3rd October 2015

2015 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

2015 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

My 2015 Betting Oscars ceremony has finally reached what football commentators like to call the ‘business end of the season’.

In other words, it’s time to give out the most important honour of the lot.

And it’s an award that is, crucially, exclusively voted for by my readers.

Meaning that service providers get to find out what you really think.

So.. I will don my best frock for one last time…

…step down the showbiz stairs…

…approach the microphone…

and at last come to the dramatic climax of this year’s event!

Welcome then, one and all, to the 2015 Oscar award announcement for … Best Overall Betting Product or Service!

And, for the first time ever, the 2015 Best Product Oscar has been awarded to a winner from a previous year!

Could it be our that our 2014 champion Goal Profits, has hung on to its crown?

Or has 2013’s breakthrough product Pre-Match Trading stormed back to the top of the pile?

Or has our 2012 winner and evergreen tennis favourite Tradeshark Tennis served up a second ace?

For one of them has indeed claimed the top prize.

And so it is, without further ado, I have the great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2015 Oscar for Overall Best Betting Product or Service is….



Goal Profits Football Trading Community
Goal Profits – 2015 Best Product Oscar Winner!

Yes, this extraordinary service has claimed the crown of Best Overall Betting Product for the second year running!

Goal Profits is the product you get when somebody combines a great idea with a never-say-die attitude and an obsession for customer service.

We have tested it twice and watched it grow here at Lay Back; initially with reservations, later with admiration for the way it evolved and finally with something approaching awe.

Our original 2012 trial ended in a degree of controversy as triallist Hans-Henrik awarded a Neutral rating, to the frustration of some Goal Profits fans.

But our 2014/15 review revealed a transformed and utterly comprehensive service.

One that has since come to define what it means to trade the sports markets.

In an industry where too many products still make too many false claims, Goal Profits shines out amongst the dross.

It’s a worthy winner indeed.

When he made his acceptance speech, Goal Profits’ Steve Brown didn’t quite do a Gwyneth Paltrow – but he was very excited!

Then again, Goal Profits would be nothing without his boundless energy and commitment.

So maybe it’s unsurprising he was absolutely thrilled to be recognised by the betting public in this way…

“I am blown away!” he said. “Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for us; it’s appreciated more than you could ever know.

“Reading back through last year’s Oscar winner announcement makes me realise just how much we have achieved at Goal Profits over the past twelve months.

“Members now have access to a huge 16 trading strategies with shortlists of matches generated every single day by Team Stats.

“We have the brand new ‘Goal Profits Matrix’ which guides members through the process of building and managing a trading portfolio, ‘Team Stats Trends’ which analyses long-term performance all over the world and – crucially – every member has full and unlimited access to it all.

“Our latest addition is ‘GP Live!’ which keeps tabs on matches in-play, then alerts us to trading opportunities as they arise. There are a few bits and pieces of software around which do similar things, but we are by far the cheapest. And once we have finished development, ours will be the best too!

“Kevin Laverick and I held a couple of social events earlier in the year. They were completely free and offered a fantastic opportunity to meet members, answer questions and share trading ideas.

“We knew that a number of members had reduced their regular 9-5 job down to part-time hours with their trading going so well, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the number was much higher than we knew.

“It’s tremendously satisfying to know that we are helping people achieve what has been frustrating and unachievable before. We will never tell anyone that trading is easy (otherwise no-one would go to work on Monday morning!) but it can be done and we are seeing that happen in real-time.

“Thank you again to everyone who voted for Goal Profits and here’s to another incredible twelve months!”

Final Remarks – and a fantastic trial offer!

Goal Profits is an outstanding product and thoroughly deserves its “Overall Winner” Betting System Oscar crown.

And now you can get your hands on it for just £1!

Yes, get 7 days access simply by following this link.

You too could soon be making the sort of gains that have changed lives and made Goal Profits the first ever double winner of our Best Product Oscar.

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