2nd November 2018

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Bot

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Bot

Welcome back to the 2018 Betting System Oscar awards!

The winner of each Betting System Oscar is decided by Lay, Back & Get Rich readers and it's fascinating to watch the votes come in. Some categories see the winner dominate and not give other products a sniff of coming out on top, then others (such as this one) are more closely fought.

This year, the number of votes has gone through the roof and only the very best betting and trading products, systems, services and tipsters have stood a chance of winning.

Today, I will be presenting the Betting System Oscar for "Best Betting Bot".

This was a brand new category in 2017, after I decided to split trading software such as Fairbot and Bet Angel away from more traditional "bot" software.

So... which bot ended up with the most votes this year?

The winner of the Betting Systems Oscar for "Best Betting Bot" is...

Bf Bot Manager

Bf Bot Manager snapped up almost 28% of the votes to end up on top (just) and keep hold of the award they won last time around.

I let Rade know of the win earlier and he said, "That is great news Amy, thank you!"

"We worked hard during last 12 months and added many improvements to our software, such as automatic importing of tips from user local Proform database and use of Betfair Stream API."

He continued, "To help users get started with our software we also created a new help center"

I love it when the best keep working hard to get even better. Congrats Rade and all your team at Bf Bot Manager!

A Great Deal Gets Better!

As I have done with all the Betting System Oscar winners, I asked Rade for the best deal he could possibly manage.. and it doesn't get any better than free!

LB&GR readers already enjoyed a free 21 day trial (the standard trial is 5 days) but Rade has now extended the free trial to 31 days!

What a fantastic deal, thank you so much Rade!

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