August 28, 2018

2018 Betting System Oscars: Voting Open!

Lay Back & Get Rich Betting System Oscars

Welcome to the 2018 Betting System Oscars!

This is my second time running the show and I’m just as excited as I was at this time last year!

It was really interesting watching the votes come in and the winners emerge. Some of the categories were very tight, while others had runaway winners.

As always, it’s all down to you so click here to cast your votes

Voting will be open until 16th September 2018 and one lucky voter will be winning a lifetime membership to SkewTrader Pro!

The 2017 Betting System Oscars winners will be hoping for more success, but it’s all up to Lay Back & Get Rich readers as to who gets to display this badge proudly on their website.

Betting System Oscars 2018 Category Winner

Here’s a reminder of ‘who won what’ last time around:

It takes less than two minutes to place your votes, so click here and get it done. Voting closes soon!

Unlike the usual reviews where it’s all about the judgement of one person (me!) the Betting System Oscars determine what Lay Back & Get Rich readers think are the very best of the best.

There are a handful of rules:

1) Please vote only once for each category.
2) Don’t vote for services that you own or have a financial interest in.
3) Don’t vote for SkewTrader Pro (as flattering as that would be).
4) Get your vote in by the 16th September.

And good luck to everyone hoping to win that lifetime SkewTrader Pro membership!

Click here to cast your votes

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