3rd August 2022

Text Winner Review

Things haven’t got any better in the second month of my Text Winner review and I have lost more than a third of my bank already.The results on the tipster’s page at Betting Gods are looking a bit dire now, with just an average monthly profit of £22.43.Most of the tips for this service are […]

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24th July 2022

Hanbury Racing Tips Review

I finished my Hanbury Racing Tips trial with £1,569.90 profit using £10 stakes and a return on investment of 43.6%.  That works out as 52.3% bank growth, earning the service a clear pass.Richard clearly has a working system here, being able to find value horse tips at massive prices. It’s a sign of his success […]

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25th June 2022

Tennis Profits Review: Introduction

Tennis racquet and tennis ball with the Tennis Profits logo

I’m really excited to start my trial of Tennis Profits, a new tennis trading service put together by three of the biggest names in the industry.You may have already heard of Goal Profits, the football trading service that has won an amazing 21 Betting Oscars here at Lay, Back & Get Rich over the years.Tennis […]

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27th May 2022

The Rolling Aces Review

The Rolling Aces turned it around in the 3rd month of my trial, banking £198.08 profit and almost regaining what was lost in the first two months.I should be happy with this but there is something that just doesn’t sit quite right with me.Even though the staking plan isn’t a loss recovery type system, the […]

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5th May 2022

The Outside Edge Review

My trial of The Outside Edge didn’t go well and I finished with my starting betting bank down by 14.58%. The results on the sales page show that the service has taken a dip recently after four incredible months prior to my trial. It’s the trialist’s curse!There were bets sent out in both the evening […]

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24th April 2022

Miles Ahead Racing Review

The positive spell of results in month two of my Miles Ahead Racing trial didn’t last long and I lost a further £166.80 in the third month.That makes it £238.80 to £10 stakes lost for the whole trial, or a 23.9% reduction to my bank.It seems that the service has flatlined in the past 12 […]

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11th April 2022

Delay React Trade Review

Delay React Trade is a football trading service from Clive Keeling that teaches you how to make money from in-play football matches.It has been around for quite a while now and was originally reviewed here at Lay, Back and Get Rich by Lucy in 2015.While the same concepts apply, the service has evolved a lot […]

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5th April 2022

PGA Profit Review

PGA Profit Review

I have decided to bring my PGA Profit review to an end as I have now lost £957.80 in four months which is nearly half of my starting bank.The tipster did come close with some places but didn’t manage to find a tournament winner throughout my trial.He clearly spends a lot of time researching bets […]

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