Sports Arbitrage – Easy Money or Waste of Effort?

The appeal of sports arbitrage is obvious.    The idea of locking in profit prior to a sports event starting, by exploiting odds differences between bookmakers, sounds too good to be true – but often this is exactly what is on offer.    The real surprise is therefore that not more people are at it.

Clearly there are drawbacks, with the most obvious being the requirement to find the arbs in the first place.   Other issues can include:

  • having your accounts limited by the bookies (especially if you start arbing with large stakes), and
  • timing problems (where arbs disappear almost quickly as they arise).

However, all is not lost.    As regular readers of will be aware of from my free ‘Arb of the Week’ series, profitable sports arbs can often be ridiculously easy to find.

Additionally, there are professional services which allow you to access arbs in various automated (or sometimes semi-automated) ways, offering you the potential to produce an actual serious income!    For instance:

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