28th June 2014

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Arbitrage Product

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Arbitrage Product

Welcome back to my 2014 Betting Oscars Presentation ceremony!

Last week I awarded the Betting System Oscar for Best Trading Product to long-term favourite Pre-Match Trading for the second consecutive year.

But today’s award, as voted for by readers of Lay Back And Get Rich, goes to a new kid on the betting block…

The winner of the 2014 Betting Oscar for the Best Arbitrage Product is …………

….Drum roll and gasps of anticipation, please!…

SPYMARE, the Horse Racing Arbitrage Software which I first introduced to my readers in February this year.

We ran a very successful trial and concluded that Spymare is:

  • A fantastic product, that delivers completely on the promises made on its sales page
  • Able to provide you with ongoing value (well, as much value as you can get from any arb service in the long term).

So it’s no wonder that it’s already winning awards!

Plus of course, you’ve got to like the crazy horse graphic… 🙂

Spymare Spymare
WOW!” replied May-Donna, the lady behind Spymare, when I asked her for an acceptance speech to mark the occasion.

I then asked if she could pad that out a bit, as otherwise this would be a very short article, and boy, did she! 🙂

“I was completely taken by surprise, and delighted to hear that SpyMare has attracted one of the much coveted awards on LB&GR, specifically the Best Arbitrage product for 2014.

“I am extremely grateful  to all of you who voted for the product and have taken the time to trial the product in the first instance, and of course those who followed this up with subscriptions, feedback, comments and suggestions.

“It has been a wonderful experience and I hope we have given you some pleasure, enjoyment and, most importantly, some opportunities to make some money along the way.

“It’s never easy being the new kid on a very competitive block, and to have received such positive feedback in a very short period of time is rather inspiring and gratifying to say the least. Thanks to Lucy for helping provide a platform to launch SpyMare, and all the advice and support that was given when I asked for it.

“Some of you may have noticed that SpyMare is changing.

“This is largely because of a combination of demand for the product, and the need to make the membership a little more exclusive to protect liquidity (and the members who rely upon it!).

“We have also carried out a review of the bookies we feature, and have replaced some who were underperforming with others. There have been enhancements underneath the software which we hope our members are benefiting from, and lots of updates with new features (that some of you have suggested) coming also.

“l hope to see some of you again in the future and thank you all for your continued support, and for voting for SpyMare in the awards!”

Thank you May-Donna 🙂

It’s great to see an innovative new product get the recognition it deserves.

My Betting System Oscars are voted for by readers of my site so it’s clear Spymare is delivering real user satisfaction.

I’d therefore like to add my personal congratulations to May-Donna for a well-deserved award for her great product.

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