28th September 2018

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

Welcome to the 2018 Betting System Oscar awards ceremony!

Betting System Oscars are presented to the systems, services, tipsters and software that you vote to be the very best. I was impressed by the number of Lay Back readers who voted in 2017, but this year has seen that number more than double!

That's fantastic news as it means that the winners have been endorsed by more punters - just like you and me - than ever before.

Let's get started!

The first award I am presenting this year is for "Best Horse Racing System" and (spoiler alert) it's a brand new winner!

Apart from the first Betting System Oscars in 2012, the winner of this category has been Little Acorns every single year. The winning run started in 2013, then 2014 and 2015 went the same way. However, the voting in 2016 and 2017 was incredibly close and Little Acorns only beat Each Way Sniper by one vote.

This year though... Little Acorns is not the winner!

So... has Each Way Sniper finally managed to pull off the win?

Well no, the winner of "Best Horse Racing System" is...


Trackside (which is part of the PuntHub stable) earned an easy "pass" during its trial earlier this year. Over 100 bets, I grew my bank by 41% at 23% ROI.

The tips were sent out on the day of the race, the quoted prices were easily available and even at BSP I would have enjoyed an excellent 19.4% ROI. Click here to read the full Trackside review.

Naturally, Ben and Tom (PuntHub) were delighted when I broke the news a few days ago.

They said, "It's a great honour for Trackside, the flagship service at PuntHub, to receive such a prestigious and highly regarded award from LB&GR. It’s even better to know that customers are that happy with the service we provide that they voted for us."

"We are absolutely over the moon with this award and we can't thank the readers at LB&GR and our Trackside subscribers enough for making this happen. Here’s to another solid year!"

I very much enjoyed trialling Trackside and it's nice to kick off the 2018 Betting System Oscars with a new winner.

Many congratulations to Ben and Tom!

An Exclusive 2-for-1 Deal

Last year, I asked all the Betting System Oscar winners for an exclusive deal so that LB&GR readers can give their winning system or service a try.

I will be doing the same this year and I'm delighted that Ben and Tom have agreed to an exclusive Trackside deal to kick things off.

You can get two months access to Trackside, winner of "Best Horse Racing System", for the price of one. Click on the button below and get started right away!

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