chelsea Back Leicester 2-1 3.640 £10.00 £26.40 5.00% 1.780 £20.34 £15.87 £10.01

6. Real Madrid v Real Vallecano

This was a widely reported freak result and much more straightforward from a trading perspective.

Clive wrote: “Back Real Madrid if Rayo lead at any stage”.

They did so I did.  And Real came back to win 10-2 !

I traded out when the lay odds got down to 1.01 as there seemed little reason not to.

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
20/12/2015 Real Madrid v Rayo Vallecano Back Real Madrid 10-2 1.22 £10.00 £2.20 5.00% 1.01 £12.06 £0.12 £1.98

7. PAS Giannina v Panathinaikos

I think this instruction was precise enough though again there was a slightly worrying “would” in Clive’s second sentence:

“If PAS score first, PAS will find it hard to go 2-0 up, and Panathanaikos will have a shot at an equaliser. That would be my angle into this match”.

The game followed the script and I made £3.37.

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
07/01/2016 PAS Giannina v Panathinaikos Lay PAS 1-2 11.000 £0.65 £6.50 5.00% 1.570 £4.20 £2.39 £3.37

8. Chania v Olympiakos

This was another straightforward case of the underdog scoring early, allowing traders to lock in an easy profit on the hot favourite.

Clive wrote: “Chania may score. Let’s hope they score first. I would then back Olympiakos at enhanced odds”.

This match is still playing as I write but I traded out my profit so I could include it! 🙂

Date Match Trade Result Back odds Back Stake Back income Commission Lay odds Lay stake Liability Bet Profit
07/01/2016 Chania v Olympiakos Back Olympiakos  1-4 1.300 £10.00 £3.00 5.00% 1.130 £11.50 £1.50 £1.43


Is DRT perhaps beyond strict testing, and we must simply conclude that it will appeal to some folks and not others?!

Indeed, I am tempted to say…. “If this is the sort of thing you like, you’ll like this sort of thing”!

But no! I now feel I have finally worked out a way forward. 🙂

Instead of abandoning all hope, I am going to spend the next month trading an average of one match a day from the Daily Bulletin.

I will only follow specific trading advice and will stay away from some of the more general guidelines.

I don’t know how many trades to do and would probably explode before I get anywhere near my usual target of 200 bets.

So: I’m not setting myself a finishing line just yet.

But I am enjoying Clive’s guidance immensely and remain convinced that, one way or another, DRT will prove itself to be an important product.

We must however let the results speak for themselves.

So: I’ll be back in early February with my next update.

In the meantime, you can find out more about DRT Club by clicking here.


Introduction: 1st December 2015

I’m often asked if I get fed up of trialling ‘yet another’ tipster.

And I’ll be honest here and admit that yes, there are times when I find it amazing that the pastime I love is still dominated by sports-loving fellas flogging tips!

I mean, seriously, this is 2015. Isn’t it time to move on?!

Anyway… after much waiting, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally have got my hands on an important trading product.

Welcome then to my new trial of Clive Keeling’s Delay React Trade!

Delay React Trade

Delay React Trade

So why am I so excited about it?

I have been playing with football trading service DRT for about a week. And I can tell you, it is about as well-researched and thorough as just about any product I have ever come across.

Now, when you open it up, you are presented with a lot of training material.

But the good news is that it’s a lot quicker to get through than you might first fear: as most of it is delivered in fairly short online videos.

The package is structured into three sections for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users. But you are given enough information to start trading within the first few videos at Beginner level.

DRT is based on two big ideas.

Firstly, you have to be very selective about which football matches you trade.

And secondly, once you are trading, you have to learn to be very disciplined: a concept that links back to the title of the product. Clive is at pains to point out how exercising patience at critical moments can make a big difference to returns.

The match selection criteria are explained in the training materials. So you can find your own trades if you like, though doing so is potentially time-consuming.

What DRT therefore offers instead is a subscription service where the hard work is done for you.

Every day, a full trading bulletin is provided previewing that day’s key games. Clive points out which games to trade and why, and how. He also explains why you should leave others alone.

For instance, I’ve just logged into the site and been presented with this:

Delay React Trade - Daily Briefings

Delay React Trade – Daily Briefings

What then follows is an astonishing level of detail on matches as diverse as:

  • Lamia v Atromitos in the Greek Cup
  • Bursaspor v Usakspor in the Turkish Cup
  • Torino v Cesena in the Italian Cup
  • A women’s international between Greece and France
  • Manchester City v Hull City in the English League Cup
  • Rangers v Dumbarton in the Scottish Championship.

…and so on.  And this happens every day!

Clive also offers live trading sessions via a Twitter feed where he guides members personally so that they can copy his trades.

So it’s already quite clear to me that Clive puts a huge amount of effort into his service.  


This is an enormous package and I am trying not to feel daunted by it all.

I’ve not yet worked through all the training, but I’m super-excited to make a start with this evening’s games.

I am hoping of course to learn more but am also attempting to resist the temptation to dive in and try out every single method on Day 1!

I don’t know quite how long the trial will go on for but I’ll be back as soon as I have formulated some initial impressions.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, you can find out more about DRT Club by clicking here.


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