20th July 2021

20 Minute System Review: Introduction

20 Minute System review

The 20 Minute System is a golf betting system that is said to work on gubbed accounts and only takes 20 minutes per week to use.

That had my attention right away but when I found out it was one of Mike Cruickshank's systems, I was even more intrigued.

If you haven't heard of Mike, he is basically the Godfather of matched betting and has been running the highly acclaimed Bonus Bagging service for many years.

More recently though, he has been focusing on value betting systems and the 20 Minute System is one of his latest inventions.

The system is has apparently generated 519 points profit over 18 months, so at £10 stakes that is £5,190 profit.

It comes as a piece of web-based software that finds all the bets for you and there's a quick start guide to help you get started right away.

Being a golf betting system it has a pretty low workload, given that there are usually only two events each week. I am interested to see if it really does take only 20 minutes per week to operate though.

I will be recording my own results for the system and I'll report back in a month to let you know how I get on with it.

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