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29th November 2019

Betfair Trading Community Review: Introduction

Betfair Trading Community review

Betfair Trading Community is a sports trading service which was founded by Ryan Carruthers several years ago.It started as a social network for traders to get together and “trade” ideas, but since then Martin Futter and Adam Williams have joined the team.The service has expanded to offer training materials, trading strategies and football stats software. […]

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23rd November 2019

Ron Williams Racing Review: Update Two

Ron Williams Racing Review

After an amazing start to my Ron Williams Racing review, month two has been a little disappointing.I finished with a £168.38 loss, but on the whole I’m still in a very good position indeed.My total profit stands at £639.00 to £10 stakes. Ron Williams Racing – Update Two Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP Profit […]

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24th October 2019

Cleeve Racing Review: Update One

Cleeve Racing Review

It has been an unfortunate month for Cleeve Racing with some close calls that meant I ended up losing £45 to £10 stakes.There was just one winning bet and seven places, one of them placing at huge odds of 29/1! On a positive note, betting each-way has made sure that profits were still coming in […]

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