14th October 2012

Bonus Bagging – An Interview With Mike Cruickshank

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Today I want to focus on the easiest and best way to make a pile of money from sports betting.

I’m thinking of course of Mike Cruickshank’s runaway success, Bonus Bagging.

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Make thousands RISK FREE

Now I have barely mentioned Mike’s product on the site lately, but continue to get asked a lot of questions about it.

So I decided to track down the man himself, and ask him a few questions about his product, to clear up the confusion.

Plus I’ve always fancied being Michael Parkinson for a day…



So this is what happened when Mike met Lucy….

Lucy.  Mike, Just what is Bonus Bagging, and why are you so excited about it?

Mike C: Bookmakers offer bonuses for registering a new account. I teach my members how to turn these bonuses into cash without any risk to their capital.  You do need some money to make the system work, but it’s never at risk.   Follow the instructions, and you’ll make a lot of money.

I work out all the bets so your money really is never at risk. It’s monkey see, monkey do.

You really can’t lose.


Lucy.  So what do you say to people who say it all sounds too good to be true?

Mike C: Go and do some research on Google. They will find thousands of positive testimonials as it’s great value for money.


Lucy: But why should anyone use your service to do this?   Can’t they just work all the bets out for themselves?

Mike C: Of course they can!   But they will spend hours trawling through all the different offers to find the right bets to place.  They also don’t know how legitimate the bookies are.  Plus they also don’t get any help if they have questions, which could lead to a costly mistake.

The advantage of Bonus Bagging is I work out the bets, find the offers and do everything apart from place the bet.  It is a huge time saver and at £27 + VAT, it’s a bargain.  It also comes with lifetime email support.


Lucy.  So is bonus bagging just for new punters, or is this a game experienced bettors can play too?

Mike C:  It’s for everybody!

We cover casino, spread betting, bookie bonuses, reload & refund offers.  There is so much on the site to do that everybody can profit from the advice.  We are also constantly adding new bookies so people keep on earning.


Lucy: What’s the best free bet offer you ever came across?

Mike C: £1000 total goals free bet from Sporting Index during Euro 2012. The minimum profit you could win was £600. A few lucky folks hit the jackpot and won over 900 quid!   There was no risk, and you only had to put on six bets to extract at least £600.   I did all the sums for my members as usual, and they just sat back and milked it.


Lucy: So if anyone reading this wants to give it a go, how should they get started, and how quickly can they expect to be making money?

MC: Just sign up here. They will be sent the welcome pack and given access to the members area.

They can ask for their first bet straight away and lock in the first profit when the free bet is credited.  Most people cover the membership fee within the first 2 days.


And that really is all there is to it.     So why not get involved now, and make yourself some ridiculously easy money.

Lucy x

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