29th November 2019

Betfair Trading Community Review: Introduction

Betfair Trading Community review

Betfair Trading Community is a sports trading service which was founded by Ryan Carruthers several years ago.

It started as a social network for traders to get together and "trade" ideas, but since then Martin Futter and Adam Williams have joined the team.

The service has expanded to offer training materials, trading strategies and football stats software. There's also tennis stats software currently under development.

The service is suitable for complete beginners to trading, but for more accomplished traders it is a place to get together and discuss trading angles.

The strategies available range from the well-known "Lay The Draw" to more advanced in-play systems. There are also video examples for some of these as well as a whole video section on mastering the mentality of trading, which I would say is one of the most important things to get to grips with.

The stats software looks like it will be very useful when search for potential trades. It has historical stats for worldwide leagues and it is also linked to Betfair, so you can see the live prices.

Betfair Trading Community stats software

Within the software, you can set up your own filters using any of the available stats and/or the Betfair odds. These can also be saved for future use. There are also built-in filters that Martin and Ryan often use as well as some other member's filters.

It's always difficult to review trading services, as it generally depends on the user and their trading experience as to what they will get out of it. However, I am going to put myself in the shoes of a beginner and try the stats software and strategies out for myself and see if I can make a profit.

I will report back soon with an update of how I got on.

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