November 28, 2013

5 Free Betting Websites You Really Should Be Using !

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There are a number of betting websites I regularly reference that I have hardly ever mentioned on my site, so I thought it was high time I gave them a bit of a plug.

All of them provide huge amounts of tremendous free information. And none of them pays me a dime for saying so!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the”Should-Be-More-Famous Five”!

1. Glass Box Betting

Glass Box Betting

Glass Box Betting

This unusually titled site is one of the most independent-minded blogs on betting I have ever come across, and is based on its author’s firmly held view that the DIY approach is preferable to purchasing commercially available systems.

Whether or not you agree with this, the site unquestionably offers lots of free advice and guidance that you can instantly benefit from. It also trials some betting systems (in fact, I first came across it when I realised we were both testing Alex Rey’s Sports Service at the same time – and coming to similar conclusions).

You should also look at their Directory of Websites For Football Betting, which is as comprehensive a resource as I have found anywhere.

The site is unafraid to express forthright opinions (including about me!). However, life would be dull if we all agreed on everything, and Glass Box offers a refreshing perspective and lots of free ideas, so do take a look.

2. Fussball Wettpoint

Fussball Wettpoint

Fussball Wettpoint

Manuel Pelligrini may “not believe in statistics in football” (according to the video at the start of this BBC article), but I suspect most successful football punters probably do.

And there are few websites that can help you analyse the broad sweep of world football more thoroughly than Fussball Wettpoint.

I used to view this wonderful German site with Google Chrome’s translation facility, before I realised there was an English version (with the ‘en’ suffix –! However, both versions are equally encyclopaedic, and provide a system designer’s dream: namely, lots of free historic data!

The results information is updated incredibly quickly, no matter where the game has been played, so is a very good way of checking results from lots of different leagues without having to jump around the web.

There are useful head to head statistics, and what the site calls “Soccer Result Streaks”, which allow you quickly to become an expert on almost any league, anywhere.

Finally, there is a Live Scores facility, a thought-provoking tips page, and an active (though predominantly German-language) forum, where you can discuss upcoming games with other punters.

I use it all the time.

3. Betfair Charts

From a site that appears to try to do ‘everything’ within one sporting domain, we come to one that aims to do just one thing very well.

When trading horse racing markets, it is often important to track price improvements of different selections. Any respectable trading tool will allow you to review price graphs, as indeed does the basic browser interface; but you may find you are often restricted to regarding one chart at a time.

Step forward then the wonderfully simple Betfair Charts site.

Betfair Charts

Betfair Charts

On a single screen, you have a complete snapshot of the trading pattern being made by every selection in your chosen race.

You can refresh the charts via a button at the top of the screen, plus now there is the facility to auto-update every 20 seconds, which can be particularly helpful if you have other concurrent trading windows open, and don’t want to keep wasting time by pressing ‘Update’.

If, like I do, you believe the old stock market maxim that “The Trend Is Your Friend“, Betfair Charts is very likely to appeal.

4. Australian Sports Betting

Australian Sports Betting

Australian Sports Betting

Australian Sports Betting may be listed at number 4 in my list, but would still make the grade if I had to name just two. It’s a truly remarkable site that offers so much to experienced punters and novices alike.

It’s difficult to summarize everything on offer, but I don’t know of a UK site that’s anywhere near as good. There are:

  • superb tools and calculators you can download for free (and which I freely admit to having cannibalised for inclusion within Rollingstone)
  • articles on betting theory (including explanations of mysteries such as the Kelly Criterion)
  • comprehensive news sections on different sports (including cricket, football and horse racing)
  • a new sister site called Australia Sports Tipping that I’m still getting to grips with, but which seems promising
  • a very active forum, where you can really enjoy yourself by discussing the Ashes with our Australian friends! 🙂

Seriously, if you’ve never visited Australian Sports Betting, your betting education is incomplete.

5. Cymatic Trader

If I had to pick the stand-out best freebie for punters on the internet, Cymatic Trader would be it.

So I make no apology for finishing by returning to a website I have plugged unashamedly before…. the amazing-but-free Cymatic Trader.

Cymatic Trader

Cymatic Trader

This product is a trader’s dream.

It provides very similar capabilities to high-profile, commercial products like BetAngel and the Geek’s Toy, but at the low low price of free.

Cymatic Desktop

Cymatic Desktop


I don’t have space to list all its features, but the things that stand out to me are:

  • rapid refreshing of data
  • choice of grid or ladder interface
  • tick offsets, stop losses and automatic greening up
  • an automated trading bot that will trade on the ladder for you!
  • comprehensive charting

Frankly, it seems inconceivable that its author, Gavin, won’t start charging for Cymatic usage eventually, but for the time being at least, it represents the perfect way to find out if live market trading is for you.

And that’s it. My must-see 5 Free Betting Websites!

I hope you enjoy exploring them, and – of course – do feel free to let me know in the comments section what you think of my choices!

Maybe you know of 5 even better betting sites we should all be using?


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