SpyMare Review & Trial Conclusion!

Hi everyone, ChrisR here, new triallist at Lay Back And Get Rich, so please, be gentle with me! Thank you also to Lucy for asking me to trial the new Arbitrage tool Spymare.

Now, I’m not intending this review to cover all aspects of sports arbitrage, as there are a number of sites available on any search engine that will explain what Betting Arbitrage is (I’ll refer to it as “arb-ing” or “arbs”, from hereon in), and they will probably explain it far better than I could.

(***EDITOR’S NOTE — Ahem!!! You may also like to scroll through my Back to Basics Betting Class thread, which contains lots of free advice on arbitrage, handicap arbs, middles, inverted middles, palpable errors and more! — Lucy).

This review will therefore focus on the Spymare tool itself. And if you have no idea yet what that is, I suggest you start off with Lucy’s opening remarks about it


OK … I have agreed with Lucy that a review of the software, rather than a long trial, is much more sensible.

Arb-ing, after all, is fairly personal.

Arbers need to decide which opportunities to go for, depending on when they are available to scan for them and whether the arb meets their ROI threshold. These are matters of individual preference, and unless someone is completely new to arbs, they probably already have their own ideas of how best to approach it.

If however, you are a new arb-er, there is loads of great advice and guidance in the Spymare manual to get you up and running.

In either case though, I’d recommend a “slowly, slowly, catchee monkey” approach, until comfortable with the tool and the process.

So, without further ado, on to the review… What is Spymare?

Well, as Lucy mentioned last time, there’s a great video introduction available on the Spymare website, so rather than have me explain what Spymare is, I thought I’d take the liberty of copying it into my post:

Having seen other arb sites, this really is a unique bit of kit.

Arbs displayed elsewhere are often delayed by up to fifteen minutes, meaning they are long gone and can’t be got on.

Spymare is different. Those other arb sites seem to use a delayed process to capture and display information, possibly by comparing odds using odds comparison sites such as Oddschecker or Best Betting. It is frustrating to find a great arb with an excellent return on investment, only to find it is long gone and has been replaced with odds that present no opportunity to bet.

In contrast, Spymare doesn’t rely on odds checking websites to find its arbs. Instead, it seems to use some black magic to scan Bookie and Betfair odds directly, cutting out the middleman, and with it the risk of losing the trade.

This means arbs displayed are available at the time of scanning and gives you enough time to get both sides of the arb on before the opportunity disappears.

I’ve been looking at this for a number of days now and have seen so many great arbs appearing. But it is almost impossible to fathom how this thing works. Anyway, I haven’t questioned it, but just got on with the review!

Review Approach

For the majority of Lucy’s reviews, at least a good few hundred bets are placed by the triallist on the system or method under test, and then a ‘profit and loss’ is produced where the amount of investment and any returns are calculated.

As Spymare is an arb tool though, a different approach is proposed. Frankly, the thing either works or it doesn’t, and it won’t take 200 bets to demonstrate it!

Arb-ing is a unique game, made up of three steps:

  • reviewing an acceptable arb for a decent rate of return on an investment
  • looking at how easy the arb is to going to be to take advantage of
  • placing your bets and profiting!

So, to provide you with a decent review, I’ve taken screenshots of scans that show how the tool works.

I did this at many different times of the day, in the hope it would show there are opportunities available morning, afternoon and evening.
130214 1000 140214 1300
Almost every time I scanned using Spymare and opened the arbs up, there had been at least £20 of lay stake liquidity on Betfair, and the Bookie odds remained available for a good few minutes after having been identified.

To ensure users of the tool could have got these bets on, I’ve ensured that both sides of the bet (a back with a Bookie, followed by a lay with an Exchange) had been available for at least long enough to get a ‘matched arb’ on, before the odds shifted. I allowed 10 minutes following the scan, which should be ample time to log in to both sites and place the bets before the prices move.

If the odds did move when I tried it, or either side of the bet wasn’t available for at least 10 minutes after scanning, I didn’t include them in the review output.

I’m trying to remain calm, (can you tell?), but this thing really does seem to be the mutts nuts!

I don’t know what May-Donna, the lovely lady that has developed Spymare, has actually done here, as this looks like a one-off on t’interweb….

But what I do know is that this tool is severely under-priced. Add in the fact there is a so-called “forever life licence” available for a £97 one off fee, and I really start pee-ing my pants!

Well, maybe not literally… :-)

Honestly, there are other really good, well known arb services that are currently offering trials for £60 for the first 6 months – brilliant, but after that, it costs £240 or more every 6 months. And this tool is MUCH better than what is offer on there! For a one off fee?!

If you don’t want to pay a one off fee (and who wouldn’t, when it is only £97?), there are other very reasonable subscription rates available, starting from just £5.

Oh, plus there are free trials on offer, so you can try it for free, then stick with a very low subscription rate to begin with – something NOT always available with other services.

So, now we’ve scanned the Bookies and Betfair and found a decent arb, what the heck do we actually do with it?

Well, the tool also covers this and has some great functionality to make the most of each and every arb that it displays.

There are calculators available to perform, what I would call, a ‘Pure Arb’ – that is, a bet with the Bookie and another with Betfair, with a guaranteed return regardless of whether the selection wins or loses – in the form of a straight “Arb Calculator”.

The second option is to use the ‘Free Bet’ calculator, which gives a better return if the horse wins, but also presents no loss whatsoever should the horse lose – hence the term, I guess!

For the examples I’ve shown in my review, I’ve entered the odds from the best available arbs into both the “Arb calculator” and “Free Bet calculator”, so either eventuality is covered, and you can decide the approach you would take to suit your risk/reward preferences.

Personally, I would go for the Free Bet approach, as wins will produce some great results, with no loss to handle if the horse doesn’t come first. But of course you may prefer the straight arb approach, as at least you are guaranteed a positive return for the time it takes to put the bets on, even if it produces a smaller profit, should the horse win.

The results?

Well, see the attached screenshots of scanned Spymare screens, along with the odds input to the calculators, plus the potential returns available on those arbs.   (NB There are plenty of other examples where these came from!)

2010 Kempton Nifty Kier FREE BET 2010 Kempton Nifty Kier1315 Fakenham Hunky Dorey FREE BET 1315 Fakenham Hunky Dorey 1425 Kelso Rockawango FREE BET 1425 Kelso Rockawango 1555 Fakenham Earl Grez FREE BET 1555 Fakenham Earl Grez1610 Leicester Tullyraine FREE BET 1610 Leicester Tullyraine 1705 Wolverhampton Mighty Force FREE BET 1705 Wolverhampton Mighty Force 1735 Wolverhampton Blazing Desert FREE BET 1735 Wolverhampton Blazing Desert

So, in summary…

Spymare is:

* An absolutely fantastic product, that does precisely what it says on the tin

* Available to you with a short free trial to prove it works to your own satisfaction

* Able to provide you with ongoing value (well, as much value as you can get from any arb service in the long term).

As such, it’s definitely got to go into the Passed Systems folder.

Personally, I don’t like arb-ing. I find it’s far too pedestrian and predictable, and not exciting or challenging enough to make me want to continue using it in the longer term. I’m a trader by nature, so feel I can reduce my liabilities while having more fun than arbitrage offers.

But maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, and, given what Spymare can produce, I might need to rethink my whole ethos about betting!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of Spymare and would like to wish you luck should you choose to give it a trial.

Of course you won’t need that luck, as this is arb-ing and virtually free money just waiting for you to collect! So why not give it a whirl??


ps why not get your hands on Lucy’s free FORTY-THREE PAGE guide to making £1K per month from betting?  The methods are easy to follow and implement, and all you need to do to get it is click here!

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  1. says


    I agree with Lucy’s comment re your funds deposited.There is nothing a bookie can do other than return your money, so no harm done there.
    Regarding limiting memberships is more about protecting liquidity ( the amount of money available on the exchange ) for members to ensure there is enough lay money for all members.

    If you are still on the fence here is a copy of an email that just came in today from Dave :

    Hello May, I would like to comment on your Spymare arbitrage service, fantastic results!, betting and laying to start with on £10 bet and lays in four days I have made £124 profit, two bets boosting the profits with the BOG prices, a very good service.

    Could you tell me is there any arb friendly bookmakers you use, regards Dave.

    Steve, there are ways of minimising the risk of account closures and prolonging the life of accounts significantly.This site has some good advice on this topic alone.



  2. Steve says

    May i agree about your product working…i am saying if your taking value on prices, no amount of mug bets will stop you losing your accounts. This product is very short term.

    • ChrisR says

      Hi Steve. I agree with you and included some comments about this in the review – arb’ing has a very limited shelf life if not done correctly and you aren’t doing what you can do to check that bets placed with bookies are balanced and the Account is “seen” to be a losing one. I’m yet to find any arb service that can prevent Accounts being limited or even closed, however the review was of the tool May provides and I still stand by what I said in the trial. Anyone wanting to check this out long term really needs to review arbitrage techniques to make sure it remains on value bets. However, I don’t think there is a better tool for even a short term arb career in Spymare. It’s rude not to take free money when its on offer! :)

  3. Alan says

    I’d like to know about it now. Has it kept up with the times?

    I would like to use this but arbs do get accounts closed.

    From the screenshots, it is a total outlay of £170 for like £5 profit. REalistically, how long can anyone keep that up?

    I’d like to use this to make some money but don’t want account closures. Perhaps this can only be used for a short amount of time each year or something.

    Perhaps if you only place ten arbs a week or something like that it will help. I don’t get account closures as some bookies have a sort of VIP club for high rollers.

    Just a thought.


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