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22nd September 2020

2020 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Bot

Welcome to the 2020 Betting System Oscar awards!Each year, Lay, Back & Get Rich readers vote for their favourite tipsters, betting and trading products to win one of my coveted Betting System Oscars. Once votes have been submitted, I add them up and award Oscars in several categories.The number of votes have been increasing each […]

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14th September 2020

US Racing Expert Review

US Racing Expert review

James from US Racing Expert has been on fire during the past few weeks, tipping winners left, right and centre!In fact, his performance throughout my trial has been pretty solid. He achieved a profit in 4 out of the 5 months and 3 of those were more than £500 profit to £10 stakes.I finished my […]

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24th August 2020

The Basketball Geek Review

The Basketball Geek pulled out all the stops for the return of the NBA and delivered an excellent profit.He made £151.20 profit at the available prices which meant that the total for my trial finished at £473.20 profit to £10 stakes.This was total bank growth of 63.1% and a fabulous achievement in just three months.Now […]

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5th August 2020

Cleeve Racing Review

Cleeve Racing Review

I had high hopes for Cleeve Racing but it seems that things have just gone from bad to worse in my trial.My review hadn’t started well in the first place with three losing months, but I kept going in hope that things would get better.The results did improve with two winning months but I was […]

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3rd August 2020

Vision Racing Review

Vision Racing review

It turned out to be another fabulous month in my Vision Racing review to round the trial off nicely!The service tipped two massive winners at 16/1 and 18/1 in the final month and with Best Odds Guaranteed this could have returned even more profit.The 18/1 had drifted out to an SP of 22/1 and an […]

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2nd August 2020

Is Dutching Double Dutch To You?

Dutching is a betting technique that has long divided opinion amongst punters.Some see it as little more than an elaborate hoax and that it offers potential for improved strike rates but at the risk that a single loser may wipe out a lot of slowly accumulated gains.However, exactly the same could be said of laying, […]

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22nd July 2020

8 Ways to Stop Bookies Limiting Your Account

A common complaint from successful punters is that bookmakers close or limit their accounts.You spend all your time perfecting your betting skills, and then you’re barred for using them. Is it really worth the effort?!The answer, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, is a resounding YES! There is no good reason why you should […]

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2nd July 2020

Merlin Results Radar Review

The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games. I gave my approval for the product as it is a handy tool to enhance profits and comes with excellent support.

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13th March 2020

The Horse Conqueror Review

The Horse Conqueror review

My Horse Conqueror review finished with a winning month, raising the total profit up to a remarkable £623.10 to £10 stakes.The £1,500 bank that I started with has grown by a healthy 41.5%.I haven’t had any trouble getting the prices that have been advised and overall I made a little more profit at the available […]

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